Thursday, December 11, 2008

Norwegian Black Metal Isn't Dead Yet

Wow. Booga Booga!!!! I just read an article in the LA Weekly about Norwegian Black Metal. Part of me just laughs when I see these fellas in their goofy get-ups (see the handsome devils above and below), but some of their antics and messages are truly horrifying.

If you have any interest in this topic, I'd recommend reading:

And check out this slideshow. LA Weekly Images of Satan

3 comments: Maegan said...

omg.OMG. O.M.G. lol

clorivak said...

I read Lords of Chaos a year ago..pretty nutty stuff...I got super interested in it after I watched Headbangers Journey..wicked cool movie...I'm not into the music, black metal at all..just the culture fascinates me.

preet said...

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