Friday, December 5, 2008

That Damn Iritis

Humph. Went to see Dr. Wang today to get the latest on my bout of iritis that has lasted a whopping 8 weeks. The doctor said there is just a little inflammation in my right eye, and that my left eye looked ok, and that I should keep taking steroid drops for two more weeks and then my eye problem should be cleared up. I guess that is good news, but it is aggravating to keep having the same problem over and over again, and to have to visit the doctor over and over again to try and get it fixed. I know, I know: it could be worse. *Sigh*

Years ago another doctor told me after seeing me for my first, second and third bouts of iritis that I might have arthritis in my eyes. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa? I mentioned this today to Dr. Wang, and also told him that sometimes my hips ached and that I was wondering if I might have arthritis in both my eyes and my hips. He said it was possible and to get a physical to find out if I do indeed have arthritis in my hips. I guess that would show up in a blood test? I have no idea.  *Sigh* I hate going to see the doctor, and might just put this off until next year. *Sigh* I think a fabulous life would be one without the need for doctor visits!

But at least it is Friday night and I get to bust out of here soon. Off to the weekend. Yipee!

OH RIGHT. I learned today that it is spelled O-P-H-T-H-A-L-M-O-L-O-G-Y.


Anonymous said...

When in doubt, throw in some extra Hs: O-P-H-T-H-A-L-M-O-L-O-G-Y. =)

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