Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Best Boobs in Hollywood

I think these two ladies have the best boobs in Hollywood. And maybe (hopefully!!!!) they are natural!

Halle Berry

Salma Hayek
And your pics are?


Penny said...

I'm sure their boobs also look a little funnier (and not so perfectly round) when their bra's are off.

But what I really envy these two gorgeous ladies,is their skin.They both have incredibly gorgeous,silky soft looking skin,and that makes their boobs look even better.

I'm completely straight,but even I wouldn't mind getting a handful of those tatas.

Chadserious said...

Salma's boobs are phenomenal!

Chadserious said...

ahahahahahahahahaha! I am freakin' dying over here. My husband, Chad, just checked his email and saw your comment back to him...He was "Ummmm, someone got ahold of my email...cuz I didn't do this!" And he read it to me....ahahahahaha! I left that comment about Salma's boobs being phenomenal...not Chad.

...love Maegan said...

Yeah, Salma wins my vote {and the husband's}!

Hey Chad!

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