Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jocelyne Wildenstein

East Coast socialite (and eligible bachelorette????) Jocelyne Wildenstein is rather famous for her, er...........face.  Her attempts to have a cat-like appearance via plastic surgery are RATHER ALARMING.  Witness:

jocelyne wildensteinVmpOalRQUVZTWVEx_o_plastic-surgery-disasterjocelyn-wildenstein



jocelyne wildenstein



jocelyne wildenstein-450x357

jocelyne wildenstein screenshot20110129at459



jocelyne wildenstein tumblr_mb4otylo3G1qb3t2bo1_400

This video shows many of her faces [pardon the pun]:  Bride of Wildenstein

Here you'll find a tidy explanation of her life, marriage, divorce, and obsession with plastic surgery: Jocelyn Wildenstein

But if you really want to know more about her, her ex-husband, the Wildenstein family business, prominent (AND SKETCHY!) art dealers, as well of allegations that the family sold art looted by the Nazis, read this Vanity Fair article from March 1998. It is very long, but fascinating.  FASCINATING. Bitter Spoils

Vanity Fair recently published a follow up to the article in October 2008. Bitter Spoils, Part Deux

Wow wow wow.  


Chris said...

I have always found that woman incredibly creepy. It's sad when people have the need to transform themselves this much because they aren't happy in their own skin, literally. Interesting about the Nazi connection though...

Girl Japan said...

I agree I think it is really sad that some cave into the peer pressure in Hollywood.

I wonder how much of it is Hollywood and how much of it is really just THEM.

Penny said...

If my cat looked anything like this,I would kick it out on the street.I get a really big chill down my spine when I see someone that's done this to themselves.

Then I'd rather take my raggidy old face anyday. Maegan said...

I suppose I'm gonna have to read that like ASAP!!!

I cannot stop staring at that second photo. IT'S SO CRAZY!

Kitten said...

That first photo...oh. My. God.

She just looks worse and worse every year. The face doesn't do her justice at all, but the long blonde mane makes it look even worse.

Leigh said...

I am scared of her face, but I keep staring at it also, First besides here weird cat eyes, I keep staring at that enormous chin implant, Woman stop!!!! I will have to read that article.

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