Thursday, January 29, 2009

Looking for Adventure?

I heard about Stiletto Spy School today on NPR.  

LOVE the logo!

Here is the pitch from their website:

who | you
ready for a life-altering experience
are a spy girl disguised as a mom, businesswoman, scientist, musician

Spy girls come from all walks of life in a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes. Yet they have much in common - a thirst for adventure; the desire to learn new things; and the need to step out of their comfort zone, at least once in a while. That’s where we come in....

what | stiletto spy school
glamorous and high-end locales
carefully chosen instructors teaching real world skills

Fun, excitement, glamour, intrigue. Pushing limits, breaking boundaries, bonding with friends old and new, and learning real life skills and lessons that apply from the boardroom to the bedroom.

In our unique women’s only “Training Missions” in NY and Las Vegas you’ll train with experts in of such confidence-boosters as military hand to hand combat training, poker lessons with a world-champion teacher, racing cars and speedboats, martini mixology, dancing the tango and dancing on the pole, precision firearms training, perfect wine pairings, and so much more.

Join an existing "Training Mission" or customize one to enjoy with their friends. Programs range from single day ‘missions’ to our signature four day weekends.


Kitten said...

How do I sign up? I need some excitement in my milquetoast CT existance!

boylerpf said...

Sounds like a total make-over here!! Where's the sign up sheet!?

Char said...

wouldn't that be a hoot???? Oh to be young enough to apply Maegan said...

. . . intriguing. but I'm such a chicken.

please sir said...

Oh man...that sounds like so much FUN!!!!

Evil Mr. Peppers said...

yeah, I totally did it, worth every penny. This comment will self destruct in 5 seconds . . . . . BOOM!

Alana said...

Hey drollgirl,

Thanks for the props!

Girls out there who thought you were not young enough or too chicken to do it - all I can say is, this is for EVERYONE!!

Girls that are already pretty tough come in and just have a blast.
Girls that maybe aren't so much, leave with a whole new set of skills and a whole new way of looking at themselves and the world.

We're here because we're passionate about making women feel strong, sexy and empowered while they have the time of their lives.
Come join us and see!!!

xxx to you all and to all your inner Spy Girls

(founder of Stiletto Spy School)

Chris said...

Wow, how cool would that be? It'd be fun to kick some ass in some killer shoes.

preet said...

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