Sunday, January 25, 2009

Louise Bourgeois

In the interest of getting out of the house today, seeing some art, and not spending much money, I ventured downtown to see the Louise Bourgeois exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art.

Sadly I was told my membership had lapsed, so I had to spring for a new membership. Gulp. Oh well. It was worth it to fork over the $68 to support the arts, and the exhibition was simply incredible.

Born in 1911 [and still kickin'!!!!], Bourgeois is a famous artist most known for her spider sculptures such as these:

Sadly those sculptures were not present at MOCA, but these beauties were:

These images don't really do the work justice. If you are ever able to see her work in person, it is definitely worth it! Or, spring for the exhibition catalogue. I did, and I can't wait to dig in and read more about her.

6 comments: Maegan said...

um, WOW. love. It must have been awesome in person.

Kitten said...

Whoa...those spiders were tres realistic. And creepy! I can only imagine what they're like up close!

Chris said...

She was way ahead of her time, huh? It must have been an incredible exhibit to see.

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sa said...

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