Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Marry, Bury or Date

I spend an inordinate amount of time playing Marry, Bury or Date with my sister. For those of you new to the game, you pick three people for your opponent to choose from, and they must decide which one they would marry, which one they would bury, and which one they would date.  The more hideous the selection, the better.   

These guys aren't THAT bad, and I'm pretty sure they would be repulsed by me, so no harm fellas as you can reject my fat ass any time and I promise not to hold it against you. 

Note: Normally I would come up with a much more horrifying selection of dudes, such as: Dick Cheney, The Reverend Jesse Jackson and Keith Richards. I think it is especially fun to play the game with a cast of despicable politicians, aging rockstars or co-workers, but to each his [her] own.  Anywhoo, let the games begin and make your pics:

Steve Buscemi
Christopher Walken
Willem Dafoe


Penny said...

Actually,I'm a sucker for these types of "weird-looking" guys,so this isn't really a challenge for me.

Ok,I'd marry Christopher Walken (he plays a great gangster,is pretty funny,can dance and has the coolest voice)

I'd date Willem Dafoe,basically because he'd scare any oncoming muggers away,because he plays a great bad guy.

And thirdly,I'd bury Steve Buscemi,because when I see him,I always just think of his character in 'Con Air' where he was a pedophile,and yeah,that's off-putting to say the least.

Now,be a darling and let me know your choices? Maegan said...

omg Willem dafoe!!?!>!?!?!?!? omgOMGOMG and Buscemi's TEETH ALONE!!!

I'd totally do Walken though. ahahaha

Marry: Walken
Bury: Buscemi
Date: The Creepster himself, Dafoe

Chris said...

LOL oh God, how do you choose? I think Christopher Walken would at least be interesting to be married to, while Willem Dafoe just creeps me out. And Steve Buscemi has rather nasty looking teeth there, doesn't he?

My family has the same game, but we pick three members of our rather large extended family that would never be seen together all at once, hanging out, and put them in weird situations together, like being lost in the woods. It's hilarious, I highly recommend it.

Love the blog and your humor :)

jen said...

This one is sooooooooooooo much easier than the other one.

Fuck Willem Dafoe because he's HOT.

Marry Steve Buscemi because he's funny, smart, and you know he'd work really hard in the sack because he's ugly and grateful.

Kill Walken. Because otherwise he might kill me.

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