Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Rants

I farked up my lower back yesterday and it is making me miserable.  I went for a 45-minute walk last night to try and loosen up.  I think it helped a little, but I am still so uncomfortable and in pain.  It blows. 

I might try acupuncture or a chiropractor this weekend if my back doesn't feel better, but I don't relish the thought of either. The one and only time I went to a chiropractor was about 10 years ago.  I was having terrible back pain. The doctor had me lay on the table with my knees to my chest.  She backed up, ran towards me, and JUMPED on me. It was terrifying and I haven't been able to bring myself to return to ANY chiropractor since then. Humph.  

So in my grouchy state I am thinking of many things that piss me off such as:
  • When somebody burps and acts like they are just clearing their throat.  We all know this trick.  Find a new one.
  • Stealth farters.  
  • Having to go #2 anywhere but when I am home alone.
  • Comments like: "You are a BIG girl!"  What the hell am I supposed to say to that?
  • Prius drivers.  I swear, they all drive like idiots.  If this comment pisses you off, just let me know how Honda drivers are all morons, because I drive a Honda.
  • Repeated punchlines.  If I didn't laugh the first time it wasn't because I didn't hear you, it was because it wasn't funny.
  • Phone calls.  PHONE CALLS.  I hate phone calls.  This primarily pertains to work, but I don't like phone calls at home either.   
  • People who respond to emails with PHONE CALLS.
  • Unjustified text.
  • Smugness.
  • Arrogance.
  • Superiority complexes.
  • People that swing wide to the right to make a left hand turn.  MORONS.
  • LA traffic.  My 11-mile commute to work takes 60 minutes.  The drive home is even worse.
  • When the mailman says, "You sure get a LOT of packages from Ebay and Amazon --  Hyuh Hyuh!"  AND?????????????????
  • People that play dumb.  This happens at work A LOT.  Give me a break.  I will call you out on this shit.
I realize this list is ALL OVER THE MAP, but welcome to my brain!  

Cheerier (or funnier? or scandalous?) topic to follow......


Kitten said...

Here's what I used to do: I took a clean glass peanut butter jar, but some masking tape on the front, and labeled it "Ashes of People Who Piss Me Off." (I didn't add things because they didn't piss me off as much." Write down whatever's pissing you off on a piece of paper, and shred the paper as you put the little bits and pieces into the jar. I found it quite theraputic.

Char said...

well, I drive a Jeep so I'm in the clear. manners are where it's at and I appreciate 1, 2 and 3 here.

I pretty much hate all texts because I can say in 2 seconds what it takes me a minute to text. I'm all about efficiency. Though my friends swear it's easier just to text so they don't get hung up on the phone.

Evil Mr. Peppers said...

Stealth Farters are better than Loud stinkers, thank the stealthy, they are only looking out for you.

creative kerfuffle said...

i hate phone calls and texting too! i really would be a happy camper if everyone in the world just emailed : ) lol. and i live w/ three steath farters and loud stinkers. i think if it tooke me that long to drive 11 miles i'd probably kill someone.

Chris said...

Oh boy, you hit on some sore spots for me, too. Can I also say that Chicago traffic blows? It turns me into a raving lunatic on a daily basis. People act like cattle out there on the roads. What gives??? And you know what? I noticed that people are the same way in stores with their carts/bodies/children as they are on the roads. Weird.

dmonstergirl said...

oh drollgirl i could read your blog all day long. amen to the prius drivers. for chrissakes - make a decision already. and hit the freaking gas! and answering emails with phone calls is insane. simply insane. i agree completely.

preet said...

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