Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Neil Farber at Richard Heller Gallery

Neil Farber's work can be found at Richard Heller Gallery in Bergamot Station in Santa Monica.  Bergamot Station is an 8-acre complex of contemporary art galleries, and makes for a fun day trip if you are ever in the Los Angeles area.

Believe it or not, I usually can't stand going to galleries because they are so pretentious. Many galleries treat you as a BWOT (Big Waste of Time) if you don't buy anything.  Annoying!!! I realize all galleries are in business to make money, but just because you don't necessarily have money to buy NOW, doesn't mean you won't necessarily be in the market to buy someday.  

The one gallery scene I am relatively comfortable visiting is Bergamot Station in Santa Monica.  It is a good scene to check out art and not feel too hassled while you do it.  And you get to visit so many galleries in a row without driving all around town and trying to find parking at each stop. 

Back to Neil Farber....I like his work.  It is young and whimsical, and his compositions, use of color, and subject matter always seem to make me smile. Yay.

Neil Farber, Untitled, 2005, colored ink on paper, 8" x 8"

Neil Farber, Untitled (#15), 2005, colored inks, acrylic gel medium and wax on paper, 7" x 10-1/4"

Neil Farber, Untitled (Birds), 2004, ink on paper, 22" x 30"

Neil Farber, Untitled, 2004, colored inks, acrylic and gel-media on paper, 8" x 8"

Neil Farber, Untitled, 2005, colored inks, acrylic and gel media on paper, 5" x 8"

Neil Farber, Untitled, 1999, colored ink on paper, 14" x 16-1/2"

Neil Farber, Untitled, 2005, colored inks, acrylic and gel media on paper, 6" x 15-3/4"


Dooder City said...

Wow, I love the picture of the people. The heads are pretty cool. It could be a radiohead cover.

...love Maegan said...

these are cuter than any we had in the gallery ...fosho!

boylerpf said...

Wonderful introspective into the view of people..love the birds and the wax on paper with acrylic gel.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

He really gets into groupings, doesn't he? Love the frogs!

Christina Entcheva said...

Aw, I love these!

david john said...

really love neil farber's work. and richard heller always shows great work! thanks for the posting!

Awesome Sara said...

The bird heads are brilliant. I like the people ones too It reminds me of that song hip to be square. I dunno why?

creative kerfuffle said...

i also like the birds and the simple couples. thanks for sharing : )

Chris said...

I also love looking at this sort of thing. It gives me a different perspective, and makes me want to pick up my pencils again and draw, instead of always taking pictures. So cute!