Saturday, February 14, 2009

Travis Fimmel on The Beast

Remember former Calvin Klein Model and My Secret Lover, Plus Father-to-be of My Litter of Children Travis Fimmel?

GULP. He is so hot and beautiful, and he has a new job. Sadly his luscious golden locks are shorn in this new television series, but he is still something to behold. YUM.

I am panting just thinking about him.

Anyway, he stars along with Patrick Swayze on the new A&E show called The Beast. He is the one on the RIGHT in this ad.

I think I may have to start watching this show.....alone.

I believe my sister and I were the only ones who watched him on the short-lived (but VERY MEMORABLE) Tarzan series several years ago. OH MY. Hotness.

Oh Travis. Congrats on the new gig and on all of your awesomeness and hotness.


The Seeker said...

You're right!!! Gorgeous. ;)


creative kerfuffle said...

um, does it make me a cougar if i say i this boy is yummy? that undies ad...uh, ahem, wow. the spot i think it sexiest on men is that little dip in their hips and boy does he have a nice one. Maegan said...

he's packin' heat in those pants.

Awesome Sara said...

Why is he climbing a chain? He really is handsome, so dreamy! I want to live in his hair.

Chris said...

I was unaware of this little piece of yumminess out there. Thanks for sharing! I'll have to kick my husband out of the house so I can enjoy Travis alone, too :)

Denise said...

I used to watch Tarzan too. Was so upset when they canceled it without really giving it a decent chance. Have been watching The Beast too. I love it. Have you seen the movie Restraint? He makes an awesome bad guy! And yes he is sexy as all get out. He could eat anything he wants in my bed without fear of being thrown out.

sallymandy said...

My goodness. Now that gives me something to think about tonight.

Words escape me!

Anonymous said...

His hair looks a million times better-SHORT!