Thursday, April 9, 2009

Marry, Bury or Date

Here we go. Decide which one of these you will marry, which you will bury, and which you will date. No substitutions.

For those in to men, your choices are:

Mickey Rourke

Flavor Flav

Keith Richards

And, for those in to women, your choices are:

Amy Winehouse

Courtney Love



alissa said...

good lord.
marry keith richards
bury mickey rourke
date flava flav (he probably would make you laugh a lot)

marry amy winehouse
bury courtney love
date chyna (she could carry me around)

...going to take a shower...

Penny said...

Ok,even though they are all disgusting in their own special ways,it was actually a pretty easy choice this time.


Marry ~ Keith Richards
Bury ~ Flava Flav
Date ~ Mickey Rourke


Marry ~ Chyna
Bury ~ Courtney Love
Date ~ Amy Winehouse

E.K. said...

I'd like to see Flava date Amy, Mickey marry China and Kieth bury Courtney.


Dang* can someone just bury me alive... My BF has less muscle than China ;(

Improbable Joe said...

Why isn't there a "bury, put out my eyes, cut off my own junk" option? Maegan said...



What is going on in that photo of Courtney Love?!?!?!?!?/ I'm so scared. ...they're all so gross I can't even look at them long enough to choose. Poor Rourke. cuz he was hot.

sallymandy said...

Okay, this is going to make anything that happens today seem easy. I think maybe marry Flave. Because even though his photo is vile, it's mostly (maybe) because it's too close-up. His teeth look vile but maybe aren't since they appear to be gold. Date Keith, bury Mickey. Yuck, I'd almost rather pretend I didn't see this post. You silly Drollgirl.

Why is this not tagged with "Not looking good?" ?!

Pretty Little World said...


Marry - Mickey Rourke (at least he used to look really good, and he's still a great actor)
Bury - Flava Flav
Date - Keith Richards some weekends, Amy Winehouse others (I'm not really into women, but the idea that I would have the option of watching poor Amy do crazy things, up close and personal...too good to pass up)

I'm going to just pretend I didn't see the last two photos.

The Cherry Blog said...

hahah this is funny! i like men but would rather date these girls! lol okay okay -

marry keith richards
date mickey rourke
bury flava flav

is that just plain wrong!? x

Jake Hammell said...

Well, let's see...

I'd definitely marry Winehouse, because while that photo is a little unattractive, we can fix those teeth. She's also a great singer, and not to mention that I think she has a nice rack.

I would probably bury Chyna. I'm into women with sharp features and strong jawlines, but that's just too much. I'd feel like I was sexing up Jack Lalanne or something.

And I'd Date Courtney Love. Sure, she's a big ol' sack of crazy, but I read an autobiographical in which Courtney moved in with this guy for a little bit and was lots of fun to have around. Plus, she has lots of hot musician friends I could leave her for.

K.Line said...

There's nowhere to go with this...

Char said...


Marry - Keith (he'll kick off soon anyway)
Date - Mickey (because he is so loopy he wouldn't know if you were there or not)
Bury - Flava (he grosses me out)

Dooder City said...

I'd totally let my chihuahua date Mickey's chichuahua. Then I would have to drink a whole thing of cough syrup to hang with Courtney. I would have to bulk up to hang with China. Flava is too much and so is Amy.

Clare said...

jeez louise sista... okay if I am FORCED to pick

Marry Keith Richards
Bury Mickey Rourke
Date Flava Flav

going to go hurl now.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

No problem...

Raina said...

If those are the choices, I'm going to become a nun. And I'm Jewish if that tells you anything.

diane said...

Bollocks! I'm not buying into this crapfest. Where's Johnny Depp?

E.K. said...

That's funny about your boyfriend! Well if he likes Motorhead or Danzig it might be an easy transition. Good luck to him.


I'd pay good money to see Improbable Joe cut off his own junk and put out an eye.

I'm with "Cherry Blog" with the picks.

Sasha said...

I would marry Keith Mikey Rourke and Flavor Flav....oh well I guess I'll have to bury him!

~alison said...

This is hilarious and absolutely awful choices. Thanks, alot!

For the guys, I would have to choose to marry Keith - cuz he will probably die soon, date Flav - cuz the hope would be that he would make me laugh...and bury Rourke...gross.

For the women, I would absolutely choose to marry Chyna...she is Waaaay better than the other courntey and bury Amy...she is on her way there anyway...

Kellie said...

Ew. Such horrible choices! But if I HAD to pick:
Marry - Keith
Date - Micky
Bury - Flava

But yikes, I think I'd rather die first.

Milly said...

oh sh*t....damn....

Marry: Mickey Rourke...along time ago he didnt look this bad
Date: Keith Richards...puke!
BURY: Flava....Can't stand him!

ugh..i need to go take a shower now LOL

Why dont you tell us your pick?..we did it..its only fair you so too....waiting

Felicia said...

Marry Keith Richards
Bury Flav
Date Mickey Rourke

No doubt about it!

Grammatically Delicious Designs said...

You are sooo unfair with these things. Here we go.

Marry - Keith Richards
Date - Flav
Bury - Mickey Rourke

Don't ask why. I would have done just as good a job if I had shut my eyes and pointed.


Chessa! said...

I plead the 5th.

Dan W Johnson said...

Ha! You managed to get such great photos of all of them it's just too hard to decide. Like your blog..

sexypoet said...

OMG your fucking kidding right?

oy! fuck keith richards
marry mickey (he is an animal lover and was once very sexy.. check out "wild orchid")
kill flav.

It's Just Me said...

I will return to my Catholic roots and become a nun if those were my only choices I swear!

Pen Pen said...

Marry- Keith Richards

...and Courtney should be marooned on a desert island.

Big Red said...

Ouch! Can I take a vow of chastity?

Alisa said...

I like men, but I choose Chyna to marry. She is the only one who looks like she washes.

Date Mickey because he is an animal lover. There must be a good person under all of that plastic surgery.

And the rest...

sallymandy said...

You know what? I'm such a dork I'd never heard of Flava Fave. I did a mini Google and now I want to just cash the whole thing in. Icky, all bets are off!

BTW Droll, I just gave you an award (don't take it as encouragement to make us do this again though--ha).

Girl Japan said...

What is going on with Courtney's lips?

thereddeer said...

Totally horrid! Where do you find all these nasty images!!! I can't choose - they are all equally dreadful!

Ruby said...

LOL! This is truly awful, but here goes:

Marry Mickey Rourke - he is still a good actor, at least.

Date Flava Flav - I would get to meet all sorts of classy ladies in the process LOL. No touching though.

Bury Keith Richards. He is pretty much a drug-fueled skeleton now anyways hahaha.

Profoundly Superficial said...

Courtney Love's eyes have got to have been photoshopped!

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Dear God in heaven, these choices all lead to celibacy. I wouldn't bump uglies with any of these ghouls!

Zoƫ said...

i would bury them all

and walk away with my dignity and their money


is that diabolical of me?

Mermaid said...


Marry: Mickey Rourke (He was Marv in Sin City!)

Bury: Flavor Flav

Date: Keith Richards


Marry: Amy Winehouse

Bury: Chyna

Date: Courtney Love

Charlotte said...

Marry= Keith Richards
Bury= Flavor Flav
Date= Mickey Rourke

Marry= Chyna
Bury= Amy Winehous
Date= Courtney Love

These are hard hitting issues.

The Cottage Cheese said...

What did I do to you to deserve this chick? Even though I'm straight, if these are my choices then I'm going lez:

marry = Chyna (because shes strong and could move furniture, open jars, etc)
bury = Amy Winehous because let's face it, she's about to do herself in anyway
Date = Courtney Love because she was married to Kurt

Ugh, time to go take a shower after thinking about that one.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

now that's just cruel (to us)...those choices are horrible!! ;-)


black vanilla rose said...

That's the worst photo I've even seen of Amy Winehouse, eek!

Bury them all! haha

Underfunded Heiress said...

Ugh - your brutal! I can't choose!

If I must:
Flaver flav would be bury though for sure. His teeth are so gross with the gold.
Marry Mickey Rouke because at one time he was hot.
Date Keith Richards.

I don't know if I could go through with it though. Is there money involved? Hahaha.

What's with Courtney Love's lips? Eeek!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

The guys are way too easy. There is not a single human being on the planet that I would choose to bury over Flava Flav. At least, not one that I've come by yet.

Marry Keith Richards (at least he is/was a rock star)

Date Mickey Rourke (at least he's a movie star)

As for the ladies...

Marry Chyna (she's sober, right?)
Date Amy Winehouse (love for the toothless gals)
Bury that other one

jen said...

Oh my god. Yuck.

Marry Keith (cha-ching!)
F Mickie (I saw 9 1/2 weeks)
Kill Flav (no explanation necessary)

carina said...

OMG - ive never noticed amy winehouses teeth before - yuck!!

hmmm...this is tough...
marry keith
bury mickey
date flava flav

flava and amy should get married. they could be tooth buddies for life!

Kathryn said...

I would have to bury all of them.

Mickey Rourke was hot 20 years ago but now he looks like his face is melting and has hygiene problems.

I don't remember Keith Richards ever being hot, but heard he was in the late 60's-early 70's.

Flava Flav - you know he has to get reception from Radio Moscow with all that metal in his mouth.