Thursday, April 30, 2009

My New Haircut - Have You Seen this on You Tube?

If you want to watch a video with the douchebag of the century and lots of foul and offensive language, just click the link below. Careful with the volume if you are at work.

My New Haircut


sexypoet said...

i'm almost embarrased to admit this but, i used to date guys like this when i was young and retarded. i mean it was hard not to, being from brooklyn and being italian. when i moved to florida i thought i'd meet normal, nice guys but, i was always a magnet for these idiots. lol i did however marry someone who is the total opposite of this. thank god!

The Seeker said...

Well... now I'm at work, I'll check when I'll get home.... ;)


diane said...

I really want to stab this guy with Vic's unicorn thingy.

Awesome Sara said...

oh man.... i dated... well slept with a dude like this.