Friday, September 18, 2009

Dating Pool

Dating Montage
by smithy00101

If this is the dating pool of men to choose from, FUCKING FORGET IT.


Improbable Joe said...

Hells yeah!

diane said...

I think for some of these guys, it took an incredible amount of courage to sit in front of a camera.

"Although we adore men individually,
As a group we find them rather stupid" Mrs. Banks, from the film Mary Poppins

Sam said...

*shakes head in wonder and disbelief* I think it's the nunnery for all of us if that's all that's available. Still, as above said - good on them for giving it a go...I suppose.

Kelly said...

I will take the gentleman with the feathered mullet, mustache and muscle shirt. He's mine! Back off.

Char said...

unfortunately it is....see why I never talk about dating? LOL

bananas. said...

boo i can't see it but i'm already back with more commentiers...

miriam said...

oh dear...

The Peach Tart said...

I know this is an old clip but some of these guys are just scary even in that era.


..yeah, it's wise stay away from

Don't be a giant monster that eats everything in sight.
Do be a perfect Goddess who just wants to have fun, and be the maid, and who tolerate a big dumb ass.

Diane said...! lmao

i hate to tell you this... but, yeah, it's kinda that bad out there. :(

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

THIS is why I HAVE to stay married...

Jake Hammell said...

I see your 80's moustache tickler dating video, and raise you one video dating freakout worthy of Christian Bale:

Gary Heller said...

The guy trying to avoid the "over-grown monster that only thinks of food" had me rolling LOL.

Caroline said...

"Hi Mom" WTF??? LMAO!

down and out chic said...

oh my gosh, the "big over grown monster" guy was the winner i think! hehe.

Hanako66 said...


have a rad weekend free of guys like these!

Diana said...

noooo! their sweaters look better than they do!

Gabby said...

Fun times, huh? hahahaha!

apriliniowa said...

The 80's, clearly, were not kind to these fellas. Somehow, the fashion photographer seemed creepiest to me. Even more so than the guy dressed as a Viking looking for someone just as special as he is...
enjoy your weekend. wear a velvet cloak. be happy. :)

Alina said...

Whoa, that dude in the viking hat reminds me of the Capital One commercials!

Honey, it doesn't matter what's in your wallet, there is no way we will be seen together.

sealaura said...

what a short and sweet post!! HAHA! Iknow what you mean, I used think "wow this is what awaits me, soon I will be dating the guy at the Circle K, awesome (note sarcasm).

have a great weekend!

The Seeker said...



blueviolet said...


me melodia said...

You're always such a fucking riot.

Brooke said...

How are all of these sexy, intelligent men still single? Well, still single 20 years ago, anyway. A follow up video would be great. I'm going with....still single.

Kitten said...

Like you said, this is all kinds of wrong.

Gabbi said...

So sad. :)

Gabbi said...

Regarding your comment on the Birds thing. It's my new catch phrase. Just so you know.

Have a great weekend!!!! :)

bananas. said...

so i'm guessing you're not diggin the guys? haha. seriously, this just gave me one too many ideas for my next ugly sweater party.

and YES i am a goddess. kthxbai!

E said...

There is no way Maurice is not a serial killer. No possible way.

Where do you find this incredible stuff?

Marjorie said...

I'm pretty certain I saw Seth Green at about 3:30. Seriously. He looks good with a beard. I'm so into most phases of data processing!

alissa said...

are you kidding? but what about the guy that said 'hi mom' i mean he seems like a nice guy.
or the one with the horn hat.basically the sexiest thing ever in my book.

Anonymous said...


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fhen said...

"have fun"
"a lot of fun"

bahaha so naive..
the video is kinda funny and "wth"

miss you and the blog ;)


Ela said...

LOL why does the guy with "incredibly blue eyes" look like he has brown eyes?

Was the viking wearing pants?

"...simple. Smile. Oh wait. Excuse me..." HAHAHAHAHA

I really like when people rhyme, yup, that's the way to my heart.

LOL, I could go on forever. These guys are friggin' hilarious.

Oh and who is "Donna Juanita???"

Snort @ toxic waste.

I know this vid was taped a longggggg time ago, but why do I feel like these men are still alone?

Prairie Chicken... said...

LOL I just posted this too. Its viral!

Fashion Court said...

lmaoooo your blogs are always amazing.

Simply Mel said...

One word comes to mind after I viewed this: celibacy!

Clorivak said...

I Adore these videos. One afternoon we watched crap loads..there are some really funny ones. Very Entertaining. hahahah...what schlubs!