Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Name Those Knockers - Contest / Giveaway!!!!!

The first person to correctly identify ALL of the celebrity knockers below wins a $20 gift card of their choice!

Just leave a comment below, or, if you don't want anybody to know your guesses, you can email them to me at drollgirlmail@gmail.com.


1 & 2

3 & 4

5 & 6

7 & 8

9 & 10

11 & 12

13 & 14

15 & 16

17 & 18

19 & 20

Now last time we played a similar game, I made it waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too easy. This time I hope it is a little bit more challenging for you!


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I am seriously cracking up. I think I know some, but not all, but man, those are some ugly boobs!!

Brown Girl said...

I don't have time to look these up since I'm at work but I'd LOVE to have some knockers!!!! big ones! ;)

Chessa! said...

I can't particiapte bc I'm laughing too hard.

Iva said...

Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Love Hewit, Anna Nicole Smith,..no idea who the dude is....Posh...Keira Knightley....again no idea about the dude....Tori Spelling...umm Scarlett Johansson... Lil Kim....Marylin Manson.. Nicole Richie...ummm big ol knockas, maybe Ice T's wife?....dude...Pam Anderson...Dolly Parton...totally know that picture but its slipping my mind....as for the final two... ohhh I need to boob watch more apparently!


Fresh said...

Wow, I have absolutely no idea who any of these are??? I think I saw Eve's boobs, but I could be wrong.


jennifer from pittsburgh said...

I only know Carrot Top and Aretha Franklin, for sure ;) How lame is that!?

bananas. said...

ahhhh i'm stuck on one! and i won't post until i get it...

Clorivak said...

WOO boy...those last set of BAZOONS are wild hippo stallions...Aretha??? bahaha...I might do this later..
A Whole lot of Wonky tits going on...(Sang to the tune of a whole lot of shaking going on)
bahaha...hope your weekend was swell and your Tuesday will be better than your Monday.

Zoë said...

1- Halle Berry
2- Jennifer Aniston
3-Jenifer Love Hewit
4-Anna Nicole Smith
5-Carrot Top
7-Keira Knightley
8-Matthew Mcconaughey
9-Tori Spelling
10-Scarlett Johansson
11- Lil Kim
12-Marilyn Manson
13 Rachel Zoe
15-Lou Ferrigno
16-Pamela Anderson
17-Dolly Parton
18-Brigette Bardot
19-Queen Latifah
20-Aretha Franklin

down and out chic said...

crap, i wouldn't even know where to begin with this, plus i don't want to get in trouble at work, but i do want to say, BEST CONTEST EVER. hilarious.

bananas. said...

oh shit i think zoe won...oh well here was my attempt.

1. halle berry
2. jennifer aniston
3. jennifer love hewitt
4. anna nicole smith
5. carrot top
6. victoria beckham
7. keira knightley
8. matt mcconaughey
9. tori spelling
10. scarlet johanssen
11. lil kim
12. marilyn manson
13. rachel zoe
14. coco
15. arnold schwarzenegger
16. pamela anderson
17. dolly parton
19. beyonce???
20. aretha franklin

drollgirl said...

no winner yet! keep trying!

Midtown Girl said...

Lol - Zoe is good!!

Wow - Aretha's boobs are crazy..WTF how does this happen?

kyslp said...

Dang! Hubs is at work or I would have won for sure. (Boob Man/pervert)

Lynn said...

I don't know, not being a knocker fan but I'd like to trade mine for #'s 7 or 13.
# 12 has a serious problem and it's not boobies.

Phoenix said...

apparently I don't love boobs as much as I thought I did.

I am humbled.


Wow...feel like telling a knock-knock joke! errr...I'll save it for a rainy day!!

Carlotta said...

awesome contest!! I can spot Jen Aniston Anne Nicole smith Jen Love Hewit Posh Spice (N.5 is disgusting!) Keira, Matt, tori, lil kim, m.manson, rachel zoe (horrble) pam dolly anita

Raven said...

Damn, there are some ugly boobies out there. Tori Spelling's [9] are a mess...so are Rachel Zoe's [13]. #14's are a dimpled mess and Pam Anderson's look like she has a butt on her chest. Aretha's [20] make me wanna throw up.

Also, I can't stand those big fake melon ball knockers. So disgusting.

I actually have realllllly nice boobs compared to most of these people. Thanks for making my day! lol


Kellie said...

Dude. WTF is up w/ Aretha's dotted bosom? And they are freaking HUGE! She really should support those monstrosities! They are like huge water balloons just asking to be popped! Bahahahaha!!

Sam said...

Aw gee! I know a fair few of these chests but I ouldn't do them all - some of them are right shockers! Posh Spice - lady - what were you thinking - !

michellehendra said...

great giveaway!


Diane said...

lol this is great!!

Hanako66 said...

lol! i apologize for spelling in advance

1. beyonce
2. jen anniston
3. j. love hewett
4. anna nicole
5. carrot top lol
6. hard one...posh spice?
7. keira knightly
8. matthew mcconaughey
9. this one totally gets me...guessing tory spelling
10. scar jo
11. lil kim
12. marilyn manson
13. r. zoe
14. ice t's wife
15. governator
16. pam anderson
17. dolly
18. bridget bardot (could be fonda, but going with my gut here)
19. queen latifah
20. aretha franklin

I kind of hope that I just got all of these wrong because they fact that so many popped into my mind is really disturbing

Hanako66 said...

upon closer inspection, I found a mistake...that I got the first one wrong...thank god, I won't win! I don't know if that is a label that I want lol!

Zoë said...

1- Halle Berry
2- Jennifer Aniston
3-Jenifer Love Hewit
4-Anna Nicole Smith
5-Carrot Top
7-Keira Knightley
8-Matthew Mcconaughey
9-Tori Spelling
10-Scarlett Johansson
11- Lil Kim
12-Marilyn Manson
13 Rachel Zoe
15-Lou Ferrigno
16-Pamela Anderson
17-Dolly Parton
18-Jane Fonda!
19-Queen Latifah
20-Aretha Franklin

miriam said...

great competition!

but oh no, am so bad with boobs. bottoms though, i'm great with : )

leticia@galsintheknow.blogspot.com/ said...

is halle berry that big in number 1
I guess when she was when she was preggars?
I would say that 1 could be either vivica a fox or kim kardashian?

~KS said...

I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out 5 or 6... and then I saw some people's lists... this is HOOOOOOOOOsterical!!! Some of those boobs are a bit ucky looking... what a fan challenge...although I failed miserably at it!

Gabbi said...

This is hard!! :)

I only have an idea on a few... but my fave is #16: Anita Ekberg!

Raven said...

Hopefully, this is it!
We're having a great laugh over here.

1- Halle Berry
2- Jennifer Aniston
3-Jenifer Love Hewit
4-Anna Nicole Smith
5-Carrot Top
6-Victoria Beckham
7-Keira Knightley
8-Matthew McConaughey
9-Tori Spelling
10-Scarlett Johansson
11- Lil Kim
12-Marilyn Manson
13 Rachel Zoe
15-Lou Ferrigno
16-Pamela Anderson
17-Dolly Parton
18-Anita Ekberg
19-Queen Latifah
20-Aretha Franklin

drollgirl said...

DUDE(S)! WE HAVE A WINNER! RAVEN!!! you've done it! i am shocked you knew #18!!!!!!!!!!! i will email you and find out which gift card you want and where to send it.

congratulations on your titty knowledge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoë said...

congrats Raven!
For the life of me...I couldn't figure out who #18 was. I'm going to google Anita Ekberg now because the name escapes me lol, never heard of her.

Caroline said...

I got most of them...who the hell is Anita Ekberg???

...love Maegan said...

Okay, I had them all until COCO ...who stumped me because I'm usually staring at her ass or camel toe.

Raven said...

Yay Yay Yay! I love me some titties. LOL
I seriously thought Zoe was gonna get it for sure.
What fun...thanks so much!


Alicia said...

holy crap this was hilarious!!! and man those tittays are naaaasty! at least most of them are....i'm pretty sure 18 scarred me for life!

bananas. said...

who the EFF is anita ekberg???

Elizabeth Marie said...

hahahahahahahahahahahaaaa Tuesday Titties...

Off to google Anita Ekberg and her rack.

drollgirl said...

anita ekberg was the gorgeous blond bombshell in federico fellini's la dolce vita movie. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0053779/

The Haute-Shopper said...

Haha... you just have the most amazing ideas for giveaways! I'm not going to attempt this, because I might be disturbed by my own knowledge of celebrity boobs. All I can say is that Carrot Top, Rachel Zoe and V. Beckham really scare me... even more so when chests are bared. But Matthew McConnaughey...mmmm... thanks for throwing that one in ;-)

P.S. Sorry to hear your Monday was so crappy. Why do so many landlords make life a living hell? Hope you get everything sorted soon. If not, let me know and I'll join your firing squad...

diane said...

I know some but not all, so there. No prize for me.
Good luck to the rest of the group.
Great post Drolly. xo


Boobies! Boobies!...Boobies!
3>Jennifer L.H.
4>Anna N.S.
5> Carrot Top
6> Victoria Beckham
7>..?skeleton,,,Keira Knightly
8> Mathew Mac.
9> Jessica Simpson..?
10>Heather Graham
11> Lil' Kim
12> Marilyn Manson
13>..?Scare crow...Sheryl Crow..I mean Nicole Ritchie
14>.? Pumpkin patch..Porn Star Sally
15>Lou Ferrigno
16> Pamela
18>Mammie Van Doren
19>Queen Latifa
20> Aretha!


Rachel Follett said...

I think the only one I know for sure is Carrot Top on number 5! Haha. I feel like a dude where all I am staring at are breasts. Weird!

amy @ switz~art said...

best giveaway ever! i am lost on so many though. aretha's boobs are fucking disgusting! they look like a zitty ass!

Namine said...

seriously this is the most creative give a way ever!! Totally awesome. I have noooo idea. Maybe I need to pay attention to more boobs!!

Miss Absinthe said...

LOL omg, i guess I'm just not a breast/tit/knocker-gal! I must start paying attention...

blueviolet said...

There are some very sick boobs out in the world. That's all I can say.

Milly said...

LMFAO....you kill me!!!!

WendyB said...

Man, I know more of these than I think I should!

Raez said...

haha, i am hardly a minx! but if you insist;)

also, am i missing something? is it Titty Tuesday or what?!

xx raez

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

reading the comments is enuf for me, haha. congrats, Raven! should i say well done, keep it up?! :P

esther said...

ha, this is so fantastic. i guess i'm too late to play but i had fun reading it!

alissa said...

ok im not even going to attempt with those awesome tries above - but what a fun contest. holy shite aretha.

also i throw up in my mouth everytime you post carrot top. just so you know hehe

freeteyme said...

ok, super challenging! I have no idea - the ladies all look teh same to me! lol

I hope you're having a great week!

Savvy Gal said...

OMG i don't even know where to begin.

Andhari said...

Okay those are seriously some scary boobs. Especially the last two, what did they do? lol

Anonymous said...












creative kerfuffle said...

great contest! : )

Jill said...

7. Those aren't knockers, they're doorbells.

me melodia said...

Aretha's low hangers are so sick.
They look like they're suffering from Diaper rash.

Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

woow!! lol

Jenni said...

This is hilarious and the worst part is that I actually knew who most of these people were. What a silly world it is when I can name famous peoples boobies.

Jennifer DeDonato said...

I know the last one is aretha franklin because I had seen it before. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

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