Friday, October 16, 2009

Weighty Matters

I loathe going to see any type of doctor. LOATHE IT. I hate that they always insist on weighing patients. GAH. Rationally I know that it is just part of a thorough medical examination, but I sure hate it. The reason being, I have a rough idea of what I weigh (and it is NOT good), and being smacked into reality with a nurse and doctor in on the know is no fun. BLEH.

Knowing that I need to have a physical and deal with some nagging health issues, last weekend I figured I'd bite the bullet and weigh myself prior to making the dreaded doctor appointments. I knew it would be bad. The underwear have been rather tight and uncomfortable lately, and I have been wearing skirts with zippers not quite zipped all the way for quite some time (does anybody else do this rather than going on a diet or going up a size?). And when searching for clothes to wear every day, I conveniently don't seem to register many of the cute and snug items that might not go on so easily. These are not good signs, but they are easy enough to ignore if you are me.

Well when I stepped on that damn scale this weekend and saw the horrifying reality reflected back at me, my first thought was so ridiculous: IS THIS THING RIGHT?! Stare, stare, stare with mouth agape. SHIT! Step off. Step on again. SHIT!!!!!!! My next thoughts were along the lines of WELL I LOOK PRETTY GOOD FOR BEING SUCH A PORKER!

I guess it is a good thing that I saw the truth. So I am trying to eat better and exercise more. I know I will be happier and healthier if I take better care of myself, and that can only help me out in life. And I GUESS being a bit slimmer and healthier might, MIGHT make doctor visits slightly less mortifying.

Nevertheless, I am avoiding making those doctor appointments until I get myself into somewhat better shape. I realize this is as silly as thinking that one must get in better shape before hitting the gym. Yup, I am quite familiar with such rationale.

If this seems ridiculous to you, I understand. But here are a few examples of experiences I have had being weighed at the doctor's office.

Best experience:
This was a long time ago, but a good experience as far as doctor visits go. I stepped on the scale and the nurse fiddled with it, and then said my weight aloud. I frowned. She paused, smiled at me and said, "That's not bad! You weigh 5 lbs less than me! And you are so tall!" I almost hugged her. What a peach!!!!!!

Side note: I am 5'9" and clearly of the big boned and food loving variety.

Interesting experience:
A friend of mine asked me why I hated going to the doctor, and I told her how much I hated to be weighed. She told me that she always refused to be weighed when she went to the doctor. I was astonished at that notion! REALLY?!?!?!? So I tried it. I went to see a GP a couple of years ago for some sort of ear trouble, and the nurse asked me to step on the scale. She was chunky and cheery -- my favorite kind of nurse. When I asked "Can we just skip this part?", she smiled and agreed. WOO HOO! I was on cloud nine.

Just note that this tactic does not always work: some nurses go along with it; some do not. This may be coincidental, but the THIN nurses always seem to want to get me on the scale. Humph. But asking to avoid the whole weighing things is still worth a try in my opinion.

Worst experience:
Ugh. This one is BAD. A couple of years ago I was having a terrible bout of iritis -- an extremely painful inflammation of the eye that I get from time to time. For some focacta reason the advice nurse sent me to see a Family Practitioner instead of an Ophthalmologist. When I arrived for my appointment I was in excruciating pain and the nurse insisted that she needed to weigh me. FOR AN EYE EXAM?!?!? For the love of GAWD!!!! Grumble grumble. Then she took me to the scale which was (in)conveniently located just inches away from two guys working on a computer. I stepped on the scale and when the nurse said my weight aloud one of the guys blurted out "AMAZON"! Gah! I wanted to die! Very embarrassing.

So there really isn't much point to this post, but I am guessing some of you can relate to this? Maybe? Maybe.

P.S. Already 5 lbs. lighter!!!! YAY. Sure it is probably water weight, but that is ok by me!!!


fhen said...

you have variety of weighing experience and thats cool!
congrats for losing 5 lbs :)
i am in the mission to loose weight too haha.
healthier food is on the list ;)


Felicia said...

Weight is something I used to think I'd never have to deal with. Unfortunately, I've become quite rotund within the last few years. It's seriously hell because food is my best friend! And I walk around the office with my pants unbuttoned ALL THE TIME. HAHAHA!! It's to the point where I don't even care if people notice anymore.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I swear I will strip down NAKED before stepping on that scale at the doc's office. HATE IT! And why is it always heavier than at home??

Brown Girl said...

So funny, when M went to the doctor yesterday they weighed him and he came home very excited about his weight...he said, I need to be sick more, ha!!

Shelley said...

I don't even own a scale. I figure as long as I like how I look... who cares what I weigh?! Maybe saying "I want to get in better shape" will feel much better than saying "I need to loose weight" Congrats on the progress so far!

Pretty Little World said...

I dread the doctor for exactly the same reason, so I know how you feel! When the weighing part comes I just close my eyes and tell the nurse I don't want to know how much I weigh. I find that I'm happier when I avoid scales altogether.

Best experience: Without saying a number, Dr. says, "You're usually a pretty consistent weight, but you're 7lbs lighter this visit." {secret cheers inside my head for the rest of the day}

Worst: Despite me asking not to know, nurse blurts out as she's entering my weight into the computer, "okay, 153." I hadn't weighed myself in forever, and literally had to fight back tears. I cried when I got in my car. I thought I'd been doing so well, and actually felt thin. So when I get to the gym the next day, I decided I might as well weigh myself so I could start doing better -- it turns out I weighed 135, not 153. I seriously thought about going back to bludgeon the nurse to death.

What I've discovered is that regardless of the number, I just sort of know when I feel good or when I feel a bit "over." Don't worry about the number on the scale -- just figure out where you feel happiest!!

Have a wonderful weekend and congrats on feeling a bit better already!!

Iva said...

oh drollgirl!! yes! I am going to bet that almost alllll woman can relate to annoying weight-y matters! BLEH. The scale annoys me..muscle weighs more then fat, right before my period I tend to weigh anywhere from 5-10 pounds more, ummm I pee before I weight myself (HA!) totally bootybare....ummm yeah...basically for the love of my sanity :) I stopped weighing myself (for the most part, years ago), I just go based on how my clothes fit.

5'9'' is a FABULOUS height! :) "AMAZON" ? really?! omg.

I am sure you look totally beautiful and stunning and they {being guys} meant to "glamazon"! :)

Some of my friends face the other way when they go in for check ups, so they don't have to see it ;)

Happy Friday drollgirl! Congratulations on the 5 pounds :) Have a great weekend!

Caroline said...

Oh Lordy be...some a$$h*le called you an amazon? I hope you kicked him in the balls! Well, I never weigh myself. Ever. I used to a lot and it made me miserable. I have a number in my head that I weight...and just pretend that I am that number. Denial is so sweet sometimes. The thing is this...just eat well (but enjoy indulging now and's no fun if you are suffering), do some cardio and weights a few times a week, and love yourself for who you are. Being a size 2 does not make you a better person than someone who is a size 20. It's what's inside that counts (I know...big eye roll there) but it really is true!!!

K.Line said...

Honey, I hear you. I've got to take it back from the edge. My clothes have been a bit tighter lately - maybe because I make 12 desserts a week? Hmmm. Anyway, I'm on the lighten up (by being sensible and not restrictive) mission with you.

Trixie said...

Oh wow! Do I ever understand what you're going through!

When I have to go to a doctor even if it's 40 degrees outside I will wear a lightweight silky dress, no underwear and I will make sure my hair is dry and I'll kick off whatever shoes I'm wearing. In addition to that I will barely eat a thing the week before I go.

I'm embarrassed to even write that

Sorry that guy was such a rude jerk to you!!!!

hope505 said...

Here's what you do: when you go into the doctor, and the nurse tells you to hop up onto the shame-o-meter (a.k.a. SCALE) just tell her, "Not today, thanks."
If she tries to insist that you have to, or that the doctor will make you, offer to give her an aproximation, or tell her you weighed yourself that morning and the number is xxx.
If the doctor him(her)self needs your weight to prescribe an accurate dose of some kind of medicine, that's reasonable, and you can tell the doctor your weight in private.

Sure, this takes some guts and assertiveness, but I have done it successfully many times!!

I finally threw out my scale I had at home - I had written "I love you" on the 'low' side and "I hate you" on the 'high' side. A sick joke to myself.
You gotta respect yourself as more than a number! "Patient" = "customer" so consider just telling that nurse NO THANKS on the weighing-in.
* : )

bananas. said...

HA! you're awesome! this post is awesome!!!

i haven't weighed myself in YEARS! and i hate doc visits so i don't do them too much. just the vag doc, she hooks me up with my fav Rx aka birth control.

people who weight themselves constantly freak me out. srsly, who is that necessary ya FREAKAZOID. and to the asshole who called you amazon, he can suck a big one. kthxbai.

Kellie said...

I can't believe the gall of some people. Amazon!?!? Really? I'm pretty sure he isn't God's gift to women so he should learn to shut his mouth.

Weight is a touchy subject w/ just about everyone I think. Cheers to you for opening up about it! And I WISH I was 5'9"! I'm a midget 5'4". Boo.

Happy Friday luvface! xoxo

The Peach Tart said...

5 pounds, way to go. You'll be zipping those skirts all the way before long.

Yelena R. said...

Ah, I hate going to the doctor...for that exact, I really love food (especially dessert)...
meh. But you're so funny :)

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Oh, I can relate big time! Why do they have to weigh us for an eye exam? Makes absolutely no sense. Yes, I'm with you on not zipping up the zipper all the way and leaving the button undone at the top. I have a great pair of pants that I love and last year, I had to do that...of course had to wear a long top over them to cover up. Vanity, where is thy sting? On the scales, my dear! Kudos to the first 5 pounds! Wish we used the term stones like in England...I like single digits!

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

yea, i guess it's just a number... if you're a healthy amazon, see who has the last laugh.

hmm, am i qualified to comment? there are unhealthy slim people around, you know. i still think it's down to what you put in your mouth. a friend who's lost much of her weight (plus her best friends, unfortunately) will tell you that's a fact. she didn't realise she could look so tiny after she shed the weight.

i've been fat before, trust me. i canNOT stand it when i sweat just standing and when my clothes are tight. i do watch what i eat since i don't exercise. i sure can't afford to stuff my face if you think i can get away with it. no such thing. it'll last only for a while. i have a bigger butt now. which works for me since i'm shapeless.

Alina said...

I totally get it! I have no love for the doc's scale. I have my own at home that I get on every morning for the sheer torture of it.

Whenever I go to the doctor her scale is of by a good tens pounds, of course I am dressed and not naked, and I probably ate a hearty breakfast to calm my nerves about going to the doctor.

Yup the scale is the worst. I totally get the get in shape before going to the doctor or joining a gym thing. Like cleaning the house before the maid comes.

kyslp said...

I have a friend who flat out refused to get on the scale at her gyno's office. They were not happy with her.

Avoiding the dr because I didn't want to get weighed is totally how I got knocked up the first time. (No dr visit = no Vitamin bc = Baby #1)

kyslp said...

I have a friend who flat out refused to get on the scale at her gyno's office. They were not happy with her.

Avoiding the dr because I didn't want to get weighed is totally how I got knocked up the first time. (No dr visit = no Vitamin bc = Baby #1)


Embrace your inner "Amazon" beauty!

...and I expect you to do two things:

>Wear a daily work uniform that includes platform heels (higher the better).

>Find a kinder, gentler daily diet plan, that assists you to be the very best "Anti-inflammatory-Amazon" you can be.

You are an "Amazing Amazon" just as you are, and I want you to know it, and don't be shy to say it!

Be well. Live swell..and love it.

Hanako66 said...

I try not to weigh myself and just to go by how things fit so that I'm not stressed about it all the time. Good for you in trying to get in shape...not so much for the weight, but just because it is so good for you. 5 lbs is great!

Kelly said...

Congrats for loosing 5lbs! I am in the same boat. I have started to buy dresses... they are amazing for hiding the extra weight. Have a great weekend!

Clorivak said...

Yay for you and your losing of some poundage!!! going to the Doctors suck and I can just imagine cringing when being weighed, its like you feel so vulnerable or something. The last time I weighed myself was a year ago and I couldn't believe my eyes. I probably gained 40 pounds since high school. I used to be REALLY thin and didn't think anything of I am just normal...a bit on the bulgy side on the bellbell though. I call my stomach "The Bagel". Its all water though hahah..that's what i like to think. Apparently if you get a colonic you lose 5-10 pounds..that happened to my mom. I think I might be too wussbag to get one but it cleans ya right out!! get's all that excess sludge out of your system..bahahahhaha, god i'm gross.

Renee said...

Five pounds thinner already, that is good work.

It is easier I think if you are thinner for health reasons.

Not that I would know, I am 5 feet tall and 217 pounds.

Love Renee xoxo

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

Every time I ask the nurse not to tell me my weight. Every time she gives me the side eye and secretly writing "eating disorder"??

i just don't want to know. that's all.

Brooke said...

I never weight myself. We never even had scale in the house when I was growing up. I'm pretty sure that my mom got rid of them right when my sister and I hit an age where we might care.

Congrats on the 5 lbs!

Kaz said...

I've been seeing the same doctor for years. I used to hate going to see her.

She used to just look at me and say "What are we going to do with you?"

And she was right. I was well on the way to a very short life. So I ended up deciding to have weight loss surgery. I couldn't do it by myself, and needed some help.

So the last time I saw the doc she said "You're looking good"

And I said "I've put on a couple of kilos from last time I saw you I think"

And she said "Well you're still looking good"

So I've decided that I now LOVE her :-)

I may be nearly half my original size, but I still cringe when I have to stand on the scales.

We're so conditioned by weight charts. If I was the weight the charts say I should be, I would look like a skeleton. I'm tall too, and honestly, if I was my 'ideal' weight, my face would be gaunt and I would look horrible

Just go by how comfortable you feel. How your clothes fit. Some of the slimmest people can be the unhealthiest.

And hon, I'd take 'Amazon' as a compliment. I rather like the thought of being a warrior woman. But then again, I might be getting mixed up with Wonder Woman, cos I've always wanted to be her ;-)


Kristin said...

Dude, that nurse would have gone DOWN!

Sam said...

Those evil evil men!! ...and why do you need to be weighed for everything? I don't think we do that here in Australia - you know it sounds like some bureaucratic (spelling?) idiot thought it up and they've just been blindly following it ever since.

I don't have a set of scales - I just use my clothes (and face!!) - so if they are getting a little tight I eat more fruit and run up and down the stairs at work a couple of times!!! True! Best of luck with your new regime - 5 lbs - congratulations!!

Gabbi said...

It never even occurred to me that I could opt out of the whole weighing thing! I'm always shocked when I go, it's always about 10 lbs over what I think it's going to be for some reason? Obviously I live in denial. I don't weigh myself either, I just go by clothes and face too. Weighing is depressing and not always accurate. Weight looks different on people.

Also, so jealous of your tallness! Stupid jerks were probably trying to flirt too I bet... :)

I hope you're feeling ok healthwise and wishing you an awesome weekend! *besos*

Diane said...

that last story... awwww! lol {hugs}

i have the same problem but on the other end of the... scale.... ugh words! lol

i wish you'd have given me those 5 lbs you didnt want anymore!!


You so tall!
I'm only 5'6 1/2"...yup the 1/2" is very-very important! extremely!! Hope everything is fine health wise...take good care darling... Do take Omega 3 daily...good for us! XO*

anotherfishinthesea said...

yay tall girls!
and the computer guy is an effing jerk.
and thats all ive got!

The Haute-Shopper said...

Horrible! I hate when they do this, especially if you're going to the doctors for something which is completely irrelevant to your weight. I think the most horrid experience weight-wise was going bungie jumping where they need to weigh you to determine the thickness of the rope, but the horrid thing is they then scrawl your weight with a big red marker on your hand which you need to show the guy who pushes you off the ledge. Haha... makes you almost wish the damn rope would snap ;-)

The Haute-Shopper said...

Oh, and almost forgot to say... hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Char said...

yay for lighter!!! and yes, it's ridiculous to have to weight for an eye exam.

sealaura said...

i have felt like I needed to get in shape before going to the gym, it is ridiculous but I hear you. thanks for sharing, and it seems like you are on the righ path. trust me when I weigh myself i try different hours, different times of the month, i am a freak!

Mermaid said...

Hahaha oh man can I relate! For some reason doctor scales always wanna weigh me in at 5-10 pounds heavier than my multiple scales at home do. I try to convince myself it must be muscle weight.

blueviolet said...

I didn't know you could pass on the weigh stop either! I hate it when they keep sliding that stupid bar over to the right further and further and further.

You shoulda punched that guy. That was so rude!

asweetcakes said...

Amazon? Isn't that a compliment? It also means you can whoop his arse! Congrats on loosing the weight- every step counts right. Actually, i don't really know how you feel because i'm trying to gain weight, but i've got really close friends and family who really want to loose weight but instead leave half their zippers open lol. Good Luck DrollGirl!

Fashion Court said...

true story: i was a chubby 13 year old, but only 5 pounds over the recommended weight for my height and called obese by a bitchass intern. yeeeah.

i also hate doctors, so totally know where you're coming from.

Jill said...

If I were 5'9" instead of 5'3" I would be the perfect weight! It's a constant struggle chica. That inconsiderate asshole probably only said amazon because your a tall intimidating woman...he was probably a tiny little nuthin' of a man with a penis to match...fucker!

Diana said...

i'm really happy for you!!
that last nurse should have gotten fired or something!

it's probably better if you try to lose it (besides the obvious reasons) but I'm not sure what health insurance you have, but when i gained a little this year, my insurance went up! one of the reasons i'm trying to lose, too is for cheaper insurance.

hey 5 lbs may be the water weight, but the real weight follows shortly is what i always say! congrats!!

Dream Sequins said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I think as I get older, I realize that I'm not metabolizing as fast as I'd like-- also, let's face it-- I'm allowing myself to indulge more. It's time to get healthy. xx

Missy said...

I haven't looked at a scale in three years! When at the doc, I just turn my head!

Elizabeth Marie said...

That nurse is a cunt bitch and I hate her.

And "Amazon" guy?! No words.

I ALWAYS ask if we can skip the weighing part, I pretend that the nurse is my new bff and we can both roll our eyes over how silly it is! You're right, sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.

I don't weigh myself, its all about the clothes...good for you for being healthy, I need to get back on the stupid shred with that tranny and his friends.

Snazzy and Dashing said...

Fuck that Amazon dude.. asshole, what did he look like BTW?

I've seen pictures of you.. you look fab, and young for a twirty-something.

I don't weigh myself either, I go by which pants I can fit into... because if I weight myself when I am dieting.. I get stuck to a number then work out TOO Much, eat TOO less... etc

april Marie - Girl Japan said...

Fuck that Amazon dude.. asshole, what did he look like BTW?

I've seen pictures of you.. you look fab, and young for a twirty-something.

I don't weigh myself either, I go by which pants I can fit into... because if I weight myself when I am dieting.. I get stuck to a number then work out TOO Much, eat TOO less... etc

alissa said...

i weigh myself on a fairly regular basis - my doctors scale is always 5 lbs more! bologna
but now i just know its wrong haha so i assume...

Down and Out Chic said...

ok, some jackass said "amazon?" wtf? seriously? ugh.

i ALWAYS tell them NOT to weigh me. very recently, i went to the gyno and the nurse was insistent. i turned my head and said "do not tell me." believe it or not, i can be quite the scary latina and she kept her mouth shut.
i learned my lesson after one day being weighed and the nurse looking at me and saying "you don't look like you weigh that much." i had actually been running a lot and training and i was in my targeted body weight- so i very calmly gave the nurse a lesson in muscle weighing more than fat and blah, blah,blah. stupid bitch.

Erin M. said...

I am 5'8" and of the big-boned variety as well. Food is my best friend. I weigh myself a few times a week, and I get weighed at the doctor constantly b/c I have thyroid issues and it BITES THE BIG ONE.

I am trying hard to eat better. I don't really eat badly, but my portions are outta control. It's a problem. I am also an emotional eater.

kathleen said...

Oh my Gawd, what a fucker for saying "Amazon." I hate that we as women have to go through all this crap. Way to go, lady! You're brave for sharing this. So many of us have had experiences like this. Stay strong.

miami mansion rentals said...

You wanna hear a bad/weird combo? My ex loved to check his weight at the grocery store and insisted I do it too. Well, I did mention he's an ex, rigt?