Saturday, November 28, 2009

Alien by Thierry Mugler

Well............................this ad in the December issue of Elle magazine made me laugh, so that is something.

If I was rich I would make it a point to send a complimentary bottle to each of my alien friends. :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Neil Diamond: A Cherry Cherry Christmas

I pretty much hate all Christmas music, but this album title made me snicker.

And for the record, I love Neil Diamond. His greatest hits album is the shit.

Go ahead and judge me -- I don't care.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Waiting


A big, gigantic thank you for all of the sweet comments and emails you sent to me regarding this post. You guys are amazing!

I had to go in today for another mammogram plus a sonogram. The tests today confirmed that there is an area of concern in my left breast, and I have to go back next week for a biopsy. It might be something, but then again it might be nothing.

My only laugh of the day happened when I went into the room with the sonogram equipment. The above x-ray of Homer Simpson was lit up next to the x-ray of my left breast. :)

Sorry for the downer post, but just wanted to give a quick update. I'll try and keep up with blogging/commenting over the next couple weeks while I deal with all of this crap, because you guys make everything better.

Cheers to all of you and hope you have a happy Thanksgiving. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mark Laita: Created Equal

Mark Laita: Created Equal

Mark Laita, Lingerie Model / Woman in Girdle, 2006 / 2007

Mark Laita, Body Builder / Amish Farmer, 2006 / 2004

Mark Laita, Debutante / Parolee, 2004 / 2004

Mark Laita, Barbeque Chef / Truck Stop Waitress, 2007 / 2002

Mark Laita, Grocery Shopper / Sword Swallower, 2004 / 2007

Mark Laita, Rock Band / Polka Band, 2007 / 2007

Mark Laita, Sunbather / Swimmer, 2007 / 2007

Mark Laita, Southerner / Hassidic Jew, 2004 / 2007

Mark Laita, Ballerina / Trucker, 2002 / 2004

Mark Laita, Police Officer / Gang Member, 2003 / 1999

Mark Laita, French Chef / Short Order Cook, 2006 / 1999

Mark Laita, Dishwasher / Coffee Shop Customer, 2004 / 2003

Mark Laita, Coal Miners / Male Exotic Dancers, 2000 / 2006

Mark Leita, Marine / War Veteran, 2002 / 2004

Mark Laita, Female Body Builder / Drag Queen, 2002 / 1999

Mark Laita, Mariachis / Elvis Impersonators, 2000 / 2002

Mark Laita, Beauty Salon Customer / Man with Curlers, 2005 / 2004

Mark Laita, Motorcycle Gang / Alter Boys, 2004 / 2005

Mark Laita, Fur Trapper / Woman with Dog, 2003 / 2004

Mark Laita: Created Equal

Monday, November 23, 2009


Have you ever gone in for medical tests and been afraid to receive the results?

My Mom had breast cancer at 42, so for most of my life I have worried that I might have the same fate. I am 39 years old at this point, and have had mammograms for the last three years due to my family history.

I went in for a mammogram last week. I hate the whole mammogram thing -- it is unnerving to me both mentally and physically.

The waiting room is usually filled with unhappy looking women that are much older than me, and they tend to tell me that I look way too young to be getting a mammogram. And then I tell them that my Mom had breast cancer at 42. After they hear that bit of info they tend to clam up and look at the floor. It isn't comforting.

Physically the process isn't THAT bad, but it is uncomfortable. And awkward. And a bit embarrassing, especially when you catch the technician checking out your tits on the sly. But that stuff really doesn't matter much. And if anyone is facing their first mammogram, I would recommend NOT going the week before your period as a mammogram becomes even more uncomfortable and even more painful if your breasts are already hurting before they are put in that fucking panini press mammogram machine. (Side note: SOMEBODY NEEDS TO MAKE BETTER EQUIPMENT FOR MAMMOGRAMS ALREADY. IT IS A FUCKING BULLSHIT DESIGN AND THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY. IF GUYS HAD TO FACE PUTTING THEIR BALLS IN A VICE, I AM PRETTY SURE AN ALTERNATIVE WOULD BE DEVELOPED QUICKLY).

If all goes well after getting a mammogram, they send you a letter within about 10 days giving you the all clear. I was hoping to get my letter before Thanksgiving so that I could enjoy the holiday. Instead I got a call at work today, and the technician told me they might have found a problem with my left breast. I have to go back on Wednesday for more tests. I am hoping for the best but fearing the worst.

Maybe some of you can relate to this? Maybe? I am trying not to panic. What will be will be, but it is a hell of a mind fuck. TBC. So here I sit waiting, dreading, fretting. UGH.

Hot or Not?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

This Is Not Ikea

Love the name of this furniture store: This Is Not Ikea! And some of their vintage and retro merchandise looks pretty good, too!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Cards

I just ordered a boatload of these WTFWJD cards cards on Etsy. BAHHAHAHAH!!! These are so me!!!!

And conveniently enough my first name starts with the letter "J", so it is like the cards are screaming WHAT THE FUCK WOULD JESUS JANELLE DO. Gah! This makes me so happy!

Click here if you are interested in purchasing these fab cards, and just notify the seller if you want to buy in larger quantities. :)

Hot or Not?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bad Ads

Ooof. This ad is BAD. Real bad. And so is the jewelry. Shudder.

Rina Limor Calypso Jewelry

Rina Limor ad as seen in the December 2009 issue of Elle magazine.

P.S. If you like this jewelry -- particularly the Easter egg necklace -- I really don't think we can be friends.