Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Catherine Ledner "Glamour Dogs" Book Giveaway!

Have you seen Catherine Ledner's recently published book Glamour Dogs? It is a gorgeous, hard-bound, 156 page book featuring ADORABLE canine portraits. Below you will find some of the fabulous photographs that appear within this beautiful book.

Picture 3

Picture 2

Picture 1

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 8

Picture 9

If you would like a chance to receive a free copy of this book, just enter this giveaway!


1) Open to U.S. residents only (sorry to all the cool folks overseas -- I need to do something else for you soon!).
2) You must be a follower of this blog to be eligible to win.
3) Leave a comment that contains the best pet name you can think of, plus the kind of animal it belongs to.
4) Be sure to list your email address in your comment so that I can notify you if you are the winner.

Winner will be chosen at random and announced Monday, December 14, 2009. Good luck!


P.S. When I was a kid I had a Basset Hound named Gunslinger. My uncle always called him Pistol Whipped. :)


Morgan said...

Great giveaway!
I love my kitties name - Gustavo; named after my favorite painter Gustav Klimt.

bananas. said...


i've been wanting this glam book. and duh coolest pet names belong to my adorable pups...

preston broadus, street name bodie and omar thurgood.

both bulldogs :)

Melanie's Randomness said...

Aww this is too cute.

I would love to have a mini dog I could put in a purse. I would name her Mon Petit Rouge. It means my lil red one. I dunno I think it be cute if the dog has reddish hair. hehe.

my email is mina7852004@yahoo.com

blueviolet said...

Of course I'm a follower! What a fun book you've got here!

I like the name Wasabi for the Sphynx cat. Actually I'd like to name most anything Wasabi, even my child.

E.K. said...

I've got 3 for you!

My 2 cats full names are:
Ophelia Jaguar-Devouring-a-Hare Putti
Mia Angle-Booty

My basset hound's name is:
Bumblebee Thundra Photon

True story, you have my e-mail ;)

Iva said...

OMG!! this is such an awesome giveaway!!! ahhh and now I am stumped on THE BEST name I can think of... thinking under pressure is nerve wracking....and seeing how I must have this book I'm sweating bullets ;)

ok, well here are the names of my dogs when I was little, which of course makes them the coolest names right? ;) My big black lab who my parents got for me when I was like 4(ish?) I so creatively named him Blacky {umm I was 4 ok?!} ...he was awesome. Lived to be 18 until sadly we had to put him down,we were all devastated, but it hit my dad the hardest. My other awesome lovable dog was a Maltese {a full 4 pounds}. She was just put to sleep earlier this year, causing much heartbreak. I begged and pleaded for her when I was 10, and of course my parents got her and she traveled everywhere with us. I name her Princess Diamond Dancer...she went only by Diamond ;) how I miss them both...I dont know, who we will have next, I want another doggy soon, maybe I'll let my son do the honors of picking and naming and make it a family tradition ;)

majorly awesome giveaway! Good luck everyone!!

diane said...

My MIL paints portraits of people's pets for them, so this really struck a familiar chord with me. Adorable.
Happy Holidays. xo d

Gwen said...

What a fun give away (and book)!! I'm a follower of course. We named our dog Baxley after an old man that my husband knows. Our cat's name is Fritzgerald VonFang (Fritz for short) ~ also courtesy of my husband. My email address is handbagobsessed@gmail.com

Down and Out Chic said...

eeeek! how exciting. i'm not entering to win (that would be greedy) but i am so excited about the new book!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

My daughter would DIE for this book!! As you know I am a follower! So, we had a harlequin great dane named Panda and a English Mastiff named Cocoa Puff!

...love Maegan said...

oh it's the cutest book ever ...just sayin'

Jenni said...

Pick me! Pick me! You know I'm your favoritest follower anyways and since I can't have a dog in real life (I am left with my stuffed animal bulldog) I would just adore and love this book like it were my own (puppy that is).

And best pet name? Uh, let me get back to you on that. I'm uncreative in the naming business today. Thankfully I'm not having a kid - Ha! :)

My emails on my blog lil' lady. :)

DesBisoux said...

i know...i know...i can't play..but i love you, your blog and that book so i CAN leave a comment!
the best pet's name has to be Winston for a french bullbog. and yes it's already taken. by me!!!

Tiffany said...

i love this! if I don't win, I'm so buying it.

My favorite name of course is my dachshund named Macho. He's a little guy but every bit macho as he can be.

tiffany (at) iamstyle-ish (.) com

Hanako66 said...

what an awesome giveaway!

i love jager, my pug's name...i picture him having a german accent.


Clorivak said...

this book totally rocks!!! i will have to pick it up since i can't enter...;P just teasing drollie! heehee.

The818 said...

Awesome book - I love it!

My best pet name is Lucky Luciano Pavoratti.

I think it suits a cat though.

Sam said...

Magic! ...such characters!! Even though I'm a through and through pusy cat person I still have a small corner of my heart left for the puppies!

Char said...

we're proud pug owners (moses and lizzie - because they look like little old people) but my brother has a black pug named petunia because she looks like a fat little pig. she's adorable.

Diane said...

cute book! sign me up for this awesome giveaway!!

best pet name ever belonged to my deceased beloved Kelsey cat aka K Bear aka Kaybee.

I miss you Kaybee!!!!!!!!!!

Alisa said...

Love these dogs!

My daughter had a goldfish named Mud Puddle, because he was a brownish black and he was in water. Kids are creative.

Alisa said...

Whoops, my email is info@MiniMosaic.com

Phoenix said...

The little dog that is getting half blown away by the wind is the best.picture.ever. I love it!

And thanks for hosting such a cool giveaway, Droll. When I was little I had a huge orange pumpkin cat named Motley...yes, after the band Motley Crue. Motley was the sweetest, kindest, most bad-ass cat in the land...until he met more than his match in a coyote.

Email is cliftontracy@gmail.com, but we all know how crappy I am at checking it... :)

Michelle said...

This is too cute!

I always joke with my boyfriend that if we ever get a puppy, we're going to name it Private Fuzzy Feet and as it gets bigger, we'll promote him to Lieutenant, Captain, etc until he's a General.

For some reason boyfriend doesn't like that plan very much...

My email is ohmishka@gmail.com


I'm a dog loverrrr...
Great giveaway J!
Books are the best gift in my book...no pun!

Simply Mel said...

Here, here....I am a bone-a-fide dog lover and need this book!

My sweet puglet's name is Ashton!
And a great name I saw for a little black dachsie terrier mix was BEAN (for black bean)!

Chessa! said...

Yay! You know I'm a follower:)

as for pet names...well, there have been A LOT of dawggies in my family. Most of them have lived in Argentina with my grandparents where I spent about 80% of my childhood and I freaking loved those dogs. It was so strange bc the dogs would just show up and they would adopt them. Lonely, vagabond dogs that no one else wanted and they were all mutts but they had that same look...loveable, hugable, tolerant of little kids and in love with my grandfather who fed them filet mignon mixed in their dog food. They were named:
Lucas, Upi and Mimi...those are the ones I remember best. Oh and Gunther, the doberman that my aunt had. lol...that dog was supposed to be a protector but he was the biggest baby ever.

But of all the dogs the number one animal who lived, first in an uncle's house, then in a cousin's house, then in my grandparent's house and then in my aunt's house was Jericho, the parrot. He was a green parrot who would have loved to piss everyone off by flying away but alas, his wings were clipped. He was always around dogs so it was only natural that the freaking thing actually barked like a dog. I kid you not. When my father was a boy he and my aunt taught him...it wasn't difficult...and he would call out "coco! coco!" which was my grandfather's nickname. The bird finally died last year but it was over 60 years old! My father never remembered a time without that bird. The bird appears in countless photographs of birthdays, bbqs, you name it. We were all so sad when he passed...it was like the end of an era.

Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

so cute and quirky!

carina said...

well, it just so happens that making up names for pets, i don't yet own is a personal pastime...

i've always liked saskia for a meowser
and lately i'm partial to hector, preferably for a french bulldog. my pug/beagle's name is ula, middle name arigato.

thanks for the great giveaway!

Kaz said...

My wee cat was called 'YG'

She was a stray, and when she first showed up at my place, she'd always go to my then partner. So I called her 'your girlfriend' whenever we talked about her.

One day at work, I was talking to my partner on the phone, and I said something like "Your girlfriend slept on my bed last night. I'll have to get some jellimeat for her on the way home"

And the people around me were listening, and wondering what the f*%k I was on about.

It was embarrassing and funny at the same time

After that, 'YG' was her name :)

anotherfishinthesea said...

Yayay! What an awesome giveaway... you may have an inkling of how much I love dogs and this is perfect...

My favorite petname is Walter - my hamster's name when I was little. My parents were confused by the choice, but they rolled with it.

(and i'm a followed :) )

anotherfishinthesea said...

oh yea and bethfish@gmail.com. dur. cause i totes mcgoats want to win.

Karls said...

I'm out... bloody Australia! But I have to say... I'm in love with that book and I'm seriously considering pulling out the old photo gear and getting some burlesque shots of the young Bill. Grrrrrrr! haha

The Seeker said...

Oh well, if I was a US resident I will have to cross my fingers to get luck :)
It's a fantastic giveaway, dear.

Thank you so much for your comment and support.



Elizabeth Marie said...

AWWWWWWWW!!!! You weren't lying. I'm in it to WIN IT.

So my favorite pet name is BELLA duh, cuz I love my bella boo. But she's deaf in one ear like a war vet (I can say this because my gpa is war vet and deaf in one ear), and I do this voice for her...ummm it's not PC at all. I prob shouldn't talk about that.

Bella. Going with Bella.

ticklishfromadistance said...

My neighbor when I was about ten had a bunny named Mercy Delight. Isn't that awesome? She would say "Mercy, ain't you just a delight"! Hahahahaha! It still cracks me uup today. I have been pining over this book.

Gabby said...

I want this book so bad my hair hurts!

I have always wanted a dog named Coco La Rue. Or just a regular human name. Like Barbara. Or Stan.

sharonlei said...

You've got yourself another follower :) Dang, that is such a great book! I love it...

I think our puppy has the best name ever! :) She's a year and half old Maltipoo named, Pooma. My hubby and I were thinking of names and the first thing I thought of was "POO(dle)MA(ltese)".. and how ironic that she's a white dog, not a black cat... she sure does act like a cat at times... she's the best :) Crossing my fingers for the win! Take care, and great blog btw.

Love & Aloha, Sharon

Missy said...

Is my dog in this book? She needs to be! LOL

Shooting Stars Mag said...

this would be great!! I follow and my favorite name is my dog's name b/c it's Luana. She's part alaskan husky and the name is hawaiian. :)

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Jessica said...

Ok I cannot believe I am putting this out there. It's my secret awesomeness for my future dog which I hope will be an English Bulldog but the name I have picked is Seppuku. Essentially it means Japanese ritual suicide - self evisceration.
See how cool I am or morbid your choice and I totally follow you.

creative kerfuffle said...

lol--not entering the contest but one of our black and white cat's name is princess meow meow. my daughter named her, she was 7-8 at the time : )

Keith said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Great hearing from you. I hope you are doing well.

The dog would be a poodle. It's name would be CoCo.

That looks like an interesting book.

Kristin said...

OMG, the pug is cracking me up!!

Ela said...

Is it wrong when a dog is more glamorous than you - and when I say you I mean ME?

I'm a "cool folk" right?

Apt. #34 said...

That frenchie is stellar! I must have :)

Asylum Dolly said...

Damn! Me not eligible being here in Aus, but I just had to mention how ADORABLE the li'l black pug is! >.< I wuvs pugs! I wuvs their scrunchy little faces!

Andhari said...

I love the vhihuahua :) what a prissy pretty puppy :)

Blue Satin Sashes said...

Hahahaha, love the windblown Pom!

Kellie said...

These pics are SO cute! My mom had a weiner dog growing up called Sparkplug. I always thought that was a great name. :)

The next dog I get I am naming him a regular ol human name. Like George or Mike or Kathy.

sealaura said...

pick me pick me!

well since I am a freak all my animals have had crazy names. my current babies are
Norman Alexander
and Newman Aleutius.

My cats now in heaven were:
Obi Aurelius
Tiger Ernestine

I know I am weird.
and i am a follower :)
I know you only asked for one name but I don't want to pick favorites with my furkids!!

~KS said...

Best pet name... My friend's little girl has a beautiful Arabian horse... named Larry. I don't know why but it just cracks me up. My pets are named after my favorite athletes, Yzerman (Steve Yzerman, formerly Red Wings captain) and Maddux (Greg Maddux, great Braves pitcher).

alissa said...

what a fun giveaway!
well of course the best pet name is grace. but mowieganoush is her favorite nickname

brittany said...

king louis jesus pumpernickle. aka the name of my chihuahua. :)


LifestyleBohemia said...

OMG - both adorable and hysterical. I just bought a similar book for my cat-crazed sister, called Glamour Puss.


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amy said...
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