Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Susan Anderson

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Susan Anderson: High Glitz

Susan Anderson: High Glitz - at Kopeikin Gallery, October 24 - December 24, 2009

High Glitz: The Extravagant World of Child Beauty Pageants is a close-up and intimate look at America’s child beauty pageants, and in turn our society’s obsession with youth, beauty, fame, and fortune. Susan Anderson’s vibrant portraits of pageant contestants offer a new perspective on this uniquely American subculture.

“High Glitz” is a subgenre of child beauty pageants characterized by couture “glitz” costumes and a broad array of cosmetic preparations including, among other tricks of the trade: glamour makeup, elaborate hairstyles, and “flippers” (false front teeth veneers). Anderson’s stunning visuals are complimented by a “High Glitz Style Guide,” defining and providing examples of the following categories: Beauty/ Formal Wear, Western Wear, Sportswear, and Swimwear, with a special section on hairstyles such as the "Barbie" and the "Up-do."

Each year as many as 100,000 children under the age of 12 participate in U.S. child beauty pageants, and it has recently become a billion-dollar industry. Parents invest thousands of dollars on costumes and private coaches to give their children a competitive edge. Countless hours are spent by professional hair and makeup artists on each child in preparation for the competition. The girls are spray-tanned, made-up, and groomed to a glossy perfection. Anderson captures the results of this time-consuming transformation process in exquisite detail.

In seeing how our society’s values of beauty, glamour, and celebrity are reflected in the hopes and dreams of thousands of young girls, we come to see that these pageants are a reflection of American culture itself.

Susan Anderson is a Los Angeles based commercial, editorial, and fine art photographer, specializing in portraiture, beauty, fashion, and conceptual/narrative work. Having earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago, Anderson relocated to Los Angeles in 2001. Her work has appeared in a variety of magazines including Los Angeles, People, Glamour, and The Robb Report. Her fine-art work is represented by TORCH Gallery in Amsterdam and Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles.

Simon Doonan is a writer, bon vivant, fashion commentator, and window-dresser. He writes a column for the New York Observer entitled, “Simon Says.” He has also written four books including Confessions of a Window Dresser (Studio, 1998), and Eccentric Glamour (Simon & Schuster, 2008).

Robert Greene has authored many books including, The 48 Laws of Power (Viking, 1998), The Art of Seduction (Penguin, 2001), and The 33 Strategies of War (Penguin, 2006). His most recent release is, The 50th Law coauthored by 50 Cent, published by HarperStudio in 2009.

Source for text above found here.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Michael Eastman - Cuba

Michael Eastman

Series of photographs taken in Cuba

Michael Eastman, Red Bathroom

Michael Eastman, Piano

Michael Eastman, Kitchen, Havana

Michael Eastman, Mercedes Living Room

Michael Eastman, Mercedes Bedroom

Michael Eastman, Green Living Room

Michael Eastman, Abstract Wall #2

Michael Eastman, Mercedes Hall #2

Michael Eastman, Man in Arch

Michael Eastman, Green Interior 2002

Michael Eastman, Isabella's Two Chairs 2000

Michael Eastman, Blue Facade

Michael Eastman, Three Fans

Michael Eastman, Woman in Doorway, Havana

Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Sofa

Somebody got a new sofa delivered this weekend!

(Shit. That painting is not centered. The curtains should be hemmed. I hate posting my own pics. Shit. Reality is not always perfect or pretty.)

(This is a better picture of the sofa, and sadly this is not my living room. But I hate that coffee table and want to stomp my foot through it. So maybe it is ok that it is NOT my living room.)

When the delivery dudes showed up at my place (which was built in the 20's and has TEENY TINY DOORS), the lead guy said, "I don't know if this is going to fit in here!" And it was all I could do to not shout out, "That's what she said!" hahahhahaha.

Seriously though, I tossed and turned all night [er, make that all week] wondering if the delivery guys were going to be able to wiggle this sofa into the front door and through the tiny arched entry wall that leads to the living room without farking it up. It was a T-I-G-H-T fit, but there she blows.

Let me explain the crap paint color that you might or might not be able to see in the shitty shot above. It is a faded mint green -- BARFARONI -- and it runs throughout most of my place. I hate it. But I rent. And I have a cunt landlord that refused to repaint before I moved in, and she won't let me patch or paint the place on my own. So the 60's era hospital mint green shade remains. Side note: I pretty much want to take a machete to my focacta landlord every time I see her or think about her (we have had MANY ISSUES), so let me move past the thought of that twat right now before I get all wound up.

Anywhoooooooooo, these two furry fellas took one look at the new rich, dark, chocolate leather sofa with contrast stitching and started plotting and scheming as to how they could ruin it, just like they ruined the last two sofas.

Peanut. Scheming. Plotting. Planning.

Leo. What's for dinner.

Peanut weighing his options. Maybe we should let Mom be happy for ONE day before we trash her new sofa. Maybe.

Leo. We'll see about that. Somehow it is much more satisfying to slowly destroy furniture rather than just whittling away at cheap carpet-covered scratching posts from Petco. YAWN. What's for dinner?


So I am pretty much throwing the layers on the new sofa in a mad effort to prevent problems.

I am guessing that you fellow pet-owners can relate to this unfortunate but necessary "layered" look with some of your furniture? Or perhaps your pets are better trained than my little monsters.

P.S. I have had my eye on a VERY EXPENSIVE LEATHER SOFA for several years now, but a) could not afford it; b) it never really goes on sale by more than a few hundred bucks off; and c) I could not justify purchasing something super expensive that my sweet kitties might end up destroying. So this sofa was the best looking and most sturdy looking leather sofa that I could find under $1000. Ikea has some alternatives to this, but I usually find that they build much of their furniture at 3/4 scale to save money, and many of their sofas have really cheap, spindly and wonky legs that drive me bonkers. More than you needed to know, right?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Hate This Ad!

siren by paris hilton

Every single time I see this stupid ad I get mad. LAME-O.

Who came up with this stupid ad concept? Who approved the photo? I think I know the answer to both questions! BAH.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Comedians I Would Do, Part II

Some of you may have seen my original Comedians I Would Do post a while back. I stand by those choices, but I'd like to add these dudes to the mix.

Yup, I am late to the party of this show, but I have been catching their episodes on DVD, and just dying over these guys.

Jemaine, CALL ME!!!!

flight of the conchords

If you like or love the show, which guy is your favorite? Jemaine or Bret?

I love them both, but Jemaine is my favorite. Bret is a little too slender for my tastes. Sorry Bret, but let me feed you a bit, and then we can get it on. :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Name Those Knockers - Contest / Giveaway!!!!!

The first person to correctly identify ALL of the celebrity knockers below wins a $20 gift card of their choice!

Just leave a comment below, or, if you don't want anybody to know your guesses, you can email them to me at


1 & 2

3 & 4

5 & 6

7 & 8

9 & 10

11 & 12

13 & 14

15 & 16

17 & 18

19 & 20

Now last time we played a similar game, I made it waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too easy. This time I hope it is a little bit more challenging for you!