Monday, May 31, 2010

Bed Bugs


Bedbugs (or bed bugs) are small, elusive, parasitic insects of the family Cimicidae. They live by feeding exclusively on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals. The name 'bed bug' is derived from the insect's preferred habitat infesting houses and especially beds or other common areas where people may sleep. Bedbugs, though not strictly nocturnal, are mainly active at night and are capable of feeding unnoticed on their hosts.

Bedbugs have been known by a variety of names including wall louse, mahogany flat, crimson rambler, heavy dragoon, and redcoat.

Largely eradicated as pests in the developed world in the early 1940s, bedbugs have been resurgent since about 1995. source

I am itching just thinking about it!

And watching this video MADE MY SKIN CRAWL!

But then I heard this on the radio:

Bed bug infestation rates have risen 70 percent in five years! Worse? Many of the beasties are resistant to standard insecticides.

After feasting on blood, the bugs burrow out of sight in mattresses and furniture.

Good news? Trapping them is simple! Try dry ice, a cat dish, and talcum powder!

So say entomologists at Rutgers University. The scientists loaded 2.5 pounds of dry-ice pellets into an insulated, one-third-gallon jug. The jug was placed in a plastic cat food dish dusted inside with talcum powder. A small paper ramp was added to the outer rim.

The contraption was left overnight in an infected apartment bedroom.

When dry ice sublimates, it turns into carbon dioxide gas - similar to the breath of sleeping victims. The gas leaked slowly out the jug's spout, luring the bed bugs. The bloodsuckers climbed the ramp into the bowl - and were trapped within the steep, powdered walls.


In tests, the low-tech detector worked just as well as high-end commercial devices.

Total price of the device? Around 15 buckaroos.

GULP!!!!!!!!!!!! All this stuff freaks me out. ACK! Bugs! Bleh.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Half Pint Brawlers

More quality programming from Spike TV!

A new show -- Half Pint Brawlers -- features little people looking to make it big in the pro wrestling world.

Premieres Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

spike half pint brawlers


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sherman Alexie

My sister lent this book to me.

sherman alexie

I can't even tell you how much I loved this book. SO GOOD. [And it doesn't hurt to say that I finished reading this book in 2 days.]

And I have to give a HUGE shout out to Ellen Forney for her incredible and HILARIOUS illustrations in this novel.

I know that a 2-word book review from a chucklehead blogger such as myself really isn't good for much, so here are the professional reviews of this book:

From Booklist
Arnold Spirit, a goofy-looking dork with a decent jumpshot, spends his time lamenting life on the "poor-ass" Spokane Indian reservation, drawing cartoons (which accompany, and often provide more insight than, the narrative), and, along with his aptly named pal Rowdy, laughing those laughs over anything and nothing that affix best friends so intricately together. When a teacher pleads with Arnold to want more, to escape the hopelessness of the rez, Arnold switches to a rich white school and immediately becomes as much an outcast in his own community as he is a curiosity in his new one. He weathers the typical teenage indignations and triumphs like a champ but soon faces far more trying ordeals as his home life begins to crumble and decay amidst the suffocating mire of alcoholism on the reservation. Alexie's humor and prose are easygoing and well suited to his young audience, and he doesn't pull many punches as he levels his eye at stereotypes both warranted and inapt. A few of the plotlines fade to gray by the end, but this ultimately affirms the incredible power of best friends to hurt and heal in equal measure. Younger teens looking for the strength to lift themselves out of rough situations would do well to start here. Chipman, Ian

"A Native American equivalent of Angela's Ashes." (Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Sure to resonate and lift spirits of all ages for years to come." (USA Today)

"Realistic and fantastical and funny and tragic-all at the same time." (VOYA)

"The line between dramatic monologue, verse novel, and standup comedy gets unequivocally-and hilariously and triumphantly-bent in this novel." (Horn Book)

"What emerges most strongly is Junior's uncompromising determination to press on while leaving nothing important behind." (BCCB)

"Few writers are more masterful than Sherman Alexie." (Los Angeles Times)

"Alexie's humor and prose are easygoing and well suited to his young audience." (Booklist)

"Fierce observations and sharp sense of humor...hilarious language." (Newsday)

"Exceptionally good....Arnold is a wonderful character." (Miami Herald)

"[Alexie] has created an endearing teen protagonist in his own likeness and placed him in the here and now." (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

"Deftly taps into the human desire to stand out while fitting in." (BookPage)

"Nimbly blends sharp with unapologetic emotion....fluid narration deftly mingles raw feelings with funny, sardonic insight." (Kirkus Reviews)

"This is a gem of a book....may be [Sherman Alexie's] best work yet." (New York Times)

"Breathtakingly honest, funny, profane, sad....will stay with readers." (KLIATT)

Sherman Alexie, you are a hell of a writer. Keep it up. And I hope to marry meet you some day.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well This Says It All!

fuck you i am cat


Kyung Jeon

Kyung Jeon

Kyung Jeon, Astronaut with Cat, 2009
Kyung Jeon, Astronaut with Cat, 2009

Kyung Jeon, Tangled in Vines, 2009
Kyung Jeon, Tangled in Vines, 2009

Kyung Jeon, On Motherhood, 2005
Kyung Jeon, On Motherhood, 2005

Kyonh Jeon, Bedroom Series - Feet, 2008
Kyung Jeon, Bedroom Series - Feet, 2008

Kyung Jeon, Leopard in the Rain, 2009
Kyung Jeon, Leopard in the Rain, 2009

Kyung Jeon, a weeping willow, 2009
Kying Jeon, A Weeping Willow, 2009

Kyung Jeon, Pushing Down, 2008
Kyung Jeon, Pushing Down, 2008

Kyung Jeon, Flowering Girls, 2009
Kyung Jeon, Flowering Girls, 2009

Kyung Jeon, Peek, 2005
Kyung Jeon, Peek, 2005

Kyung Jeon


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Celebrity Siblings

I think it must be difficult to stand in the shadows of a famous celebrity sibling, particularly if people think you are a loser with no talent and that you are trying to glom on to your more famous sibling's success you are trying to make a name in the same industry.

stephen-baldwin1 jlspears rogerclinton 103187_D_0862 james-haven angelina jolie's brother charlie-murphy kevin dillon lindsay lohan's sister frank stallone chad-lowe- LaToya Jackson chris penn Lynda Lopez 51867595MM008_prism solange_knowles donnie wahlberg TV Jacksons Miniseries ron gallagher

P.S. For the most part, I think there are many reasons why the folks shown above aren't as popular as their famous siblings. But there is one exception: Charlie Murphy. I think he is as funny if not funnier that his famous brother Eddie. FOR REALS. I am also a pretty big fan of Chris Penn, and it sucks that he died so young.