Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You Kind of Had to be There

I know vacation shots are probably only fun for those that went on the trip, and maybe not even for them. So I think this will be the last of the photos that I show to you of my trip to Oregon. K? K.

Note: The weather and lighting and haziness was very strange in Oregon, particularly along the coast. These shots accurately reflect the look of the places I visited.  I am too lazy and unskilled to edit photos, so let's just get on with it.

IMG_2372 seaside, oregon
Seaside, Oregon

IMG_2373 seaside, oregon
Seaside, Oregon

IMG_2391 fire hydrant, seaside, oregon
Seaside, Oregon

IMG_2398 seaside, oregon
Seaside, Oregon

IMG_2517 oh the men of oregon
The sweet ride of the future Mr. Drollgirl?  Methinks not.

IMG_2552 little surfers, cannon beach, oregon
Little Surfers, Cannon Beach, Oregon

IMG_2575 dogs have the most fun on the beach, cannon beach, oregon
Dogs have the most fun on the beach, Cannon Beach, Oregon

IMG_2620 cannon beach, oregon
Cannon Beach, Oregon

IMG_2644 misty day at cannon beach, oregon
Gorillas in the Mist, Cannon Beach, Oregon

IMG_2751 international rose test garden, washington park, portland, oregon
International Rose Test Garden, Washington Park, Portland, Oregon

IMG_3194 beach flowers, coast of oregon
Flowers on the Beach, Coast of Oregon

Off the 101, Oregon

IMG_2775 Japanese Garden, Washington Park, Portland, Oregon
Japanese Garden, Washington Park, Portland, Oregon

IMG_2794 Japanese Garden, Washington Park, Portland, Oregon
Japanese Garden, Washington Park, Portland, Oregon

IMG_2801 Japanese Garden, Washington Park, Portland, Oregon
Japanese Garden, Washington Park, Portland, Oregon

IMG_2826 Japanese Garden, Washington Park, Portland, Oregon
Japanese Garden, Washington Park, Portland, Oregon

IMG_2842 Japanese Garden, Washington Park, Portland, Oregon
Japanese Garden, Washington Park, Portland, Oregon

IMG_2969 Seaside, Oregon
Seaside, Oregon

Mossy Trees, (one of the many hikes I went on off of Hwy 26), Oregon

Hiking off the 101, Oregon

Thoughts on Oregon [feel free to skip my babbling commentary below]....

I went on this trip because I needed to go SOMEWHERE (preferably someplace that was not too expensive, since I had to spring for it), and the flight from Burbank to Portland is not too terribly long, and it didn't seem like it would be a scary destination. I had to go on this trip alone, since I am sans boyfriend right now, and my favorite traveling partner could not join me.  Although I love the idea of traveling and seeing new places, I LOATHE the "travel" part of traveling. So much hoopla and anxiety between leaving home and pets, packing, driving, dealing with all the focacta nonsense at the airport, waiting waiting WAITING to get on with everything, enduring flights and fucktards in extremely close proximity, getting a mind-blowingly expensive rental car, driving in foreign territory, etc. I pretty much had myself worked up into a frenzy a few days before my flight was scheduled to depart. I seriously considered driving 16 hours from LA to Oregon, even if it meant eating the cost of my non-refundable airline tickets, but my little sister, my fab friend, and my boss sweetly told me that I was insane for considering such a notion. One of these folks (I'll not link to her at this point so that she doesn't get in trouble) gave me some Xanax for the travel and told me what to do. It helped. It calmed me down. I'm not saying I was 100% calm (those years are long gone!  LOL), but it took me down about a thousand, and that was helpful. It calmed me so much, that I forgot to bring the rest of the Xanax with me for the return flight home. OH WELL. Durrr!!!

I didn't spend a whole lot of time in Portland. Besides dealing with the MASSIVE international PDX airport, I only visited Portland two other times. The first time I STUPIDLY thought I could "wing it" with the driving, and that I would magically find the six destinations I planned to hit in one day. WHEN WILL I EVER LEARN. I have ZERO ZERO ZERO instinctual navigational skills. I can read a map, but not so well while I am driving. I get easily flustered. So my first trip into downtown Portland was FLABBERGASTING, but that was my own fault. Thankfully I managed to locate Washington Park, a gorgeous mecca of trees and flowers and nature...pretty much a must see if you like that sort of thing.

My second trip to Portland was much better planned, and it worked out well for the most part. I visited the Portland Art Museum. They happened to have a piece by my favorite sculptor of all time -- Edward Kienholz (someday I will do an art post on his work, but that would probably take me a year to plan and write, as I would NOT want to screw it up), which thrilled me to bits. I have to say that the layout of the museum was CON-FUCKING-FOUNDING and it had me in tears and panicking when I could NOT find my way out of the maze of basements and hallways and stairwells. Believe it or not, I wasn't the only one the was confused and spinning in circles trying to get out of that place. Argh. But it was nice to see good art; that always makes me happy.

I also visited a few other places that were just so-so, so I won't bother linking to them. And then I went over to 23rd Avenue/Nob Hill and did some shopping, etc. Fun. Except there was one barfing incident, but I really cannot bear to go into details of that particular story. Shudder.

Overall I'd say Portland was nice. Pretty. But I really didn't spend a ton of time there. It looked like they had good public transportation; something I am not used to. Driving in any big city is rather daunting to me, but I think THINK it would get easier with time. As far as the people of Portland? They pretty much seemed nice. There were LOTS of young people (the hipster/doofus quotient was very high, as it is where I live), 14 zillion people riding bikes [I wish somebody would do the world a favor and design less awful looking biking attire already], a fair amount of granola types, and the smug factor was through the roof. You know the big city smug factor...when everybody prances around with their noses in the air thinking they live in the best city on earth. I find this attitude supremely annoying -- and I think this attitude is HEAVILY PREVALENT in San Francisco and New York City -- but whaddya gonna do.  All in all, Portland still seemed pretty nice.

Outside of Portland is completely different. I spent the rest of my time on the north western part of the state, near the coast. The amount of trees was just STAGGERING. Trees EVERYWHERE. Hikes, parks, forests EVERYWHERE. I went on a hike at a new location almost every day. It was beautiful. Peaceful. Pretty. And kinda damp and chilly, particularly in the middle of the summer. But beautiful. And amazing.  

So.....I was sort of thinking before I left for this trip that I might want to move to Oregon. Sometimes I get dissatisfied with my life (in every aspect imaginable, and I want to change it all), and I think I might just MOVE to change it all.  But that might not be the best or smartest course of action.  And I don't think Portland or Oregon would be quite right for me. You know how you visit a place and you don't really feel like you fit in? Like you stand out too much or in a "different" kind of way? I felt like that. Like I wouldn't really fit in. Ever. Or maybe I just feel that way with life in general? Plus moving is such a hassle. Particularly if you move to a place that you don't know well, and especially if you don't know a single soul in the area. I think that kind of bold move is for the young folks (I moved to Los Angeles to go to college, and didn't know a soul here...it was HARD). Not sure I'd be up for a similar experience at this time in my life? Humph. Anyways, I guess I can put those thoughts of Oregon on hold and get back to my real life. Ha.

Sorry for writing a book here. I won't be doing that again for a long time...PROMISE!



tulpen said...

I LOVE Oregon. But could never live on the left coast.

Great photos. I wanna visit that Japanese Garden.

bananas. said...

so many thoughts in my head right now so forgive me while i list:

1. i love vacation pics. so much so that it doesn't matter if i wasn't there so keep on sharing PLEASE!

2. xanax?! LUCKYYY!!! i love that stuff like you wouldn't believe and from what you described it sounds like it was the perfect remedy.

3. I FUCKING HATE BIKING GEAR! and couldn't agree more with this statement -> "i wish somebody would do the world a favor and design less awful looking biking attire already." AMEN SISTER!

4. you take AMAZING photos and i personally like the haze. not sure i'd ever visit portland. not really for me.

5. pleeeease write a book...whenever you want! i'd buy it in a sec!!!

Jill said...

Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL. You should consider moonlighting as a photographer...really, no bullshit. BEAUTIFUL!!

Hannah @ The New Black said...

SO glad you liked Oregon. Cannon Beach is hands down my favorite place in Oregon to visit, even if the drive is a little on the long side.

Shorty said...

Gorgeous pictures, and kudos to you for traveling on your own like that. You're a lot more ballsy than I am, that's for sure. Coming from Texas I would've thought I needed to pack some heat to hike alone thru the woods. I think I would've been insane with paranoia! I've wanted to visit Oregon, too. I was actually there when I was seven years old, and I do remember really tall trees. But that's about the extent of my memories.

Morgan said...

Loved your vacation pictures! The little surfers and dogs are so cute!
And totally agree with Bananas... love your writing and your stories... you need to write a memoir!

DAWN said...

Great beach shots and TREES TREES TREES!!!! love it. I also love that you went on your trip alone ( Not that you went ALONE but that you still went even though you didn't have a travel buddy). That is more amazing to me than the rest. I don't know that I have that in me at the moment. I like a buddy. You know.

Susan Erickson said...

I love looking at vacation photos and yours are fabulous.....good eye!... The Oregon coast is staggeringly beautiful but it seems to get too much grey weather for me. Traveling alone is bold, brave, and necessary to know yourself....good for you. I use Ativan for flying and it really helps....whatever it takes...

Katie said...

great photos - i don't/can't edit either. haven't been to portland but it sounds exactly what i thought it was going to be like and what people have told me about it. i used to live in washington - have you been there? sounds like it would fit what you want but with less snobs.

i think going on a trip by myself would be super scary and awesome. so funny that you got lost in a museum but not in the wild?? ok not funny and sorry about the barfy.

Dancing Branflake said...

Oh Drollgirl! I seriously love Portland so much and have dreamed to do exactly what you did. Alone? Absolutely! Moving someplace alone is super hard but if there's anywhere I would go for it it would be Portland. Those beach pictures just confirmed my desire to get my behind up there!

Caroline said...

First...your photos are f-ing amazing and many photogs spend hours editing them to look as good as yours (which I still think yours look better)! You rock! OK...you went alone? Your rock twice! How awesome...just to have that time, be in nature. Every time I leave the LA vicinity I am shocked at how many trees there are!!!

Martina Rosenberg said...

Thank you for the wonderful pictures - they really give a "taste" of the area. Very much "mood" inside... I love them all ! But - the playing dogs are the bestest !
I am off to Italy tonight :-))
kind regards, Martina

K.Line said...

Your photos are AMAZING J! Seriously, you have talent and you should be selling these things. Wow.

WendyB said...

Love the beach shots. I was watching some true-life crime show about some church-going folks who were having an affair and killed the woman's husband to pursue their dream of running away to Portland. I thought that was aiming pretty fucking low. At least go to Mexico and get good weather PLUS not be extradited.

Caroline/Bloom Creatives said...

Beautiful photos... The beach with the sun is my favorite!

diane said...

Editing skills not necessary; your photographs are awesome!
Sounds like quite a trip; although I'm the opposite (I love to travel alone). Nothing beats a good museum. :)
For heaven's sake, are you going to tell us about the barfing incident?

Vee said...

You have made me want to Oregon. I love your photographs, they;re perfect just as they are.

I'm glad you got Xanax and had by what seems, a great time.

I too want to get away. I too feel like I don't fit in anywhere, but this is your blog, not mine...

Oh, and I agree with Bananas, write a book, I'll but it in a second.

Heff said...

NONSENSE ! I enjoyed those photos !

Christiejolu said...

Love it...That has got to be one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen...Isn't it the one Goonies was shot at??? Looks like it...Now I want to go...

Pretty Little World said...

I love these pictures!! And honestly, you could fill about a dozen more posts with pics from your trip, because the photos are stunning!!! <-- That's right, three exclamation points stunning!!!

I kind of miss taking little vacations by myself. I do like going places with B., but there's something to be said for just being able to do whatever you want.

rach said...

I know what you mean about the not fitting in- i feel like a damn sore thumb everywhere i go, i sound different, dress different, think different. it gets old FAST. the change was worth it, but i find myself missing a lot more than ive gained sometimes.

Kitty Stampede said...

Holy Shit those beach photos are frakking BEAUTIFUL!!! for serious. so are the rest to those ones...WOW. I love them. you should put them up in a museum, seriously. I love hearing of your trip and seeing your wickedness photography. I had a little vacation to oregon just looking at them..hehe.

oh god, i hate getting lost in buildings, i know the feeling...it's like this weird panic, kinda like getting stuck in a dress in a change room.

i want to move again so bad, but it's def a good idea to check out the scene first before blindly moving.

anyhoosers, i will stop blabbing but you keep it up woman.. ;P

Kris said...

Um, are those the rocks from The Goonies??? LOL!

Lorena said...

Drolly your pictures rock.
I don't know if you enhanced them or if maybe while looking at them I inhaled something or was on Xanax BUT they are simply breathtaking. NatGeo material.
I am glad to see that there are STILL PLACES that ARE GREEN.

Alisa said...

You are quite the photographer! These are really beautiful!

I enjoyed reading your book! I love trying new places, but moving is so much work and scary. It is nice to get away and visit places, but movie is another story.

ps. I was obsessed with Van Halen too (I kind of dropped them when they dropped DLR), but my obsession was with Eddie Van Halen. :)

Kara said...

Beautiful! Ryan and I went to a lot of the same places on our road trip last summer and I will always remember Cannon Beach as one of the most beautiful places we saw on the trip. So magical! I'd go back in a heartbeat!!

Glad you liked Yummy Arizona - we'll be happy to have you here soon, and I hope you can check out some of the places I feature :)

Felicia said...

Oh my gosh I have so much to say about your trip! The photos of the coast are awesome! Maybe I'll suck it up and go there next time I visit. I know what you mean about not fitting in there. I used to think I might like to live there but I don't now. I barely fit in where I live now and I have a feeling that's as close as I'm going to get. Weirdly enough, Minneapolis is a lot like Portland. I often say they should be sister cities, just as far as the hipster/granola/hippie set goes. I also hate the actual traveling part of travel but it's always worth it when I get to my destination. Plane travel at least makes for some great stories, right?

Glad you had such a nice time! It's so nice to get away from real life sometimes.

Ellie Grace said...

Every last bit of this post has me in a whirlwind of nostalgia. You know when you visit a place where you only have good memories there? Yeah, that's Oregon for me.


Missy said...

These are great! Glad you had such an awesome time!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Next time take me with you!

georgia~gigi said...

Ok, I loved your "book" I think you are very interesting! I love to hear your perspective!
I am still laughing at the "fucktard" comment, he he!
Your so funny!
I really loved your beach pictures! Just beautiful!
I wish I could travel more, so much to see!
Glad you had a great trip!
gi gi

MarchMusings said...

Thanks for posting these pix. They are awesome

libbeh ♥ said...

First, pleeeeeeeease continue your book postings. I actually love it when there's content to bloggers' postings, and short quip about some random crap about the latest trend/product/etc, as if my poor ass needed to be lured in by the latest gimmick.

Second, I agree about traveling. There are way too many fucktards and I hate the "travel" part. Why can't we safely transport from point A to point B? *sigh*

Third, thank you for the awesome pictures of Oregeon. Although I've never personally traveled there, I have thought about moving there for law school at Lewis & Clark (home of the National Center for Animal Law) in Portland... however, again, agreeing with what you said, moving to a new area is pretty daunting when you don't know any one or the area as well. At times, I am very tempted to pick up my things and move to a new area when shit hits the fan.. but again, it wouldn't probably be the most logical or efficient thing to do with my life.

Love your bookish posts.. or rants. Now thinking about it, I think I have a girl crush on you in a non-stalkerish and creepy way, I promise. I'm so glad I discovered your blog through Maegan's blog :)

Kaz said...

Oh, I'm always planning and plotting to move somewhere else. Mainly cos I'm trying to escape my life as it is.

The thing is...I know I would only be moving all the things I'm not happy about in my life to another location.

A new location won't change me. It won't change how I think about things. It won't change how I deal (or not) with things.

But planning on running away somewhere new is still exciting to think about :)

Beautiful pics. You are very talented.

asweetcakes said...

I hope you had some mad fun. Love the pictures, especially those of the beach.

Rachael said...


I kinda wanna live everywhere I go.

But I've often said if I could live anywhere in the world it would be the Pacific North West...I love it there and it would suit my sensibilities just fine.

The Savage said...

I've never been to Oregon... It's on my list of the 9 states I have yet to visit.
You're pretty.

cerebral e said...

Firstly, ditto everyone else. I want you to write a book, I think your photos are great, biking gear is evil and I envy you your Xanax (seriously, I think you have to be a Psychiatrist to prescribe that shit here). Xanax would also help with coping with bicycle gear. I love reading everything that you write!

Secondly, this is perfectly timed because I'm planning to visit Oregon at the end of October! I found out yesterday that I have 3 weeks of annual leave approved so I'm going to visit my high-school bestie who married a Tacoman (haha, I love calling him that) and moved to Portland with him to do her Masters. If only I could drive 16 hours and be there. If I drove 16 hours from here I would be in the middle of Bumfucknowhere. The closest city to Perth is Adelaide, which is a 30-hour drive. My travel options to get to Portland are Perth-Sydney or Melbourne or Brisbane-LA or San Francisco-Portland. At least then I get to stop off on the way home to visit the 90% of my friends that have moved to Melbourne. A more efficient way to get there is Perth-Tokyo-Portland but then I have to fly Northwest Airlines between Tokyo and Portland, which is total hell.

Crap, just realised I am writing a book too. Anyway, thanks for sharing your Oregon stories! I will be using your recommendations.

kel said...

Ok, this is totally off topic but I could not love your blog header more!!!

chloe said...

oh droll, those beach pictures are breathtaking! and the forest!? magical!

about moving somewhere new? my boyfriend always says he wants to move to norway (he's into black metal, long story) and i have kinda thought about it, but at the moment im just too lazy to up stcks and start life over again.. my sister did it though, moved to australia to be with her new husband so its obviously good for some people! x


Aah, my friend has a beach house she rents out at Cannon Beach!

Just spied some photos of her kids on horseback in the sand, and some sun!

I want to take the train down from Oregon back home to L.A. I've heard there are waterfalls along that route that can only be seen by train.


Miss Caitlin S. said...

Oh, I was so excited to just read everything you said about Portland and my State. First off, I love your images because I know where you were in 95% of them and you were 5 minutes from me at some points (Japanese Gardens is my hood!) and no more than an hour (I knew all your Seaside/Cannon Beach shots). That is exciting to me and I love an honest perspective. Can I clarify a few things? Okay, I'm going to :) 1) You do not have to love bikers to live in Portland. TRUST ME the whole granola/biker/eat organically vibe is lost on me. I do not run with that crowd, I hate basically all the bikers I see downtown and I can appreciate the organic thing but that's not my lifestyle. 2) Yes, there are so many trees and great places to hike in Oregon, I am so glad that you found them!!!!!!!!! C) Moving IS hard, and with Portland I think you gotta know which vibe you want to go... east side is hippieish, Pearl District is trendy and upbeat, etc. I love Portland to death as it is my roots and the life I know the most but I do not agree or adhere to everything about it. I shower everyday, I hate dredlocks, I'd rather buy food from starbuck's and I believe in dressing up. But I also appreciate an old book store and the man on the corner selling jokes for 25 cents. That's just me I guess. Thanks for the glimpse by the way, always interesting and I'm glad you didnt' hate it. (sorry for the novel)

Miss Caitlin S. said...

btw ... I totally just went "1...2...C.." like a dumbass. And when I meant "I'd rather buy food from Starbuck's" I meant that I'd rather get coffee there then seek out an organic coffee house. Don't judge Portland for my stupidity!

cerebral e said...

I don't think I'll drive in Portland. I think I would get too confused driving on the wrong (right) side of the road and have a head-on collision.

Emelie - C'est LA vie said...

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed the "book" and the photos... Stunning. Glad you got to go away for a while - even if just to realise you already live where you should. :)

Kristine said...

Gorgeous photos! And you are so brave to have gone on your own, what a way to empower yourself on your birthday!I often fantasize about packing up and living elsewhere but then the reality of trying to meet people when i am the shy and retiring type seems too daunting.
And you should sooo write a book...

...love Maegan said...

omg these photos are UNREAL sooooooo amazing. I love the beach shots ...I LOVE the seaside closeup tree shot.

now I'm going to go back and read it :)

creative kerfuffle said...

first, as always, i LOVE the pictures you've shared. you have a great eye for composition. that may sound cliche, but i sincerely mean it. awesome. i felt like i was there. love gorillas in the mist and the dogs on the beach, japanese garden shots, great.
i think it is cool that you went to oregon to see if that might be where you should live. and, the whole moving thing? you described it well. i am an army brat and though at time i didn't realize it, i enjoyed moving because it gave me a chance to start over. in high school i didn't like it so much, but i think the older we get the more set in our ways we get and we aren't as likely to take bold moves (like moving) unless absolutely necessary. i admire people who can and do pick up and move elsewhere just because.

her said...

this was amazing to read and see! i've always wanted to live in portland...and those foggy pics are beautiful!

Sam said...

First of all, those photos you took! Wowsers - they are something DG! I was looking at them with a pal and we were all "Oooohs" and "Ahhhhs"! Especially that Japanese garden and the beach with those super famous rocks!! No wonder most of the Etsy community lives in Portland!...and you take super good piccies!! So nice! Enjoyed your holiday commentary too of course!

Asylum Dolly said...

Drollski, you work the camera like nobodies business! Those beach shots are magical. And the doggies frolicking! Awwww...
Gosh it looks like a gorgeous spot.

Gabbi said...

I love your vacation photos Drollgirl! Personally, I love seeing a bit of people's everyday life. Fascinating, especially when a fan of the blogger/writer. Also, so cool that you went alone. I've never done that but it sounds like such a great adventure. Thinking it's something everyone should try at least once as an exercise in Independence.

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Your photos are beautiful! My cousin lives in Portland, and one day I will definitely get out to see her. I'm with you, the big city has it's draws, but I like the laid back, almost eerie, stunning beauty of the lush woods. Oh, and those rocky beaches look absolutely sublime :)

Diana said...

I know how you feel about traveling part itself, i wish i could just teleport to my location. the airport gives me stomach issues and standing in that long security line, ugh, no way.

i love your photos and i agree with everyone, you did deserve this vacation. oregon looks beautiful! I love your photos, especially the dogs!!

carina said...

Such gorgeous images, lady! These are not the standard vacation snapshot fare...

As a Portland dweller, I can completely relate to your aversion to the weird bike uniforms. I've taken to calling it "Portland's infamous queer gear" I like to hop on my cruiser just as much as the next Oregonian, but in regular attire. C'mon peeps!