Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Fritz the Interpid


Out & About


We picked up senior dog Maltzu at his home in the Berkeley hills for our walk around Lake Anza.

Small dog in a big city

Out for a walk 4/365

panama christmas parade

Stu does a little front cross-over dance step.

Lago di Garda

The Family Walk


Tiny Dancer and Ginger

West Chester Dogfest

Walking Furball

walk by the river

Barky Little Bastard

Mochi and Mimi--small gals with big personalities

Poenari Fortress friend

"Group dog walks are fun!"

... lets go

new friend.

Spock at rest (for about two seconds)

It's This Way!

Color lap dog on walk

Walk On The Wild Side

I'm coming to bite you with my sharp little teeth!

out for a stroll

Little Tank...9 weeks old

A Walk in the Park

little wiener

i came to see the leaves too


Dangerous Traffic




Maggie; my new friend

A big dog in a small body.

The other night I was driving home listening to this song (no joke!!!), when a guy crossed the street in front of me walking three tiny chihuahuas. I immediately thought AW, LOOK AT THE LITTLE LOWRIDERS! :)



WendyB said...

My dogs are low to the ground too, and boy, do they get filthy from NYC sidewalks!

Jill said...


Eyes Wide Digital said...

cute dogs!

Cheryl Ann said...

hahaha!! my parents have a corgi and i always say she is built like a race car - short front legs, taller back ones! i'm totally going to have to start calling her a lowrider now ;)

the photo of the tiny little Boston on the leash is killing me. adorable. i secretly want a wiener dog b/c i think they are super cute, but i think our lab might mistake her for a snack...

Heidi said...

Awww, my baby's a lowrider too! Thanks for giving them some love ♥

Vivienne said...

I am a big dog person. We are already talking that our next dog might be a Great Dane. (We have friends involved with a GD rescue program.)

BTW - I have to tell you that Grant likes to just sit and look at the header with your good vs evil laser cats. He's fascinated.

Kimbirdy said...

i really can't stand small dogs, but that bulldog puppy is SO CUTE!

Phoenix said...

This entire post of pictures would make my boyfriend squeal like a chick. He LOVES little tiny sausage-legged shivery rat dog things.

I'm gonna have to show him just so he can make that noise and then I can laugh at him.


Char said...

being a pug mommy...i can say i love the little low riders...however, that bulldog puppy makes me all gooey inside. i wish they could stay that tiny forever.

Kitty Stampede said...

PERFECT post, and the most PERFECT name for little dogs EVER.
I used to not like small dogs, but a lot of them steal my heart. It's just the one that yap nonestop that are annoying, but it's always the owner's fault not the poor little dawgs.
there is way too much cute in this post.
i totally have the song in my head.

p.s.- that is totally my style of thinking and humor. like hearing the song, seeing the dogs and calling them lowriders. totally. you get it!!! luvz ya.

carly said...

this is the sweetest post.
i love little animal legs.
they are so cute, yet so funny at the same time.
here all the little poochers have boots. short legs and boots = hilarious.

i literally have to stop. look and cackle. they look so funny.
2 different styles:


Isabel said...

aww so cute! i really want a dog.

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

TK Kerouac said...

all kissable!

Dancing Branflake said...

Haha! I love how you have a trillion pictures- I love your extreme personality. It makes coming here worth it. I mean... not to say it wouldn't be worth it otherwise... you know what I mean, right? Anyway, I love that that was your first thought. Did you go and ask him out?

Kellie said...

Aw! Cuteness overload! My pup is a lowrider too! :)

Caroline said...

Very cute!

...love Maegan said...

omg the cuteness!!!

Gabby said...

SO cute! I love all of them :)

Melanie's Randomness said...

LOL!! Your hilarious! They are cute lil low riders!! =)

Melanie's Randomness

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Oh my cuteness! I love love dachshunds and these other little guys!

this free bird said...

oh hell no you di-int! i don't even really like dogs that much, but i'd take that little chachi in the gold hat for a walk any day so long as someone else was picking up his stones!

Farah said...

That first pic is actually quite breathtaking! lol

SabinePsynopsis said...

The cat girl in me doesn't like dogs but as soon as I meet one I'm smitten (well, mostly). With the small ones I'm a bit worried to step on them though.

Know what? With the new spam filter you could delete the word verification. It filters all nasty anon comments.

Katie said...

So adorable!


Tia said...

love them all!! I have a chunky little pug/french bull dog mix who can;t jump worth shit! Love it!

Sarcastic Bastard said...


Pretty Little World said...

For serious, how quickly can I get one of those little bulldog puppies? + that little mottled dog walking in the woods.

So cute.

anita @ a dreamer's den said...

We have a low rider!!
Cutest Westie you ever did see.

Haute World said...

I'm more a fan of big dogs, but boy are these cute! I do get scared I'll one day sit on or step on my aunt's Yorkie but at least it doesn't yap. It's the small incessantly yapping dogs that bug me... maybe that's why I love these photos... because they're silent? ;-)

Haute World said...

P.S. I'd like to add how much I loved your Patrick Stewart story. Saw him in a one-way play a few years back and he was brilliant. Also briefly saw him after the show and he was definitely gracious and very down-to-earth. Love the guy!

Alisa said...

I want a dog!

georgia~gigi said...

Hey Drollgirl! I have been a bad bloggie friend, I have been to see you in forever, :(
I love this post and your lil story, how funny!
Low lowriders!
Happy Thursday
gi gi

Marisa said...

I think my little heart just 'sploded from all the cuteness. Thank you! This made my Thursday :)

Just Another Momma said...

awww they're all so cute. We have a little low rider and she's my baby.

Kristin said...

This almost makes me want to get a dog...almost!

only a movie said...

I want to adopt a low riding dog... so freaking cute.

Kristine said...

Love these low riders sooo much!I am a sucker for all dogs, little yappy ones, big brutes, love them. I was squealing like a fool looking at these. Now I have that low rider song in my head.

Valerie Wilde said...

Awww, so pretty doggies!
btw, ur blog is supercool, love it

Elle Sees said...

my pup would mos def make this list.

Keri said...

Ohhh Mannnn ... you have me here with these guys. I'm a sucker for short dogs. in every species!


libbeh said...

I luvre this post! A guy walking 3 small chihuahuas, huh? Lol! I have 3 small chihuahuas! ;D