Friday, April 8, 2011

The Sam Maloof Foundation / It's the Wood that Makes it Good

My Dad is a woodworker, and he told me I should visit The Maloof Foundation. Sam Maloof was a master woodworker, and his work has heavily influenced my Dad.  So last weekend I went and checked out The Maloof Foundation. Um, I was blown away. The property includes the house that Sam Maloof hand-built over decades, as well as an incredible amount of furniture that he hand-crafted for the space.  The grounds also have a beautiful garden and an art museum. I can't even tell you how amazing it all was to see, and the story of Sam Maloof and his wife Alfreda were just incredible.

Visitors are not allowed to take pictures inside the home, but below you will find some images that I found of all of the Sam Maloof SPLENDOR. Just mind-blowing.

Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation

Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation

Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation

Sam Maloof Garden Gate

front gate

Sam Maloof Foundation


Maloof Foundation Stairs

You can see forever!

Sam Maloof Foundation

Don't mind if I do...

Sam Maloof Rocking Chair

sam thomas woodworks 002

Sam Maloof furniture at the Craft in America Study Center

Furniture by Sam Maloof

front leg detail

California, 2010 - LA Natural History Museum & Sam Maloof's studio


The Sam Maloof Foundation, outdoor seating

Sam Maloof Foundation

Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation

Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation

If you are in or near the Los Angeles, area, I would TOTALLY recommend that you visit The Maloof Foundation, particularly if you are interested in wood and/or hand crafted items of the highest order.

Visits are said to be best planned in the spring or fall. For more info and to make a reservation, click here.  If at all possible, try and schedule a tour with JOSH.  He was amazing!

Note: All images found via flickr.  Click on images for flickr links.
Special thanks to lienhp for permission to use images.



bananas. said...

that's nothing! you should see my grandpa's work. ha!

no but really that is some pretty effin awesome wood work. how long did that take? decades, you say?! holy hell! who has that much patience?! i would've loved to live there though. very VERY pretty.

bananas. said...

ps. happy friday!!!

Haute World said...

That's some incredible work. The Maloof Foundation looks gorgeous as well. My parents actually collect woodwork like this from a friend who does some pretty amazing pieces as well. Wouldn't mind owning that lounge/rocking chair...

Have a great weekend!

Cheryl Ann said...

wow, that in insane!!! the rocking chair is gorgeous...i want one.

happy fridaaaay!

Heidi said...

What a gorgeous house! That staircase just blows my mind!!! That's the sort of place I dream about retiring some day, not that that's ever gonna happen. Wow.

Claire Kiefer said...

So beautiful. What a cool thing to have done. I am amazed by people whose art is functional (and marketable). As a poet, this is a foreign concept to me.

I love these pieces. I want to see some of your dad's work now!

Georgina Dollface said...

Wow! Totally gorgeous! Back in the day, my Dad fancied himself a hobbiest woodworker. He built a handmade waterfront cabin for us in the sixties. He used a combination of driftwood, beach-combed logs and recycled window and doors from demolitions. And while it wasn't as expertly put together in the same way as Sam Maloof's exquisite work, you could definitely feel the love, pride and craftsmanship that he put into building it for us. Thanks for sharing these photos! Made me smile in a big way! - G

Jo said...

Thanks for the tip! I am totally going to try to schedule that tour with Josh! :)
Happy weekend!!

jenna ♥ a little blue said...

wowza that's awesome. i am definitely going to tell the mister about this place. it seriously looks kind of fake it's so impressive.

thanks for sharing :) and have a great weekend

Lara said...

My dad's a woodworker too! He does reproduction Chippendale style - way too fancy for me. This is more my speed. Love the curves!

Dancing Branflake said...

That is amazing! I have a new found respect for those who work with wood. It really is incredible.

tulpen said...

My husband is a fine finish Carpenter.

He jizzed in his pants at the mention of Maloof.

formerlyonlyamovie said...

OMG sister Tulpen you are too funny.

I have nothing further. Going to try to scrub that phrase from my brain.

Also - thanks Droll for the lovely images. xo

Char said...

one of the geniuses - i would love to visit

Kathryn said...

Incredible...just imagine all of the work that went into everything.

A house would have so much more meaning if it was something that you crafted yourself and was work of art.

chloe said...

wow, thats amazing, you visit the best places!
my sister's husband worked as a carpenter with his father for a while and the boyfriend and i are planning the right moment to give him our wishlist of furniture to make for us, lol!

vint junky said...

You know one of the sucky things about UK living? We don't really have wooden houses. I know!!
The hubs and i have always wanted one. We both find wood comforting. When he had the antique shop, he worked with wood alot, mending and fixing, and he regretted not ever learning a trade with it. Carpentry is true craftmanship.
This is tremendous hon, just beautiful.
ps. hope you're ok hon

SabinePsynopsis said...

One of the bibles in our family was 'Home Sweet Dome' and that's what I love about the States - the freedom to build the houses you dream of (if you've got the ability). My dad and brother (who are crazy for wood work) will both get a link to the Maloof Foundation. Great tip, J!

Kitty Stampede said...

OMG....GAH! This is all freaking gorgeous. Damn, the talent of some people make me wanna puke lasers. I wish I had a speck of that. I just adore old rustic type of woodwork. I would fill my house with it for sure!!!!
Awesome post!!!

Lorena said...

I got a feeling you are totally into Josh....