Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stephen Colbert & Jack White

Um, this interview cracked me up!




Who knew Colbert is an awesome musical enthusiest impersonator?... Not I, until now. Wow.
And, Jack faded into the back like white stripes.

Annabelle said...

I just love Colbert : )

Also, you know I rarely pimp out my place, but I’d really love to hear from the people that I myself like to read, on this particular post.

So if you could make a comment here: that would be super sweet.


the late phoenix said...

i love these two gods

Lorena said...

Hey Colbert can sing.... he cracks me up.
I kind of like Jack White, he is cute I would let him sit in the sun for about half a day though..

Marian said...

Suggestion...add Stephen Colbert to Hot or Not...because he is a total babe!!!

PS- I also think Ian Somlerhader (or however one spells his last name) from Vampire Diaries fame though I'll always remember him as Boone from Lost should have a post (unless there is already one and I have yet to read it)....but we both know he'd be hot!! Double I think i could get pregnant just looking into those dreamy eyes hot. Anyways, I'm delirious and rambling just thinking about him. But I saw a picture of him and instantly thought of you and our email chains about boys that we like and wanted to share. OK, I'm done.

Ace said...

What was Jack's problem? He did not seem to be diggin' Colbert's rockin it. Could it be because Jack doesn't favor Bruce Springsteen or could he be a republican? Love Colbert and The White Stripes. My mom luckily met Colbert a few weeks ago. She said that he was very nice. She has a huge crush on him.

carly mary said...

i was crying i was laughing so hard.
i couldn't tell if jw was annoyed or stoked.
it was a great interview

Kitty Stampede said...

bah! will have to go watch this elsewhere. stupid canada. heehee.