Tuesday, June 28, 2011


What can I say about Vegas that hasn't already been said? Nothing! But here are a few random shots I took while there.

Shimmery Bar, Las Vegas

Golden Glow, Aria, Las Vegas

Merry-Go-Round, Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan Lights, Las Vegas

TACKY Las Vegas

Aria, Las Vegas

Ferris Wheel & Balloons, Las Vegas

Rush, MGM Las Vegas, June 24, 2011

Geddy Lee, Rush, MGM Las Vegas, June 24, 2011

Rush, MGM, Las Vegas, June 24 2011

Wax Michael Jackson Las Vegas

Wheel of Fortune, Las Vegas

High Limit, Las Vegas

Bird Chairs, Las Vegas

Tram Art, Las Vegas

Whee, Las Vegas

all pics taken with Iphone / Instagram

Re: The trip.  Ay yi yi.  I don't even really know what to say, but most of my fears about this trip were realized.  But, I survived the trip and I had some fun. :] 

•The weather was ABOMINABLE [106-109 degrees F every day!], but we stayed indoors most of the time to avoid it.
•We stayed at a very nice hotel.
•We had ONE amazingly delicious meal (at this place).
•I drank a bit, but not all that much.  My friend drank a staggering amount of booze and could hardly tear herself away from gambling to eat or sleep.
•I lost some money, but not too much. My friend won a lot of money, but I think she shelled out an astronomical amount of cash to "win" some money back.
•I ended up at a fancy salon getting a mani/pedi that cost $190, plus tip (GASP!!!!).
•We saw an AWESOME concert (Rush) that I can't stop thinking about.
•We met some interesting folks (including a guy with a bowl haircut and a porn moustache that kept FALLING on me and apologizing to me throughout the entire concert).
•I made it home safely to find two kitties that were ALIVE and VERY happy to see me.  YAY!! 
•I think my friend and I are still friends, but perhaps not the best travel companions. Oh well.
•I had some fun, so I suppose that is all that matters.
•I could write a lot more, but it wouldn't be PRUDENT and/or APPROPRIATE to spill all that took place on this trip.
•And I am still having very vivid slot machine dreams that involve a brightly colored wheel spinning round and round, and a crowd shouting WHEEL!  OF!  FORTUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

so many great shots. the chandeliers in vegas are gaudy and perfect for photographing. i may have to jump on this during my next trip.

LOVE the bird chairs.

Dancing Branflake said...

Creepy Michael Jackson photo.

I'm glad to see you guys are still friends. Traveling is rough on a friendship!

Katie said...

You survived Vegas in the SUMMER. You should be very proud of yourself and omg Aria is amazing. My best friend's husband help build it! Totally bragging. Welcome back!

Heidi said...

I *LOVE* those bird chairs!

Glad you survived your trip. If you ever want a trip where you can guarantee every meal is amazingly delicious, you should come to New Orleans. Though like Vegas, not in the summer!

I can't believe anyone would willingly pay nearly $200 on a mani/pedi! Was there at least a happy ending? (haha, totally j/k!)

Liz said...

Your pictures are beautiful and making me excited for my October trip to Vegas! Especially the first shot of the chandelier, so glamorous!

Also, I'm sorry your fears were realized, but I'm glad you had SOME fun. Your friend sounds...interesting.

And finally, $190 for a manicure? HOLY SHIT. I hope they painted your nails in gold leaf : )

Lara said...

oooooh boy, I was wondering how your trip went over the weekend.

Gambling has never been something that's rocked my socks but Vegas seems like so much fun!
Love the pics (esp the 1st one and those bird chairs).

What on earth kind of mani/pedi costs $200? Ay yi yi indeed!

Felicia said...

You went to the Rush concert?? Haha! Sorry to laugh but that is hilarious. I hope you still had an ok time despite some of your worries coming true.

Lorena said...

Ok stop bragging about running into Michael Jackson and elaborate on that mani-pedi. 200 bucks ?! that's like my yearly salon allowance !
Come on, tell the story . i just have to know.

morgan said...

Sorry some of your fears were realized. I was hoping the opposite for you. Where were those bird chairs? Those things are awesome!

nicole said...
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Jen said...

Did you "slap da bass"? Sorry- I couldn't resist. Your pics are awesome!! Great eye. I personally HATE Vegas. I'm not a gambler, hot gold-digger or showgirl so what's to love? Oh and p.s.? You got off easy babe. Try a weekend of 115... UH-HUH!

blueviolet said...

I am so glad you got away and had a great trip! I can't say I'm jealous about seeing Rush, but the rest of it sounds fantastic...except for the price of the mani/pedi. What the what was that?

Ace said...

Whatever happened to what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Wow, I haven't thought about Rush in ages. Amazing drummer! At least you didn't punch anybody! ; )

Kellie said...

That first pic is amazing! :) Glad you are back and survived. You learn a lot by doing things you aren't sure about and now, well, now you know you won't be going on another vacation w/ said friend anytime again soon. At least you are still friends. :)

mermaid gallery said...

i have never been to vegas but i have always imagined it as a place indoors...lots of sparkle there which is always fun...good to shake it off and get away somewhere ...even if it's a little over the top.....makes coming home all the sweeter...

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Please, please, please, trade lives with me!! I want to be insanely fabulous too!!

Your trip sounds like it was spectacular. I love these photos. They are gorgeous. :)

I'm glad your trip to Vegas was a raging success. xoxo

Kitty Stampede said...

Holy EFF I love every photo, every single one is a awesome. You curated them so perfect. I love when trip photos are not just lame party photos! ;)
It sounds like it was worth it just for the experience. And I had no idea you were seeing RUSH?!?! lol. that would of been cool!

Hope you are recouping okay. :D
Happy to hear your kitties missed you when you got back. sometimes they give you the cold shoulder (so i've heard) which seems like it would be heartbreaking.

Have a good rest of your week!

Karena said...

I survived my last trip as well...of course you can't spill all the beans...what happens in Vegas..and all that.

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kimbirdy said...

oh i'm so glad things were okay {even if it wasn't perfect}. hooray for your kitties being safe {i always have a lot of anxiety about my kitties when i leave}, and you saw rush?! that's so unbelievably awesome!

Jessica ( frellathon ) said...

I'm glad you had fun. Course what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Okay except if you have a blog cause then you have to share lol

Claire Kiefer said...

What incredible pics; can't believe you took them all with your iphone. I'm glad you had some fun and curious about the imprudent/inappropriate elements of the trip, as those are often the most FUN and EXCITING! I also want to know what you wore. I'm always puzzled about what to wear in Vegas.

bananas. said...

i love all your pictures!!!

and even though you didn't find your lifelong travel companion, it still sounds like you had a fantastic good time.

gotta love vegas!

Marian said...

Ya know, some of the stuff that happens in Vegas deserves to stay there! And I swear to you, every time I go there, that damn city takes a little piece of my soul. Looks/sounds like you survived...and that's all you can really hope for in Vegas (I watch too much CSI)

...love Maegan said...


...down in your heart. WHERE?

Kristine said...

Phew! I am so happy you survived your trip with your sanity and friendship intact. And how awesome that you saw Rush! Have you seen the Rush documentary Beyond the Lighted Stage? Glad you had a relatively good time, welcome back!

Haute World said...

Glad you had a semi-good time in Vegas and survived your travel buddy trip! I have always had mixed feelings about Vegas (good shopping, good food, good concerts - but the people and the tackiness... oy). But at least you got a ton of great pics out of it!

Seriously, what kind of mani/pedi did you get though? Was it laced with gold???

Anne said...

Are you a pro photog in disguise? And with an phone camera too. Amazing shots.

Kathryn said...

Cool pics and if nothing else, sounds like it was an adventure. Sorry to hear it was so hot but heard that is Vegas always is from some fellas I used to work with.

Have also heard if you gamble a bit (which is sounds like your friend did) if you ask some hotels comp you and you can get your hotel stay for free (used to be if gambling over $200 in some hotels).

Some things that help if a short term roomie gets roaring drunk and/or snores up a storm is bring a small fan to drown out the noise or sleep in the bathtub (ask ahead for extra pillows and bedding).