Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dr. Lakra

Dr. Lakra, Untitled (Retrato de mujer con calaca), 2007

Dr. Lakra, Untitled (Estrella blanca, 2005

Dr. Lakra, Untitled (Simbolo de calidad), 2005

Dr. Lakra, Untitled (Sillon rojo), 2004

Dr. Lakra, Untitled (Janpones y cigarro), 2009

Dr. Lakra, Untitled (Olanes), 2004

Dr. Lakra, Untitled (Don Getulio Vargas), 2006

Dr. Lakra, Untitled (Chocolatitos), 2003

Dr. Lakra, Untitled (Cupido), 2004

Dr. Lakra, Preacher's Lil Gal, 2003

Dr. Lakra, Especial a Go Go, 2003

Dr. Lakra, Black Gordman, 2003

 Untitled (vestido amarillo), 2004

Dr. Lakra, Untitled (Pedro Infante), 2007

Dr. Lakra, Untitled (Shattered), 2009


Images and text below found here, here, here and here.

Dr Lakra is a tattoo artist living and working near Mexico City. In his parallel activities here, however, Dr Lakra transfers his draughtsmanship onto the idealised figures in 50’s Mexican magazines. Pin-up girls, wrestlers, beauties and cuties are tattooed and 'enhanced' in ink with bats, demons, spiders and the faces of pouting vixens. Like pertinent graffiti, the relative innocence of another era is politicised and the images are infused with a relish for the diabolical. Beautification or social identification, the works are a carnival of the grotesque. Kitschy erotica, ancient ritual, and hallucinogenic visions are fused in a collage of ideologies.



Caroline said...

love love LOVE!!!

Farah said...

This is amazing! Sorry I've been busy :(

diane said...

Your perceptive commentary pulls it all together for me. Still don't like tattoos....meh.
How have you been Drolly? Did you have a good summer?
Did I ever tell you that I love the edginess of your header? It knocks me out!
kiss kiss, xo d

Dancing Branflake said...

I agree with Diane- I had these emotions that i couldn't describe and then I read your paragraph and was like "yes! that's exactly it!" I love this art. Very profound.

blueviolet said...

I wonder if he was a doodler as a child and it just worked its way to tattoos. Kinda cool in a weird way.

Brandi said...

Love all of them, especially the doll

kimbirdy said...

i love these! i wish i could see the actual tattoos more closely, although i'm not sure i know enough about mexican political issues to identify many statements within the drawings. the statement in the larger context is pretty profound though.

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I read your description and I began to relate. Therein lies the power in your pearl of words. Have a nice weekend;-)

bananas. said...

"kitschy erotica, ancient ritual, and hallucinogenic visions are fused in a collage of ideologies."

wow...well said.

i was just gonna say COOL!!! lol.

i especially dig the little baby doll covered in tattoos. reminds me of my lovah dave.

Sam said...

These are cool! We actually have a guy I see occassionally near where I live and he has face tatts like these - I give him a very wide berth!!! Very scary dude!

Sister Wolf said...

Fucking love him and want the new book but too cheap to buy it. We need to get together and share our affinity for this kind of stuff. We can back out if necessary.

Have you seen the crazy 3D movie at the Santa Monica Museum of Art? You would love it, it's totally nuts!


Sell WoW Account said...

great artworks!! so amazing!!:D

Haute World said...

LOVE! Very unique and original. I like the combo of the tattoo artwork with the retro kitch nostalgia motifs (and you can never really go wrong with Mexican wrestling either).

Kitty Stampede said...

YES! I love how they look defaced, if you know what I mean. I used to love doodling on magazines, drawing moustaches on sexy ladies, etc. It reminds me of that..but obviously these are a lot more intricate, beautiful and yes-grotesque. :D

miss ya sweets...have been at a loss for cool shit to send ya. i will actually have time for internet jack-offage this weekend though...hahaha...that sounds so bad. I didn't mean in the dirty sense....I don't think...haha...anyways if I come across some utter weirdness that only u would appreicate, I will ship it your way. ;P

Katie said...

I need more kitchy erotica in my life.

Kathryn said...

I loved the tatooed Kewpie doll.

Sarah Jean said...

Makes me want to get another tattoo!

Punctuation Mark said...

amazing images!!!

Jen said...

LOVE these! Totally bitchin' babe ;)