Friday, September 30, 2011

Paco Pomet

Paco Pomet, Internacional, 2008

Paco Pomet, Los dibujantes, 2011

Paco Pomet, Academia, 2011

Paco Pomet, Southerners, 2011

Paco Pomet, El inspector, 2011

Paco Pomet, Stars, 2011

Paco Pomet, Truce, 2011

Paco Pomet, La tierra prometida, 2010

Paco Pomet, Cables, 2010

Paco Pomet, Club, 2010

Paco Pomet, Fabula, 2010

Paco Pomet, The break, 2010

Paco Pomet, Sizes I, 2010

Paco Pomet, Sizes II, 2010

Paco Pomet, Sizes III, 2010

Paco Pomet, Valentine's, 2010

Paco Pomet, Avant-garde, 2010

Paco Pomet, Autobank, 2010

Paco Pomet, Heiress, 2010

Paco Pomet, Rehen, 2010

Paco Pomet, Lighters, 2010

Paco Pomet, American Neogothic, 2009

Paco Pomet, Junior, 2008

Paco Pomet, Mustang, 2009

Paco Pomet, Herencia, 2008

Paco Pomet, Ocupacion, 2008

Paco Pomet, Ness, 2008

Paco Pomet, El dia del Senor, 2008

Paco Pomet, Idolos, 2007

Paco Pomet, La partida, 2007



Lara said...

love being thrown for a loop! I was so into the seriousness and then noticed something was off. Nice.

Jen said...

Gurl, you really do know how to get "yo freak on" dont'cha? I like the red flood best.

kimbirdy said...

wow! these are incredible. i'm going to have to go look this artist up. i want more!

Trissta said...

Crazy cool! I definitely love those. I had to keep looking for all the different things going on!! It's like a Grown-up version of I-Spy.

Much Love,

Dancing Branflake said...

So interesting and thought provoking. I do love when you feature artists like this.

Alina said...

He must have a love for Looney Toons and the muppets to take such serious subjects and turn them on their heads. :)

Carey Brown Strombotne said...

crazy brilliant. love it!

Caroline said...

Brilliant all of them...I need to go back after this comment and look again. So gooood!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Ooh I love the irony in these pictures - the cookie monster in the first picture is awesome!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

SabinePsynopsis said...

Painfully funny... I wonder if he uses old photographs as samples.

Natasha said...

It's not easy to be a freedom fighter. I once read that they are "like antiques."

Isabel said...

these are so interesting. the first one made me do a double take. lol

Kitty Stampede said...

These are insane. Awesome style!! I would love to have any one of these bad-asses on my wall. I especially love the line-up of kids.

tulpen said...

This is my favorite thing that you've ever posted. I could look at this stuff all day.

Heidi said...

Fantastic! So amusing. Oh funny, my Captcha word is "mocks" - perfect.

kids craft ideas said...

So fun! i love it.