Monday, November 21, 2011

Gerard Lange

Gerard Lange, Champs Gym, 2007

Gerard Lange, Flo's Kitchen, 2007

Gerard Lange, White's Tires, 2007

Gerard Lange, JCPenney, 2007

Gerard Lange, Buses Only, 2007

Gerard Wilson, Farmers Warehouse, 2007

Gerard Lange, Las Amicas, 2007

Gerard Lange, Wilson Upholstery, 2007

Gerard Wilson, U B Ush'em Car Wash, 2007

Gerard Lange, R.S. Deans, 2007

Gerard Wilson, Jesus Saves, 2007

Gerard Wilson, Bail Bonding, 2007

Gerard Lange, Worrell's Seafood, 2007

Gerard Wilson, Faulkner Neon, 2007

Gerard Wilson, Latino Car Lot, 2007

Gerard Lange, Hi Dollar Warehouse, 2007

Gerard Wilson, Cemetery Dumpster, 2007

Notes from the artist on WILSON, NC:

"I've always thought that photography is akin to anthropology," says Gerard Lange. His latest series, Wilson, NC, offers a textured portrait (a la early Walker Evans) of a town that was built in the golden-leaved heyday of the tobacco industry. Wilson has suffered the worst of the industry's downsizing, exacerbating already tense race relations in the town as development is pushed to the outskirts, long-standing Wilson families are forced to close their shops, and new, ad hoc businesses are set up in the abandoned buildings. Lange's crumbling storefronts say much about the town's people, though no Wilsoners appear in any of the shots. "I removed any location specific things: trees, stop signs." The results are eerily toy-like vignetted compositions that play on the concept of a "model" community. "The lower class is trying to make their way up," he says, "and the upper class is trying to hold on to an idea of what Wilson, NC is supposed to be."



Dancing Branflake said...

I love that he compares photography to anthropology. So true! When I think of North Carolina I certainly don't think of this but there could not be a more accurate portrayal.

freeteyme said...

Great contrast on the trash can picture with flowers at the end. Great feature DG!

melifaif said...

Wow....I adore how vacant everything looks. Fabulous work...

Jen: Sunsets and Swimming Pools said...

Very cool. They almost look like miniature movie sets.

Happy Thanksgiving early!!

Trissta said...

So fucking cool! I love that he removed the trees and street signs and such. It definitely gives it that model feel... I almost thought they were miniature replications for a minute. Way cool... I love this!

Much Love,

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

really cool- these are photos I could imagine hanging up at home

Cheryl Ann said...

i love the JC Penney image! these are awesome.

thanks so much for your sweet comment ;) and HELL YEAH to your mom! that rocks!!

Annabelle said...

I'm in love with the shades of the sky.

Phoenix said...

Fantastic shots - all very telling and artistic. (And a few that are chilling - um, why is Paul Bunyon doing a "Heil Hitler" thing with his arm? Annnnnyways)

I think photography has such an ability to tell truths and show places and people in different lights. This is some great stuff. :)

Caroline said...

So effing cool! Love the clean and isolated settings.

the late phoenix said...

blue is my favorite hue

love the space cats blog header, ha!

happy thanksgiving/turkey day!

Down and Out Chic said...

oooh, a local (to me) artist! love the strong vignetting and the bright blues of the sky. thanks for the intro.

Daniela said...

Love these. They would be even better if they were a bunch of scattered Polaroids.

Kitty Stampede said...

yes, yes...that vacancy and vastness, i dig.