Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sons of Anarchy

Do you watch Sons of Anarchy? I sure do. Truth be told, I daydream through most of the show, as the plot lines seem pretty ridic. But all of the man candy keeps me tuning in.

Here is how I rank the hotness of the main men of the show (#1 being the hottest - DUH), as I have time for such things. LOL.

SOA Jackson "Jax" Teller
#1 - Jax

SOA Harry "Opie" Winston
#2 - Opie

SOA Filip "Chibs" Telford
#3 - Chibs

SOA  Juan Carlos "Juice" Ortiz
#4 - Juice

SOA Robert "Bobby" Munson
#5 - Bobby

SOA Alex "Tig" Trager
#6 - Tig

Everyone Else in the Universe
#7 - Everyone else in the universe (SERIOUSLY)

SOA Piermont "Piney" Winston
#8 - Piney

SOA Clarence "Clay" Morrow
#9 - Clay



kimbirdy said...

when i was a little girl and i would daydream about future mr. kimbirdy, he always looked remarkably similar to clay. what a dreamboat! ;)

Dancing Branflake said...

Ha! You guys like the bad boys! Can I just say that number 1 is indeed number 1? Yowza!

Claire Kiefer said...

Cracking up at Kim's comment.

You can imagine my enthusiasm when I saw the title of your blog post.

Any woman or man with a heartbeat would agree with you on #1. But I have to say that my list, otherwise, is entirely different from yours (except for 7-9, those are the same). Mine goes:

1. Jax
2. Juice
3. Happy
4. Opie
5. Tig
6. Chibs
7-9. same as you.

I think Juice is really cute. Happy too. I like the Latins. And I'm not sure I can include Bobby on the list at all lest I gag.

Clay is a murderous monstrous villain whom I'd like to castrate.

And as for the plot--I actually don't think it's all that crazy! There was an article in the paper here recently about how the San Jose Hells Angels' president was shot by a rival, then another HA was shot at his funeral, and the ATF was involved, and they suspect that a fellow HA shot his MC brother because he hadn't been protecting the club pres well enough. THEN, the ATF suspected that the HA had covered up the internal murder and dumped the body into the grave of the pres AT the funeral! But when they got a warrant and dug up the grave, nada. Crazy, right?? Seems right outta Kurt Sutter's brain.

bananas. said...

wait did i read kimbirdy's comment correctly? did she say she used to dream about clay??? BARRRRFFFFF!!!! that man is so gross!!! he's not even on my SIWDDTW* list. has he even evolved into human yet?! good lawd he looks like an ape. no he looks like harry and the hendersons. lol..


i'm fairly certain jax can even make my man wet, he's so damn hot!!! opie is pretty hot too. did you know he played the quarterback in remembering the titans? he doesn't look the same at all! he's wayyy cuter now.

i love that you have piney on your list ABOVE clay. you're so funny. if you can't tell, i can seriously talk your ear off about SOA. i love that show!!!

*SIWDDTW = sons i would do dirty things with.

Trissta said...

Ok, I'm gonna admit that I've never watched it. But #1 or #2 could float my boat any day! ;) They are indeed very much my style. Yum.

Much Love,

Caroline said...

What planet am I living on that I have not heard of this show!!!??? Much check it out!

Being Brazen said...

Love SOA...though latest season is not my favourite.

Jax is hot!

girlunwinding said...

Caroline!! wake up, girl you are missing it!! I know YOU would dig this show.
I am a S.O.A fan, it's just so different than anything else on right now. Loves it!
I agree with your ranking except I would switch Tig and Chibs (Tig has dreamy eyes).!!


LenoreNeverM♡re said...

I should stop watching QVC perhaps?!
Never heard of the series before,J!!

Morgan said...

Alright... between you and Mayra..I need to start watching this show. Even if for Jax alone...

love jenny xoxo said...

I watched seasons 1 & 2, and I just got 3 on dvd... I'm excited to keep watching! Jax is pretty hot but i think you should have found a photo without his shirt! Oh well... and clay is nasty - but a good actor because I hate him :)


rach said...

maybe I need to get my hormone levels checked or something, but seriously none of these guys do it for me. Maybe its the hairy biker leather thing. just not appealing at all to me. I think I never got past the awkward nerd phase. sigh. Your definitely not the first person I've heard say this about sons of anarchy!

Marisa A. said...

Hahah I watched this show when it first started and I 100% agree with your list!

anita said...

poor piney...

i have a such a hard time just looking at clay. he is just really hard to watch.
he better not lay one finger on jax.

Phoenix said...

I have to admit I haven't caught the show yet, but man...

those boys just might do it for me. Yep. Time for Netflix!


Norma said...

The only the ones worth mentioning are Jax, Opie and Chibs. Clay looks like he's made of clay (Golem).

Isabel said...

ive never seen it and i honestly have no idea what its about :S

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I'm with you on the number 1 ranking for sure.

I can't watch the damn show either.

mermaid gallery said...

....and i thought you were talking about occupy oakland...thank goodness you weren't! candy is way better...never seen the show but can always look at m.c!

chloe said...


i would go with:
jax, juice (although he needs some balls), chibbs (dunno, the scars and greasy hair somehow work on him, weird right?), and then stay single for ever.

dear clay morrow you are a coldhearted psycho (ron perlman, you are amazing)

The Seeker said...

Always surprising me :)

Hope all is fine with you, lovely

Kristine said...

I heard about S.O.A. through you talking about it on your blog. I just completed the first three seasons on a crazy marathon in one month. (I'm a little obsessive)I AM sOOOO HOOKED!!! I really love that hairy Opie, Tigs cracks me up, I find Bobby kind of cuddly in a gross hairy guy way ( I think because he likes to bake)My sweetie and I take turns pretending we're Clay by trying to make gorilla faces and then say things like "I'm gonna go ape shit!" I love this show! Thanks for the intro!

Galaxia said...

Bananas wants everyone to watch this show ; )

But I haven't yet.

And I know I should.

Want to let you know I've moved to
Please follow there!


Marian said...

Ah, our eyecandy at #1! Totally agree

Kitty Stampede said...

have not seen this show yet, but DAMN it looks good! :P (drooling over the first few)

Diana said...

i've never watched it but your commentary made me LOLOLOLOL.

Pretty Little World said...

Did you just put Ron Perlman at the very bottom of that list? Oh dear. i agree that is for sure not at the level of hotness as Charlie Hunam (or whatever is name is), but you should watch him in something earlier, like The Last Supper. Sexy.

Anonymous said...

Seriously????!! You put Clay under Piney??? WTH??
I get that he isnt #1 but really he is way hotter then Piney!!!!

Anonymous said...