Sunday, January 30, 2011

Well This is Disturbing


someone is ready for zombies, the end of the world, the apocalypse

A friend of mine was admiring this set-up.  ACK!!!! Um, HELLO!?!  HORROR FACTOR ELEVEN! 


Friday, January 28, 2011

Ugly Shoes

I was trolling through the Neiman Marcus sale selection [I don't know why I bother -- I can rarely afford any NM stuff, even if it is on sale], when I noticed these Barfaroni Shoes by Marc Jacobs. 

Miss Marc Sock-Illusion Ballerina, Plaid 2

Miss Marc Sock-Illusion Ballerina, Plaid 3

Miss Marc Sock-Illusion Ballerina, Plaid

Shoe description:

Miss Marc Sock-Illusion Ballerina, Plaid

Fun fusion: MARC by Marc Jacobs turns a winsome style edgy.
Plaid-printed leather Mary Jane flat attached to solid suede ankle sock.
Signature cartoon print depicts grinning, wide-eyed Miss Marc over the round toe, along with furry friends and playing card suits.
Decorative logo buckle on instep strap.
Banded cuff holds sock up.
Exposed side zip.
Leather lining; rubber sole.
Approximately 4 3/4"H.

Original Retail: $375
On Sale Now for $168!

Um, I give these shoes a big, fat F. As if the shoe wasn't awful enough on it's own, some genius thought it would be smart to ATTACH A SUEDE ANKLE SOCK TO IT?! HELLO!?!?!??!?!? HELLO!!!!!!!!! WTH!!!!!!! 

I think a designer should take pride in his/her work.  And I am wondering if Marc Jacobs would wear these monstrosities.  Hmm.

Marc Jacobs wearing Marc Sock-Illusion Ballerina, Plaid

Well he is now.

Note: Sometimes I think designers purposefully produce hideous products as a joke -- a profitable joke -- as they know SOMEBODY will buy them just because their brand name is attached to it.   


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow / Hair Donations

I may not have my own kids, but I am crazy for my nieces and nephews.  YAY!

jade long hair christmas 2010
two of my nieces - Jade and Kira

My 5-year old niece Jade has the most amazing hair (not to mention that she has PERSONALITY PLUS)! She recently decided to chop off her luscious locks, which made me a bit sad when I first heard about it. Yes, I am shallow like that --  sometimes.  LOL

jade pigtails

jade wavy hair
why don't i have this hair?!

jade hair close up

But I love her knew short hairdo (sadly I don't have a great shot of the back -- it is even cuter than the front!), and I love that she is donating her chopped hair to someone in need.

jade with haircut

If you or someone you know are interested in donating hair, here are a couple of links for parties in need. :)

Locks of Love
Pantene Beautiful Lengths
St. Jude Children's Hospital
Wigs for Kids


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Drollgirl's Baby

Rosemarys+Baby+poster, drollgirl's baby

So I am single and 40 years old, and it pretty much seems like I am not going to have any of my own kids at this point. This is kind of a good thing, as I think I would lose my mind if I had a kid that was like ME. HOW ANNOYING! Or my spawn might even be worse than me, something akin to Rosemary's Baby.  THE HORROR!!!

Most times I am okay with a kid-free reality -- I can barely manage my own life!  Yeesh!  Every now and again it makes me a teeny weeny bit sad, but that usually passes pretty quickly.  I have discovered that being kid-free has its perks, particularly in the singles department. It is an awfully convenient crutch/excuse when filtering out who to date and who not to date, or a quick and easy excuse should one need to bail on a relationship.  Oh you want kids?  Whooops -- SORRY!  On to the next!

Am I the only one that is forever concocting ways to get out of seeing a dude?  Am I the only one that likes to have a planned escape route JUST IN CASE?  [Side note and this is a repeat that long time visitors might remember: I went to high school with a kid named JUSTIN CASE!  LOL!!!] ISSUES!  Ha.

P.S. If you are young, you like horror movies, and you have not seen Rosemary's Baby, you really really should.  Maybe all the nitwit teenagers considering getting pregnant just to get on stupid reality tv shows should be forced to watch it too. 


Monday, January 24, 2011

Japanese Garden / Serenity Now / Things to Do in Los Angeles

I have lived in Los Angeles a L-O-N-G time, and sometimes I feel like I have already seen everything that there is to be seen here. WRONG! I am making a concentrated effort to visit new places, preferably one new place a week, or at least one new place a month. My weekends tend to get bogged down with annoying errands and shocking amounts of laziness, but I am trying to FIGHT THAT TENDENCY and get out and DO MORE STUFF and VISIT MORE PLACES. [Note: If I shout about it on this blog, maybe I will follow through on this goal? Maybe.]

This weekend I stopped by The Japanese Garden in Van Nuys. The weather was warm and sunny and amazing (about 80 degrees F / 27 C in the dead of winter -- WTH?!), and it was peaceful and quiet in this beautiful garden. Here are a few of the shots I took while there.


















Admission was CHEAP -- $3 a pop.  I couldn't believe it.  And parking was free.  And they have a cute little gift shop where I bought some adorable Japanese trinkets + origami stuff for under $20 total.  YEE HAW!  

All of the water used in the garden is from reclaimed wastewater that has been processed at the nearby water reclamation plant.  It was cool to see such a great use of water recycling and reuse, but it did kind of stink in the area like pee and poo sewage.  Then again, I am a freak and I think I have heightened senses, because nobody else seemed to be noticing the odor.  Or maybe everyone just wanted to be polite about it? Humph. All I could think was P.U.!  Well, it wasn't bad enough to make me leave in a hurry, and perhaps the stank would be less noticeable in the spring when everything blooms.  Perhaps.  I am guessing it stinks to high heaven in the summer when the temperatures are sweltering.  Ew!  P.U.! Well I don't really want to end this post on a stinky note -- it was still a nice place to visit!  And it is probably even more beautiful in the spring.

P.S. If you live in Southern California and have recommendations of fab places to visit, please let me know.  Thank you!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Nicki Minaj's Hair

Nicki Minaj is never at a loss for new hair ideas.  Sometimes I wonder where she gets her inspiration from.  Hmmmm.



nicki-minaj-pink hair2238360560_36d8f5777e

Nicki MinajSakura and Harajuku


Nicki-Minaj-Pink-HairPink poodle cupcakes

nicki-minaj-new-hair-blackEspresso Chocolate Cupcakes

nicki-minaj-crazy hairSoaking wet

nickiminajblondewithpinkhairstylegetty_thumbHot Pink!




nicki-minaj-big black hairthe-supremes

nicki-minaj-power-house-2010-concert-10-22-pink-hairPink Hair Ladies

Nicki-Minaj-platinum blondZCV813608

nicki-pink-and-greenpink and green kokeshi doll

wpid-nicki-minaj-king-magazine-cover1kokeshi doll

nicki_minaj_purple-hairCelebrities My Little Pony