Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just Shoot Me

A really cute gent that I was just starting to get to know sent me a freaking poem. Er, HTF am I supposed to respond to this?!?!?!??!

You entered today, a world of mine with such stealth I hardly noticed.
Your arrival wasn't heralded by trumpets, nor crowds... only
A soft breeze against my leg as you passed, like a kiss on the wind.
You entered today, a world of mine and I am glad
Yesterday I was only me, struggling for what I didn't know. I am one of the two things meant to be.
One of the two things meant to happen and share.
Today I have you.
You are a flower in springtime, opening to the rain..
A burst of color across a once barren landscape.
A dream, only noticed on the lonely hilltops has become
A breath of new.
And the newness is you

BARF BARF BARF! I am not a poetry kind of gal!  I find poetry EXHAUSTING. Pointless! I tune out as soon as I see a poem.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Just say what you mean and don't try to get all flowery and shit. See how sophisticated I am?!?! So now I am trying to find a way to respond to this damn dude and this damn poem, and EXTRICATE myself out of this situation.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


What can I say about Vegas that hasn't already been said? Nothing! But here are a few random shots I took while there.

Shimmery Bar, Las Vegas

Golden Glow, Aria, Las Vegas

Merry-Go-Round, Las Vegas

Cosmopolitan Lights, Las Vegas

TACKY Las Vegas

Aria, Las Vegas

Ferris Wheel & Balloons, Las Vegas

Rush, MGM Las Vegas, June 24, 2011

Geddy Lee, Rush, MGM Las Vegas, June 24, 2011

Rush, MGM, Las Vegas, June 24 2011

Wax Michael Jackson Las Vegas

Wheel of Fortune, Las Vegas

High Limit, Las Vegas

Bird Chairs, Las Vegas

Tram Art, Las Vegas

Whee, Las Vegas

all pics taken with Iphone / Instagram

Re: The trip.  Ay yi yi.  I don't even really know what to say, but most of my fears about this trip were realized.  But, I survived the trip and I had some fun. :] 

•The weather was ABOMINABLE [106-109 degrees F every day!], but we stayed indoors most of the time to avoid it.
•We stayed at a very nice hotel.
•We had ONE amazingly delicious meal (at this place).
•I drank a bit, but not all that much.  My friend drank a staggering amount of booze and could hardly tear herself away from gambling to eat or sleep.
•I lost some money, but not too much. My friend won a lot of money, but I think she shelled out an astronomical amount of cash to "win" some money back.
•I ended up at a fancy salon getting a mani/pedi that cost $190, plus tip (GASP!!!!).
•We saw an AWESOME concert (Rush) that I can't stop thinking about.
•We met some interesting folks (including a guy with a bowl haircut and a porn moustache that kept FALLING on me and apologizing to me throughout the entire concert).
•I made it home safely to find two kitties that were ALIVE and VERY happy to see me.  YAY!! 
•I think my friend and I are still friends, but perhaps not the best travel companions. Oh well.
•I had some fun, so I suppose that is all that matters.
•I could write a lot more, but it wouldn't be PRUDENT and/or APPROPRIATE to spill all that took place on this trip.
•And I am still having very vivid slot machine dreams that involve a brightly colored wheel spinning round and round, and a crowd shouting WHEEL!  OF!  FORTUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, June 27, 2011

What Would Matthew McConaughey Do?

WWMMD What Would Matthew McConaughey Do

Matthew McConaughey is now offering advice to those in need.  If you need his "wisdom" (?!), click here.

as seen here


Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Friday

tom cruise, Stacee Jaxx , Rock of Ages, drollgirl

still of Tom Cruise  in the movie Rock of Ages (to be released in 2012)

Happy Friday, folks! Hope you have festive plans for the weekend! I am chilling in Las Vegas right now (or more likely BURNING as temps are about 109 degrees), so I'll catch up with you next week!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stephen Colbert & Jack White

Um, this interview cracked me up!



Male Lions on Rock

African lion

It's still good to be the king

Old Lion

African Lion


lion face

Mane in the Wind

African Lion

leo the lion.

On Saturday I went to get my hair done. Sitting in the chair waiting to get the usual brunette color, I told my hairdresser that I wanted something different...that I wanted to try the Ombré look to give my hair a little more interest and more dimension. A couple of hours later and a STAGGERING amount of money later, my hairdresser spun me around in the chair to let me face the final product in the mirror. Looking upon my freshly Ombréd and fluffed up locks I squealed, "I look like a LION!!! I love it!" 

P.S.  I don't really REALLY look like a lion -- even though I am a Leo and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitties -- but I kind of wish I did.  Some of the colors in my new hair remind me of these lovely lion manes.  


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Travel Companion


I am going on a trip with a friend in a few days. I am nervous to death. We have been friends for years and years, but TRAVELING with a friend is waaaaaaay different than just hanging out with a friend every now and again.

I LOVE to go see new places, but I am a nervous traveler in general (I hate flying, and worrying about what to bring, and worrying about how to get places, and worrying about what to talk about, and worrying about my kitties while I am away, and fretting about how my stomach is going to react to days of restaurant food, and stressing about when/where I am going to go to the bathroom, and worrying that I will DIE on this trip and my parents will find all sorts of upsetting things when they finally get a chance to rifle through my apartment, etc.). GAH!

This friend has invited me to join her on MANY trips (kind of felt like I had go on this trip with her or ELSE), so I am finally biting the bullet and joining her on this mini vacation. This friend knows I am prone to wandering off on my own.  She knows I am moody.  She knows I can be fun and mellow yellow, but she also knows that I can also be a FIREBALL and hell on wheels.  She knows me pretty well.  

The logical part of my brain thinks everything will be fine.  I am sure we'll have stuff to talk about, we'll have plenty of new and interesting places to visit, we'll meet new people, we'll eat/drink and be merry, we'll be able to do things on our own if we want to, and we'll be able to be QUIET and just chill, etc. 

The predominant nervous part of me worries that we will argue, or that she will drink excessively (I can't stop visualizing Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas when I worry about this), or that she will be super slutty and hook up with random dudes so that I end up spending my nights in the hallway of our hotel. GAH!

I will have fun. I know I will. But I also know that I am going to continue to stress about all of this, and that I will be SO relieved if/when things go well. FINGERS CROSSED!