Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Alpha Nail: Nail Polish for Men

Thoughts on nail polish for men????????

Alpha Nail 3


alpha nail hand-metallic

alpha nail image

alpha nail 4

alpha nail 1

alpha nail 5

alpha nail 6

alpha nail 2

Alpha Nail

P.S. A big thank you to Claire from bicoastally for sending me the link to this!!!!



Dancing Branflake said...

Best label ever. This is even worse than men who get emotional. Yuck! (haha)

PS.. I mentioned you on my blog today. Stop crying I say! Stop!

Lara said...

"Worn by Warriors"? Ahahah! How about Worn by Sleazeball Goth Douchebags?

No way in hell.

Love the names of the colors though. Hilarious stuff.

Melissa Blake said...

That is AWESOME!!

Claire Kiefer said...

I love the picture of the dude with the two girls slug over his back. Also from the website, the SWAGGER banner. HAHAHAHAA! Can't get enough of this nonsense.

Felicia said...

Hell to the no. And please note that most of the men in these pictures look like severe douchebag rapists.

Lorena said...

Forget the nails. I want that BUTT!!

itsCatherine said...

real man cant wear nail polish. im sorry. certain that it impossible for anyone to keep even a shadow of masculinity while waiting for your dry nails.

SabinePsynopsis said...

Naturally I should say: Suuuure, why not, but if my man did the cooking and shopping with nail polished nails that would feel weird. Arrrgh, I'm such a sexist :(

Morgan said...

Um, no. Absolutely not.

sherri said...

so wrong. love that you put it on in a manly way though - with a marker.

Jessica ( frellathon ) said...

Lmao worn by warriors yeah sure This is SPARTA and look at my nails. It's too homoerotic which is fine but not with any man who wants a chance in hell of sex with me.

Kathryn said...

While I realize it is a cultural conditioned thing that we are accustomed to only women wearing nail polish, but personally it seems like it is taking the metrosexual thing a little far.

It is bad enough that men will "borrow" our razors, deodorant and pricey lotions with wild abandonment because it is now socially acceptable...can't we keep our nail polishes to ourselves? Let them keep their Enzyte and let us keep our nail polish. Next thing you know they will want to wear maxi pads when working out for their sweaty private parts from getting jock itch.

And what is with the campaign "worn by warriors?". I can see it now "I am warrior and I am going to annihilate wait, I can't, I chipped my nail polish! Where's my Alpha Male stick?".

Anonymous said...
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Annabelle said...

i was giggling at the peacocking ... i loudly snorted at warriors.

on some guys, whatever, it's their schtick, but the frat boys will ruin it soon enough i'm sure.

GFS said...

I just can't deal with the polish on a dude.

Oddly, I just watched an interview that Seal gave on The Tavis Smiley show talking about his separation. I couldn't focus on a word he was saying because his nail polish distracted me.

Maybe that's why they broke up? No?

Off topic...I want them to get back together.

On topic...but not if he is gonna wear her nail polish.

Jen: Sunsets and Swimming Pools said...

Yeah? NO.

Caroline said...

One word:


melifaif said...

ummmmm.....NO! just no.

Kristine said...

No. Especially the dark nail polish on the toenails. Men's clam-shell toenails are scary enough all on their own. Shudder.

Kitty Stampede said... me the heebees!!!

bananas. said...


good one claire!

Anne said...

What up with the cockeyed toe look on the first pic? Unlike my intense dislike for the 'eyes too close look' I like the cockeyed look in people...just not on toes. Look at that foot, every toe is looking at a different direction! You don't know which toe to look at when you talk to it.

hope505 said...

ehh...let's just not. Ok, maybe your toes, if you want, because you're mostly wearing if a guy wanted to wear girls' underwear, nobody would see it, right? no harm done, it's private, and it's only your own bizznazz.

Nail polish, meant to be taken seriously, on a guy's hand...not happening. I don't think even Johnny Depp could pull this one off...and that's saying quite a bit right there.

Anonymous said...

PARDON MY RUSSIAN, but what is this Смешной (Ridiculous) mess?

Anonymous said...

Well that kind of marketing really calls for somw witty comebacks, i understand, there's no need to make it about masculinity, such spots are just embarrassing, and I could claim image damage for any association with these spots and men painting their nails, because this spot makes the association ridicolous and douchebaggy. It doesn't mean that men doing it are douchebags though.
But your notion of masculinity is a bit flawed anyway, if you are not going past it ;).
I'm a guy and i think a bit of black nail polish is awesome, it might be not your cup of tea and one of you admitted being culturally conditioned, but not wanting to go past it. Well now I mean, sometimes girls joke about wearing ridiculous fashion that guys supposedly don't understand, but they have to accept otherwise they would be shallow and you'd be right, now if you make a dealbreaker about men nail polish you are equally shallow and dictating men what they should and should not do.
Sorry but the ignorance is demonstrated by all the remarks and jokes about waiting for the varnish to dry or worrying about them chipping, off. So i guess wearing polish or being "feminine" (assuming this is femininity) for you makes someone impaired? That you can't be "amazons" if you want? I guess not, or at least I hope.
But what makes my arm fall of is this "real man cant wear nail polish. im sorry. certain that it impossible for anyone to keep even a shadow of masculinity while waiting for your dry nails. "
or "It's too homoerotic which is fine but not with any man who wants a chance in hell of sex with me. "
Which is a legittimate preference, but one should separate it by the notion that it's homoerotic, because then short hair are "lesbian" for a woman.
And I know this post sounds too much on the barricades or men "revanche". But it's the opposite, it's a feminist post, and you would have wrote the same in a men blog which comments got too carried off toward the sexist-machist side.
How do you think roles are going to change if you reinforce the notion of what's outside the traditional male image as being feminine (meant in a negative light also).