Monday, January 30, 2012

David Michael Smith

David Michael Smith, Ascension, 2011

David Michael Smith, Milk & Honey, 2011

David Michael Smith, Migration, 2011

David Michael Smith, Green Skies, 2011

Artist Statement:

My paintings and drawings are firmly based in classical rendering but incorporate elements of surrealism and the fantastic.  This arises from my desire to connect with the viewer on both a visual and emotional level. I have long been interested in the concept of beauty, in all its power, its varied forms, its seductive danger and pure innocence. My work is often characterized by a “beautiful” surface, which disguises a more unsettling subtext.

Painting is my way of writing a novel or making a movie. My work is strongly narrative, even if the story is not defined for the viewer. I don’t shy away from the dramatic or the sentimental as kitsch. In fact, I exploit it to tell a story and evoke an air of melancholy and wistfulness.
I am drawn to oil paint as a medium both because of its historical context and the lush surface that it affords. I take the time to make the surface seductively beautiful and often hand make elaborate frames so the work exists as an “experience”, rather than just a two-dimensional image.

My work follows a tradition of storytelling. I draw from several sources -- from historical figures and events to religious symbolism and contemporary pop culture. Each painting provides a glimpse into a darkly beautiful world where the viewer’s imagination is encouraged.

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Trissta said...

Oh, I'm definitely enjoying these heavenly pieces! There's that dreamy-ness quality that definitely catches my eyes... although, I do wonder what the inspiration for an angel elephant is. :)

Much Love,

Lynn said...

Wow! David Michael Smith! Thanks!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I like the representation of Mother Mary-

Mandy_Fish said...

That's one sexy virgin mama.

Phoenix said...

I really think that blond naked cherub kid riding a polar bear needs to be my next Christmas card. To send to ALLLLLL my conservative family members. ;)

mermaid gallery said...

that is one pompous artist's statement...blah blah blah....he lost me at classic renderings......

Hilla Hryniszyn said...

outstanding works. makes me wanne dream more :)

tulpen said...

Ack! The Elephant one!!


Kitty Stampede said... know i love eet!

want that elephant one too. okay, the rhino too. xD