Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hot or Not?












Channing_Tatum - 4 - Step_Up






The Arclight


















lol tatum 2


Cheryl Ann said... undecided. sometimes he is hot as hell, but then other times he just looks really, really stupid. i'd have to say def more hot than not, though.

wtf is that last picture???

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes and yes! (Except in the short jean short in the last one.)

Lara said...

Love your choice of pics. Hot! Not! Hot! Not! It's an emotional roller coaster. I will conclude that there is a lot more HOT than NOT going on here but I think I'd have to fight off a hoard of gay men for him.

Jen: Sunsets and Swimming Pools said...

Too young!!!! P.S. "Gold" by Spandau Ballet is on right now and I'm completely 80's-geek-chair-dancing. I thought of you ;)

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

It totally depends on the photo for me, but I must say I scrolled very, very slowly through these. ;)

Aline said...

his body is ridic, but i'm just not into him.. couldn't tell you why

Caroline said...

Not for me...too "boyish" and muscly..

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Turn down the room heater cuz it's HOT!
Met him before at the airport last year, super sweet guy! Promised, I did not scream like a teenage girl!

Morgan said...

Oh he'll yes!

Miss Absinthe said...

no no... no.

Kellie said...

He's not bad looking but he doesn't do it for me. Although his body is banging. But there's something about him that just isn't my thing. Maybe it's his little eyes... ?

Dancing Branflake said...

Um... if you like men in super short denim shorts. Where are this young man's pants?!

ajg-jane said...

I gotta say.... No.

Kathryn said...

Not...he had "monkey ears" and unappealing features; his attraction for many (gay men) is his chiseled features and muscular build. His onscreen persona is wooden at best; have heard that in person this guy has a lot a charisma that doesn't translate to onscreen or in pictures.

Jessica ( frellathon ) said...

In a generic kinda way though I do like his jaw for some reason. WTF is wrong with me that I'm liking his jaw weird me though I do love that picture where he's lovin on his cock.

melifaif said...

I'm gonna say a douchey, male stripper kind of way. WTF is UP with that last pic? Thanks for putting that last...or he totally would have got a NOT!

Jackie Welling said...

So completeley 100% totally absolutely HOT. Ever since Step Up 1 I've had a massive crush. I'm not saying he's a good actor, but in the hot dept. he wins the Oscar.

Mandy_Fish said...

Cheryl Ann's comment made me laugh AND I have to agree with the first part of her statement. He looks sorta stupid in a lot of these pics, which is a total turnoff for me.

Kristine said...

Doesn't do it for me, too beefy dumb looking.He sure likes posing in his underwear!

freeteyme said...

Hot darling, definitely hot!!!

The Empress said...

Yah huh.

How could there BE ANY QUESTION.

He looks like such a bad, bad boy.

Alisa said...


Kitty Stampede said...

nope!!! he looks way too stereotypical jock for my tastes. not into that look at all. kind of a generic look or something. it's funny cause he could so not be a jock at all, but his face looks it. he screams captain of the football team,picking on nerds, etc. haha...i dunno..


Not hot! haha. Well def not my type...:)

Annabelle said...

so hot.

i very occasionally like the oiled up pretty beef cake boy and he qualifies. (as does Charlie Hunnam)

whats really drops my panties for him are his interviews - always laid back, sincere and rawly, effortlessly sexy. and the man can move.

i am a sucker for a straight man that can dance. like dance dance.

thanks for the yummy pics

Mamazababe said...

Hot for sure! Even when he was skinny dancer in Tampa! Nice looking yoing man. Lucky Jenna Dewan-Tatum :)

SabinePsynopsis said...

He looks well fit - but he's not for me!

Isabel said...

HOT! definitely HOT!

bananas. said...


though i'm with cheryl ann on this one...he does look really stupid sometimes. doesn't help that he has a history of being a horrible actor. that said his latest movie projects actually look promising! i'm excited to see his talent finally get the same respect his abs do.

ps. his package ain't too shabby either.

ew i sound like a pervert.

Trissta said...

Definitely sexy in my book, but I'd probably need to see him in real life to confirm that one. lol Not nearly as attractive as Clay Matthews, but he's a close second. ;)

Much Love,

Lorena said...

Not for me. You can have him.
I am so kind !

Regina said...

From the neck down, definitely hot- but from neck up totally ruins it for me- I just don't find him attractive at all.

Marian said...

Totally hot with his shirt off:)

tulpen said...

Nah... he looks ok in some pics.. but his face is too lumpy or something... wicked hot body though! Yowza he can fill some tightie whities!!!

Anne said...

I have a MAJOR problem with the 'eyes too close' look. Nothing else matters after that. Remember on Kimba there is this baboon with the same look? Didn't like him either.

Diana said...

No, no, no. There's something about him that is so insincere. i'm sure Hollywood eats it up, but i see right through it!!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Kinda hot when it's just his face. The other shots smack of douchebaggery.
Hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? He's hot! No man has to look kind or smart to look hot. Handsome face, amazing body--whaddya want, a gorgeous pancreas?

Thanks for the pix! I didn't realize there were so many great pictures of Channing Tatum. I agree with the others about the last one, but the rest are very...visually stimulating...aesthetically pleasing...inspirational...

itsCatherine said...

beautiful man but the metro-hot is a personal not.