Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ginger Love


HA! Saw this in the PennySaver Classifieds.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to ya!  :)

P.S. Off topic, but if you have a minute could you please update your blog roll to include my new web address:  Thank you!



Trissta said...

Wohooo on your .com! :) And thanks. I do adore my red ear hairs, too. You know, I never get tired of the ginger cracks... <3

Much Love,

PS Happy St. Patrick's day! :)

Libbeh said...

Not going to lie - I actually thought you'd post pics of some sexy gingers & it was going to revive my ginger fetish! ;) The Pennysaver pic will have to do, lol!

Happy St. Patty's Day to you & your manfriend >:D

Caroline said...

Well isn't that just so sweet! Happy St. Paddy's to you my dear! xoxo

Kitty Stampede said...

bahahaha....oh gingers!!!!

seen an actual irish street brawl yesterday down the road from us. all the neighbors were out watching. it was so classic. we had no idea we had actual irish men in the neighborhood. it was wild!!! those accents, slurring, swearing, staggering and scrapping...haha, ya couldn't miss it. it was great. Maegan said...

omg WHAT!?!? lolol!

melifaif said...

But of course, dahling!

bananas. said...


i don't even want to think what downstairs looks like.