Friday, April 13, 2012

Cig Harvey

Cig Harvey, The Pale Yellow Cadillac, Sadie, Portland, Maine, 2010

Cig Harvey, The Hose Pipe, Rockport, Maine, 2005

Cig Harvey, The Letter, Rockport, Maine, 2008

Cig Harvey, Elizabeth, A1 Diner, Gardiner, Maine, 2010

Cig Harvey, The Girl with the White Towel, Rockport, Maine, 2011

Cig Harvey, The Channel Marker, Self-Portrait, Eastern Shipping Lanes, Bermuda, 2004

Cig Harvey, Five Fingers, Rockport, Maine, 2011

Cig Harvey, Doug and Harriet, Rockport, Maine, 2010

Cig Harvey, The Party, Rockport, Maine, 2005

Cig Harvey, Elizabeth, Rockport, Maine, 2011

Cig Harvey, The Daydream, Self-Portrait, Watertown, Mass, 2004

Cig Harvey, Deep Bay, North Shore, Bermuda, 2005

Cig Harvey, Syd, Rockport, Maine, 2011

Cig Harvey, Plane, Self-Portrait (From the Series The Impossible Tasks_, Los Angeles, California, 2004

Cig Harvey, The Weathervane, Self-Portrait, Rockport, Maine, 2010

Cig Harvey, Frances in the Blue Cadillac, Hope, Maine, 2010

Cig Harvey, The Cut Apple & Gingham Dress, Self-Portrait (from the Series Eyes Like Disappointed Lemons), Clark's Island, Maine, 2003

Cig Harvey, Scarlet in the Snow, Rockport, Maine, 2009

Cig Harvey, Our House at Night, Self-Portrait with Doug, Camden, Maine, 2006

Cig Harvey, The Picked Petals, Self-Portrait, Camden, Maine, 2006

Cig Harvey, The Balance, Self-Portrait, Rockland, Maine, 2003

Cig Harvey, Emie in the Truck, Rockport, Maine, 2008

Cig Harvey has been using past and present personal experiences as a source of inspiration for her photographs for the past 12 years. She sees her photographs as vignettes that depict autobiographical daily life in all its complexities. In addition to self-portraits, Harvey makes pictures of family and close friends to better understand their relationships. Her photographs are an attempt to legitimize her moments of uncertainty, as well as to visually celebrate times of elation, when we are reminded that the world, in all its complexities, can be mind-blowingly beautiful. She uses color, gesture and space to seduce the imagination.

Harvey is a working fine-art photographer and educator, working as an assistant professor at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. Harvey's work has been highlighted in PDN, Popular Photography and American Photography. Harvey lives in a Boston apartment and a renovated Maine farmhouse with her husband, Doug, and their dog, Scarlet Snacks.

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Annabelle said...

i am


Dancing Branflake said...

1. I freakin want that pink dress.
2. I want to be pregnant and swim in the lake.
3. I love this.

sporkgasm said...

These are great. I think the woman on the buoy is my favorite.

Jen said...

Good pick Mama! Love the Cig. Happy Weekend!!

SabinePsynopsis said...

What a great collection. I especially like all the photos with people in them... the girl in the truck is incredible.

gi gi said...

What FANTASTIC photos!

I love seeing what other people see!

happy friday Drollgirl :)
ps, thanks for following me on pinterest!

Yana said...

Love the photos they where a kind of mystical and weird :)

Yana said...

Love the photos they where a kind of mystical and weird :)

Yana said...

Love the photos they where a kind of mystical and weird :)

Redcliffe Style said...

These photos are absolutely friggin' amazing. I loved everyone of them. Thanks for sharing. Rachel xx

Kristine said...

Love these so much! Being an uber introvert I think I love the solitude she captures in her photos. Love!!! These will help me recover from the zombie cake trauma. Thank you!

Trissta said...

Ok, can I just say, I freakin' love you. You're always posting things to make me think and exposing me to great artists. As much as I like to fancy myself a photographer, I'll admit that I've never really stepped outside the realm of doing to watch and observe the professionals. Thank you for this. It's going to be great inspiration for a shoot I'm doing today.

Much Love,

Miss Caitlin S. said...

seriously thank you for all of this fabulous art that you bring in my life. I love art but I always feel so on the peripheral of knowing how to even go about being involved in the community of it. I love how much you know about it and all of the niche artists you display on here- thank you!

melifaif said...

I am an absolute fan of each and every one of the photos you presented. What a fabulous photographer!?! So cool. Love the perspective.

eklatt said...

Oh goodness I've never seen his work before and I love it! It's not posey or anything and it captures the real moments.

The truck with the boy looking out the window is definitely my favorite!