Thursday, April 5, 2012

Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Thoughts on The Renaissance Pleasure Faire?

Renaissance Faire

Renaissance Faire 2009

Renaissance Faire 2011

Red Rule, at the Renaissance Faire

Renaissance Faire 2010

Renaissance Faire Fiddler

General Khaine, leader of the Iron Wolves, at the Three Barons Renaissance Faire

Renaissance Faire. Faces-2

Knight Florence Alabama Renaissance Faire 2010

Renaissance Faire 2011

Renaissance Faire. Faces - 11

Belly dancer at the Renaissance Faire

The Oracle  Alabama Renaissance Faire 2011

Woman at Renaissance Faire

Troll At Florence Alabama Renaissance Faire 2010

I think there are probably only two possible reactions one can have when asked if they would like to attend a Renaissance Faire:

1) Oh yes, m'lord! Oh YES!!!!!!!!!!


2) No fucking way.

Manfriend asked me if I would like to attend. I responded with something like, "No fucking way, I'd rather go to 20 baseball games (!GROAN!) than attend a Renaissance Faire."

So....guess what idiot put her foot in ther stupid mouth and now gets to go to 20 baseball games this season? @#$%!^&*!@#$%

If you are the type that is into these sorts of things,The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire comes to the Los Angeles area this weekend.

Here is a description if you are not familiar with the event:

The Renaissance, to be “reborn”, a time when individuals celebrated the awakening of a new idea, when light was let into darkness. The Renaissance Pleasure Faire celebrates the “spirit” of this period of history ~ where people have the willingness to try anything and everything.

We offer the public an opportunity to experience a true Renaissance of our Renaissance, one that was introduced 50 years ago. The faire provides you a cornucopia of diversity where we are unified in inviting our guests to enjoy an environment we have created to escape from the stresses and demands of the modern day. We embrace cutting edge performances, artisans, flavors and culinary delights from the past and the future…………these are the things, which propel us into advanced forward thinking.

We are historically based with a twist of modern fusion.

We are 50 years strong: The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

Saturdays & Sundays
10am - 7pm
April 7 – May 20, 2012
Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area
Irwindale, CA
Ph: 626.969.4750

P.S. Looking at these photos (all photos above found on flickr),I have to admit that if nothing else, a Renaissance Faire makes for an awesome piture-taking extravaganza.



sporkgasm said...

I have gone to a few but I don't dress up or anything. I like the idea of making paper, or looking at a lot of boobs pushed up absurdly in corsets. Or people eating giant turkey legs getting ready to joust.

But more importantly, I want to know how that guy in the seventh picture down got that scar under his left eye. That shit is fierce!

Jen said...

FUUUUUUCK No!! I went one year and will NEVER go back. Turkey legs and freaks with horrible fake English accents saying "Ma-lady" all the livelong day. I'd sooner go to a Star Trek convection and that's even more fucked up. I do love me some baseball games at Dodger Stadium. They have amazing palm trees sister- 'I'll expect a proper photo or two.

Dancing Branflake said...

Haha! I love that he asked you if you wanted to go. As a joke, right? And seriously- it would make for some awesome posts via your captions and labels.

SabinePsynopsis said...

NO effin way!! Totally creeps me out... 20 baseball games doesn't sound much better though :)

(The photos are great!)

Cheryl Ann said...

um, hell no. i've been before and it was dirty, smelly and just creepy. people there had no boundaries. not my scene.

Trixie said...

LOVE ren faires! LOVE! Surprising since if I find I've stumbled into an interactive play, I will do anything to avoid having to interact but man these people at the faire COMMIT! It's FUN! They get all into it, speak with accents, dress up, curtsy to the queen. I dont know why but I thoroughly enjoy going and look forward to it every year! The first year I went they had a booth where you could DESTROY pottery. Man, I'd like one of those in the backyard! LOL

My friend was involved in the faires though and she said things got way out of hand after hours :P

PS - I can't stand baseball. Uuuuuuuugh. My dad used to drag me to games because he was a reporter and they'd always end up being double headers or go into extra innings and blah!

Phoenix said...

You'd think since I'm a Comic-Con nerd I'd be all over this. But no. I dodge invitations to join my friends at it every year. Jousting, turkey legs, and corsets do nothing for me. I don't miss the Renaissance times, and I hate skirts and dresses (and I've got zero cleavage to speak of) so there's really nothing here for me! :)

KAH said...

So funny. My friend who lives in OC loves this fair. I always find it unusual, but she loves it.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Yes, I've been a couple times and the first time was fun. Last year in this state, it was horrendous.

Mandy_Fish said...

I don't know. That's a toughie. I don't know which would be worse: A sporting event or a renaissance fair.


I have been tempted to take my 8-year-old son because I think he'd dig the jousting.

Also, I play the mandolin and some of my friends have teased me that I should take it to the renaissance fest. I am no longer friends with them, milady.

ajg-jane said...

I've been once in my life... my friend has a picture of "mi-lady" on a flying horse jousting towards a tree with a tire hanging from it. (Drunk comes to mind). Never again.

Caroline said...

LOL...I am in group 2 for sure! No fucking way. And you are right there is no I kinda like it. You fucking live for this shit or you run like hell when they come to town. Have fun at the ball games...horror of horrors! ;)

krista said...


Claire Kiefer said...

So, when I saw your blog post title, I assumed this was some sexual play on the Renaissance Faire. I had no idea it was called the Renaissance PLEASURE Faire. What the hell is that about? I was seriously scouring these pics for dildos or something. haha.

My answer: NO FUCKING WAY. I went with my family as a kid before I realized it was for the same weirdos who play Dungeons & Dragons. Please tell me your bf is not one of them!!

cerebral e said...

Where does "pleasure" come into it?

bananas. said...

my thoughts = it's fucking odd yet surprisingly creative.

now if it were a game of thrones faire, i'd TOTALLY attend and dress like tyrion.

have fun watching 20 games of baseball. i'm kinda jealous. ;)

Miss Caitlin S. said...

No, I would LOVE to go! I have always wanted to go to a renaissance faire. Maybe I'm just a freak but I get so bored of the same ol' activities so basically any fair I can go to- I go to because they are just so different, even if they're weird. It's something new! I went to the Pirate fair here which seems similar based on images and gosh it was bizarre, but I had fun drinking beer with scally wags :) I'm always down for something new.

Kristine said...

At least at the ballgame you can drink beer instead of mead or whatever they'd have on tap at the festival. The worst for me would be one of those indy car races. Nightmare!

mermaid gallery said...

The society of creative anachronism puts on all of the fairs around here. They are an interesting bunch of kooks. I especially enjoy the magic truffles that they make so the beer at the ball game all to hell.....

Megan said...

In college, I had a professor who specialized in Renaissance lit for his PhD. He liked attending Renaissance fairs. He also used to dress in pirates blouses, faded black Levis, and wore no underpants. How do I know this you ask? Because he bent over one day during class to plug a projector cord into the wall and fully mooned the entire class. He had the hairiest ass I'd ever seen (the irony was that he was going bald on top). I lost it and laughed uncontrollably for the rest of the class and I could never look that man in the eye again. My final grade was a B. I'd like to think he gave me a B for his butt. Moral of the story? Enjoy those 20 baseball games. You can always read the internet on your phone while enjoying the sunshine! :-)

Lorena said...

My Lady, I would have gone to the fair. Going to 20 ball games seems suicidal to me.
At the fair at least you can drink and eat away and certainly laugh at people.
Anything sports related is just so boring.FOR ME.

NellieVaughn said...

I've always wanted to go, but I am not sure I could control my laughter. I did date a man who was fond of these things. He even found employment there.

fabulousjunk said...

Really??? Even after all these amazing pictures you posted and you still passed it up? Shit, I would have gone in a heartbeat. I just went to Medieval Times and it was the best time of my life, seriously. The best. It kind of made me want to be a medieval times groupie. i bet there is shit like that out there..


Kathryn said...

The first one I went to as a spectator was fun, but it was by people who just did is occasionally on the weekends and it was a one day thing more to educate the public on what it was like in medevil times, but everything was more of a modern twist (drinks plastic cup and food on paper plates served with plastic forks).

However the second time I went to one it was for the more hardcore enthusiasts that liked to camp and took that not taking baths on a regular basis seriously and they didn't there was not a drop of Diet Coke in sight. The horror of it!

I don't know what they were cooking over the open pit fire and had no interest in finding out.

Even worse, there was an abundant, older woman dressed in in a skimpy armor dominatrix thing with skin that hadn't seen sunlight in a few decades and the butt cheeks and fat rolls trying to escape the outfit. My ex found it a riot and wanted me to take a picture but I refused as I was afraid it would break the camera.

Kitty Stampede said...

ohhh....that is AWESOME photo taking material right there. and the thing is they LOOOOOVE having their photos taken. I wish there were more events where you could just go around and take pics. I am so shy though it sucks. I need to get more gutsy with taking pictures of people. i am a wussbag. oh man, you could have fun with this, black & white would be pretty cool...but yeah, i couldn't participate and i would be giggling lots.