Tuesday, June 5, 2012



gone fishing

get in the water

socks on the beach
socks on the beach?!  REALLY?!?!  

tent on beach


everybody loves the beach




the pier

socks on the beach
MORE socks on the beach?!  REALLY?!?! 

father and son fishing :)

angry bird on the beach

skate away

The boyfriend and I headed out to Orange County for a weekend getaway. We had such a good time. Visiting Huntington Beach was my favorite part of the weekend -- the people watching and picture taking was SUPER. Just super!  Perfect weather, beautiful scenery, lots of fun, good grub, and tons o' good lovin' was just fab. :)   

My least favorite part of our journey? I am a nervous traveler -- even when traveling an hour away from home -- and my stomach was a NIGHTMARE (note: with plans to chow down over the weekend, I ate super healthy for an entire week, which must have shocked my system into NOT EVACUATING PROPERLY for days). The only thing worse than worrying about pooping in a hotel room in close proximity to your boyfriend is NOT BEING ABLE TO POOP in a hotel room in close proximity to your boyfriend. OY! The poor man had to listen to me wail MY BELLY! over and over and over again. It was KILLING me. And all of my fretting about when and where the dam would burst probably didn't help matters.

The other icky part had to do with my sleeping issues. I end up NOT being able to sleep many times, particularly when away from home. So that meant I pogoed between the comfy king-size bed (where boyfriend happily snored away the night clutching 5 out of 6 pillows), and thrashing about on the SOFA SLEEPER. If you ever want a guaranteed backache and a grouchy morning, just sleep on a sofa bed.

Anywhoo, it was good to get away and dream about living near the beach. Then again, if I lived near the beach I would obsess on TSUNAMIS, so maybe I am not cut out for that kind of life. :)

P.S. The people in the OC were awfully nice and friendly. It was weird. And it was nice. :)



sporkgasm said...

I can so relate to the not pooping/sleeping in a foreign place. I will overshare and say I'm very regular, unless I'm staying in a hotel or at a friend's for a weekend or so. Then my body just shuts down.

The only place I sleep well away from home is the Santa Cruz house, because I'm now so comfy there.

TK Kerouac said...

Love this! Been there done that!

But have no trouble pooping or sleeping when travelling. I just get nervous when the plane flaps decide not to open upon landing. Now thats an annoyance:)

Dancing Branflake said...

Haha! Oh man... you and your romantic undertones just kill me. And I love that your BOYFRIEND loves you just the same.

Lara said...

So glad you had a fun time! Your pics are gorgeous - and what is with dudes wearing socks and sneakers in the sand? SO weird!

Your poor tummy! Every morning when i get to my mom's house, we have coffee together and... I poo. On the weekends, I don't make coffee and usually just drink a soda. OMG I rarely poop on the weekends. It's ridiculous. By Sunday I'm so bloated and miserable, especially if we went out to eat a lot. It's gotten so bad at times I've resorted to using glycerine suppositories. (This is probably TMI but we're all friends here, right?)
So yeah, they make you cramp like you've never cramped before but it gets stuff moving and then I feel a thousand times better.

Jen said...

As my friends says about poops outside of her own bathroom- " I don't do away games" Pics are awesome as usual!!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Dear sleepless neurotic, just stay with the bf long enough and all these issues will be solved (i.e. you won't care anymore :). Much more important: You are a modern Erwin Blumenfeld to me!

Shelley said...

I live in HB :) I totally understand those issues! When I traveled to Europe I could not for the life of me go for a week... To this day I can't sleep if the husband touches me ( I really like my space).

Atomic Lola said...

Looks like a beautiful time! Your pictures are fantastic. I would kill for a vacay away with the other half.

Phoenix said...

I grew up in the OC and Huntington Beach was one of my favorite places to go, seeing as how it was one of the only ones that still allowed fire pits. I can't tell you how many s'mores I have consumed on that beach...

Disregarding the sleep/bathroom issues, I'm hoping you had a good time. There's something about the ocean that's just so calming and restorative.

And socks on the beach... is a big no-no. Who wants those tan lines?!

Kitty Stampede said...

I have the same issues...it sucks. travelling always causes back up...and those are the times when you want to feel most free. how ironic. next time i am in this circumstance, i am going to buy a container of kefir and chug it. that shit works wonders and quite instantly...try it sometime!!!

LOVE the pics....makes me have major beach envy...month til vacation...can't freaking wait. i am in need of one MASSIVELY. :)

mermaid gallery said...

a beach holiday is the best.....even if you can't give a shit....(deja vu)

NellieVaughn said...

The men with socks on the beach. Yes. There's an abundance of them in SoCal. Looking at those pictures makes me want to move back to a place I will always consider home, but one can't go back.

Panty Buns said...

I remember having feelings like those and wondered what it would be like having them again. I think I worry about pooping too obsessively. I'd forgotten the occasional disadvantages of sleeping with a partner. As for the socks on the beach, that's good news to me! I'd considered venturing out to Orange County some day and it's good to know I might get away with wearing my anti-embolism stockings on the beach. Does anything go there attire-wise?

Felicia said...

YOUR PICTURES ARE AMAZING!!! I literally cannot believe that these pictures were taken on a CELL PHONE! (They were, right?) Glad you had a good time despite the stomach issues, HAHA!!

Kristine said...

I love your photos!! So gorgeous! You are super talented. Glad you had a lovely time despite the poo issues.Traveling always bungs me up, it's miserable. I can't poo in public and I am a bad sleeper most of the time so I am usually bleary eyed and bloated when I am away.

Megan said...

When Nick and I started dating, we went on little excursions whenever we had a long weekend. This one time we went to Vancouver, BC and ate at a super fancy restaurant. I ordered the duck which the waiter told me that they only cooked to medium. I said fine and ate it not thinking about the consequences. Nick and I drank a lot of wine during dinner. When we got back to the hotel, he immediately passed out in a deep sleep on the bed. Guess what? My butt was glued to the toilet seat from midnight to 3am thanks to under cooked duck. How's that for romance? We'd only been dating for a few months by that point and I thanked my lucky stars he was oblivious to what was happening to me during those 3 hours he passed out. :-)

I also get stopped up whenever I travel - it sucks on the international trips. I already bloat up from the air travel and then I get even more bloated from the vacay that my intestinal tract takes.

Erin said...

Okay, after reading this, I honest to goodness think we're blogging soulmates. I can't poop in front of my boyfriend (husband now but we don't use that word) either! I mean...I have to now that we're married but it's a whole other bathroom on a while different floor that he knows he can't come on until 20 minutes after I'm done. The whole "bloop" totally grosses me out let alone hearing someone. I never talk about this, even with friends, but I'm pretty sure I just "women tell all'd" on your blog.


SweetBonita said...

everytime i read someothing like this, i always have the urge to yell at you, "WE'RE JUST ALIKE. LET'S BE BEST FRIENDS." cause i also have what i like to call "travel stomach" and i can never sleep in hotel beds comfortable...even in comfortable ones...

SweetBonita said...

i never knew that "alcede" or however you spell his character's name could look THAT HOT without facial hair! cause i'm just of the camp that every man looks better with a full beard, and then he gives us pic number 17? yowza!