Friday, June 22, 2012


Dressage?!  Am I the only one that had never heard of this before?! 

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Mitt Romney's Champion Horse & Stephen's Dressage Contribution
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sporkgasm said...

The sound cut out on me halfway so I googled. I had never heard of it before either. But then again, I'm about as far from fancy as you could get, and this seems pretty dang fancy.

Jen said...

The dress is actually the "fancy" part. The actual event is pretty cool and requires a lot of skill. Not the most exciting of the horse riding disciplines. Kinda like watching golf.

The Seeker said...

Have a nice weekend dear

Alisa said...

Too funny! Love Colbert!

Yes, I was sent a dressage video about a year ago. Dressage, Polo, hobbies of the ultra rich!

Kitty Stampede said...

GROAN. will have to see if I can find this vid in Canada. I hate these stupid country web barriers.

Trissta said...

Bahahahaha ok ok, I'll admit I grew up in a horse family and actually competed in a few dressage competitions... it's pretty huge thing. But not my style. I'm much more about chasing cows. lol. That horse head, though? Hilarious. Out for stud...

Much Love,

Lorena said...

Oh.... totally enlighted !
I should take this up. Maybe it will make me lose weight... hah.