Friday, July 20, 2012

LeRoy Grannis

LeRoy Grannis, Ricky Hatch for Jacobs Surf Boards, Hermosa Beach, 1961

LeRoy Grannis, Duke Classic Finalists, Sunset Beach, 1968

LeRoy Grannis, Ron Sizemore Backs into Third, D&W Surf Championships, Delrey Beach, 1963

LeRoy Grannis, The Malibu Pit, 1961

LeRoy Grannis, Miki Dora, Malibu, 1963

LeRoy Grannis, In the Pier, US Surfing Championships, Huntington Beach, 1964

LeRoy Grannis, Henry Ford, 22nd Street, Hermosa Beach, 1963

LeRoy Grannis, Hittin' It, Redondo Breakwater, 1963

LeRoy Grannis, Micky Munoz Sniffs Victory, D&W Surf Championships, Delrey Beach, 1963

LeRoy Grannis, Bob Beadle, Sunset Beach, 1962

LeRoy Grannis, Dewey Weber, 22nd Street, Hermosa Beach, 1966

LeRoy Grannis, Makaha Hawaii (People by the Car), 1962

LeRoy Grannis, Flyboy, 22nd Street, Hermosa Beach, 1964

LeRoy Grannis, Palos Verdes Cove, 1964

A surfer since 1931, LeRoy Grannis was born in Hermosa Beach, California in 1917 and began shooting surf-culture images on 22nd Street in Hermosa in 1960 as a hobby at the suggestion of a family doctor. His work immediately appeared in the important surf culture magazines of the time including Surfer, Reef and Surfing Illustrated, and he soon became one of the sport's most important documentarians.

Grannis was voted into the International Surfing Hall of Fame as the number one lensman in 1966, and in 2002, he was awarded SIMA's Lifetime Achievement Award. He was the subject of The Surfer's Journal first ode to the master photographers in 1998 with Photo: Grannis-Surfing's Golden Age 1960-1969; his work was featured in Stacy Peralta's 2002 award-winning documentary of the sport, Riding Giants; and in 2006, Leroy Grannis: Birth of a Culture: 60s and '70s Surf Photography was published as a limited-edition, signed collector's edition monograph by Taschen. In 2005, M+B Gallery in Los Angeles gave Grannis his first art exhibition and since then, his photographs have been exhibited at galleries, art fairs and museums both at home and abroad, including New York, Los Angeles, Paris and London.

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Annabelle Archer said...


Cheryl Ann said...

oooohh...i love these. my favorite is the surfer totally horizontal over the wave!

*thanks for the kind words on my last post. xo

sporkgasm said...

I so love old black and white surf or beach photos. These are great.

SabinePsynopsis said...

Great, great, GREAT!! and the black/white makes them so much stronger!

Caroline said...

So freaking cool! I used to live on 24th street in Manhattan Beach...I do miss the surfers!

Jen said...

LOVE this. Don't even get me started on this genre. The stack of books, dvd's and prints I have amassed on this very subject is insane.

Dancing Branflake said...

I love the surfing lifestyle. If I could change my profession, it would be to a surfer.

That first photo is especially awesome. I'd love to have it framed in my living room.

NellieVaughn said...

Have you ever noticed how manly the men from that time looked. It wasn't just in the way they dressed, but everything, absolutely everything.

Fragrant Liar said...


These were really great. No wonder Grannis was honored. He really captured the era and the mood of those days. Makes me wish I'd been there.

fabulousjunk said...

Man, all this surfing and water photos has made me want to pack up my 2000 subaru outback station wagon and head the fuck outta here...


Camila Faria said...

Amazing images. I love that first elegant surfer!

Trissta said...

I would love to dive in deeper into surf culture. I'm such a water baby that it would fit me perfectly...

Much Love,

Jessica ( frellathon ) said...

I love these and want to go to the beach now

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Damn good photographer. He makes me wish I was a part of the scene, the culture. My Dad grew up in southern CA in the 50's and 60's, so I have this affection for that time and place anyway. Images like this just make that affection and longing to have been a part of it even stronger. I was born in the wrong era.