Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Christopher Bales

Christopher Bales, In the Gardens Twilight

Christopher Bales, Beyond the Meadows Clearing

Christopher Bales, From the Ashes

Christopher Bales, Quest for the Tree of Knowledge

Christopher Bales, Devolution

Christopher Bales, Longing for the Embrace

Christopher Bales, Behind the Attic Window

Christopher Bales, Descent from the Cross

Christopher Bales, Boat of Millions of Years

Christopher Bales, Chariots of the Gods

Christopher Bales, Beyond the Event Horizon

Christopher Bales, Home Coming

Christopher Bales, Exodus The Arc of Time

Christopher Bales, Flight of the Poison Arrow

Christopher Bales, The Chimera Experiment

Christopher Bales, The Adoration of the Magi

Christopher Bales, Expulsion from Eden

Christopher Bales, The Flight of Buddha

Christopher Bales, The Confessional

Christopher Bales, There Was a Girl who Dreamed

Christopher Bales, The Judgment of the Sons of Paris

Christopher Bales, Untitled

Christopher Bales, VI The Lovers

Christoher Bales, XII The Hanged Man

Christopher Bales, For Rebecca

Christopher Bales, Missing in Action

Christopher Bales, Room 507

From the artist:

Garage sales, flea markets, antique stores, junk yards: these are places you might find me rummaging over display tables or inside water stained boxes looking for any object that asks me politely to take it home. I place my excavations on one of dozens of dusty shelves where they may sit for years waiting to be put to use.

My sculptures are created in a similar way. I start by collecting a pile of objects. The artwork defines itself as these seemingly unrelated items are constructed. Sometimes the concept is immediately clear, other times I have to wait for it to be finished to find the meaning. This subliminal way of working preserves the mystery and spontaneity in my art, managing to keep the process fresh.

My work represents oddities I have discovered stumbling around the attic of my subconscious, touching on universal icons that find their way to the surface. My hope is that the viewer will be disturbed, amused, intrigued, or at least curious about what I have created.

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sporkgasm said...

I would take any one of those someone wanted to buy me. I need to just make one of my own I think. I may or may not already have the creepy stuff laying around my house to do so.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Those are fascinating!

WendyB said...

This is my kind of stuff!

diane said...

They all seem to have the same underlying theme, tied to religion and elitism. It strikes me odd that he made no mention of that in reference to his inspiration. So, I am left to wonder if he is doing so in reverence or in jest. Regardless, his stuff is really intricate and interesting.

Trissta said...

I like his motive behind his work. Thrifting. My kind of man. ;)

Much Love,

Lara said...

Oh mixed media art is so much fun. I always wonder how someone would display these things in their home... with dust and whatnot.

The busted doll head is rad.

SabinePsynopsis said...

Modern iconography... That's so far out!

NellieVaughn said...

I love it as much as I fear it. If I walked into a person's home, and found one of these babies, I would know I was going to end up in the oven.

Miss Absinthe said...

Love these!!!