Friday, September 7, 2012

Mel Kadel

Mel Kadel, Just Below the Sun

Mel Kadel, Butterflies by Day

Mel Kadel, Close to Connect

Mel Kadel, Copy Cats

Mel Kadel, Drip Drop Pick Up

Mel Kadel, Flier

Mel Kadel, Flower Drip

Mel Kadel, Groupers

Mel Kadel, Herd of Wishes

Mel Kadel, Hold Yourself Up

Mel Kadel, Human Nature

Mel Kadel, In Tandem

Mel Kadel, Loving the Sun

Mel Kadel, Parasol

Mel Kadel, Practice Drill

Mel Kadel, Rain Stain

Mel Kadel, Sinkers

Mel Kadel, Stready Stream

Mel Kadel, Sun Wonder

Mel Kadel, Touch Down

Mel Kadel, Unscared

Mel Kadel, Centered

Mel Kadel, Back to Brick

Mel Kadel, Small and Steady

Mel Kadel is originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and graduated from Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia. After living in New York for a few years, she moved to Los Angeles where she now resides in a log cabin by the 5 Freeway with her partner, artist Travis Millard. She works using coffee-stained paper, micron .005 pens, hand mixed ink wash, pencil, and blades to create carefully detailed and layered drawings of childlike characters exploring, opening up, and overcoming peril with fierce determination.

Kadel’s work has shown in numerous galleries throughout the United States and abroad in London, Sydney, and Denmark. Her work has appeared in publications including Juxtapoz, Monster Children, and the LA Times Magazine.

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Dancing Branflake said...

It's like wall murals meet Dr. Seuss meets Aldous Huxley. Beautiful.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I love the one with the water drops!

sporkgasm said...

Ooooh. I love these. I want the one with the butterflies coming out of the girl's tummy.

Lorena said...

Very Mayan.... nice.

Claire Kiefer said...

Glad to read the bio; I was curious about how she made these. Interesting! I like the colors.

SabinePsynopsis said...

Her work is wonderful. It's simple and intricate at the same time - and strong. Love it.

Felicia said...

I love these!!! Even down to the details of how she creates them. Very cool!

Felicia said...

I love these!!! Even down to the details of how she creates them. Very cool!

Clara Turbay said...

great blog!

daydreamsdustbunnies said...

Absolutely fantastic!! I tried to pick a favorite but couldn't do it. The art is so unusual and meaningful.

Anne said...
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Anne said...

I had a link for many years of a short clip Mel did that was hauntingly beautiful. I would always click on it and watch it in a hypnotized way. I think it was on a Danish site.

Sadly, one day the link seized to work...that was the end of it.

Daniela said...

I like the weird faces on these characters..they remind me of the Os Gemeos ' yellow people' .
The first and seventh are my favorites :)