Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Not Exactly Design on a Dime

The design auctions at Wright make me drool. Here are my favorites from the upcoming Living Contemporary sale which takes place September 27, 2012 (you can hover over each image to see the designer name, plus lot number):

Mario Bellini, Le Bambole Chairs, 1972, Lot 232

Daum, Table Lamps, 1950, Lot 248

Curtis Jere, Mirror, 1976, Lot 184

Matt Leines, Untitled (Two Works), 2009, Lot 285

Andre Dubreuil, Ram Chair, 1986, Lot 109

California Craft, Book Stand, 1970, Lot 372

Michel Mangematin, Coffee Table, 1958, Lot 218=9

Fulvio Bianconi, Fasce Orizzontali Stoppered Bottle, Model 526.15, 1955, Lot 331

Alexander Loge, Stools, 2005, Lot 284

Dante Marioni, Vase, 1997, Lot 352

Philip and Kelvin Laverne, Chan coffee table, 1965, Lot 179

Cenedese, Candlesticks, 1975, Lot 306

Gunnar Aagaard Anderson, Lounge Chair, 1980, Lot 238

Warren Platner, Dining Set, 1966, Lot 119

Murano, Collection of twenty-one Fazzolettis, 1969, Lot 169

Ellen Lanyon, Untitled, 1965, Lot 218

Iris Adler, Untitled (Standing Telephone), 1970, Lot 198

Karl Springer, Bowl, 1980, Lot 137

Louis Vuitton, Train Case, 1945, Lot 145

Feliciano Bejar, Monumental Magiscope, 2001, Lot 264

Rene Drouet, Coffee Tables, 1940, Lot 265

Luciano Gaspari, Bowls, Pair, 1955, Lot 196

Pedro Friedeberg, Armchair with hands, 1990, Lot 261

Ron Arad, Rocking Chairs, 1981, Lot 108

Pepe Mendoza, Collection of Three Lanterns, 1960, Lot 181

Ed Paschke, Ignacio, 1975, Lot 115

Swarovski, Illuminated Mirror, 1970, Lot 390

Carlo Nason, Ceiling Lamp, Model LS 144, Lot 349

Wendell Castle, Crescent Rocker, 1984, Lot 223

To find out more info on these works and many more, click here.


sporkgasm said...


That is all.

Lynn said...

OK, I want both mirrors and the wire chair and the trunk. Yes, yes, yes.

diane said...

Favorite: the "drip" light.
Still trying to wrap my head around the phone stand.

Jo said...

i can't decide if those two chairs in the first photo look too soft, or just right. either way, i want them!

Dancing Branflake said...

Those chairs! That mirror! Whatever houses these belong to would look ridiculously awesome.

Alisa said...

Love the wire chair and glass lamps!

melifaif said...

those bambole chairs are the shizzz...

Trissta said...

OMG> you kill me. You've got me addicted to these auctions and every time I see something more and more amazing that I just absolutely want to have!!! OMG.

Much Love,

Lorena said...

Oh that rocking chair !
You know, i have to be honest I do not "invest" in furniture OR art.
In my house the only thing with a brand name is my bed which is Calligaris and i am sure it was probably made in China.
I have been thinking about maybe investing in these things....

Ashton (King) Wright said...

Those first chairs look soooo comfy.

I also love the first wreath (?) and the mirror.

And those glass bowls are so pretty!

Too bad I'm poor!