Thursday, September 27, 2012

Read the Fine Print

Some ads (and some celebrities) make me want to hurl.  

La vie est belle Lancome  Julia Roberts Ad


Dancing Branflake said...

heh. You make me laugh.

Improbable Joe said...

Nice one!

Kathy said...

haha! this made me laugh

Claire Kiefer said...

That's hilarious. Almost as hilarious as your "Celebrity Schlong" tag.

freeteyme said...

you got me going there! lol

Kristine said...

Ha! Julia Roberts gets on my nerves. I am sick of her "radiant" smile and that honking laugh. Puke. And yes, my life would be pretty belle if I made a gazillion dollars too.

Maegan Tintari said...

bahahah... yeah it is.

diane said...

I actually really like Julia, my husband has never liked her though. So I watch her movies without him, which isn't very often.
I love what you did with this ad, would love to see more like this one. Reminds me of adbusters.

Lorena said...

Could not agree more..
i think she has porcelain veneers dont you ?

Kathryn said...

At least with Angelina Jolie, I can understand the high $$$ as she can actually act and is pretty, but have never understood the high audience/dollar Julia Roberts or Jennifer Aniston as I don't think either is pretty or that great of an actor.

Perhaps it is they it is because they are average that they appeal to so many??

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Kitty Stampede said...

totally OBNOXIOUS!!!!!

E said...

Damn right it is!