Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Second Fiddle

Do you ever feel like you are playing second fiddle in life?  You can probably pick out those playing second fiddle in the pics below.

05_Flatbed_WEB - OCTOBER Walking Dead, shanewalshjonbernthal

Starsky and Hutch, 600full-starsky-and-hutch-screenshot

True Blood, alex-eric-true-blood-27995354-300-300 True Blood, Bill_Compton


Beyonce and Solange Knowles


Star Trek, Captain Kirk 320x240-1 Star Trek, Spock320x240


Simon and Simon, simon-simon6

george clooney 293.edwards.anthony.090408

128292-LiveImages_Foto Haber_Josh Holloway_sawyer Lost-Jack-1


Chips, Ponch 153138__ponch_l Chips, John Baker 137722_larry-wilcox-as-officer-john-baker-in-the-television-series-chips-in-1981

bill and roger clinton

Laverne and Shirley, squiggy Laverne and Shirley, Michael-McKean-as-Lenny-laverne-and-shirley-16671247-440-671



Felicity, Scott_Speedman-1 Felicity-scott-foley-1

Cheers-ted-danson-1 tv role celebs 230109

sonny and cher

90210, Dillon, luke-perry


EdMcMahon and Johnny Carson


This is horrendous to admit, but at a very young age I realized that my little sister was prettier, smarter, thinner and more likeable than me.  I knew I'd be playing second fiddle to her -- for life.   

At a very young age it was determined that my beautiful little sister's vision was not-so-hot, and that she would have to wear glasses.  I was quietly excited about this.

The glasses that my little sister had to wear disguised her beauty -- a LOT.  I was relieved about this, and hoped hoped hoped that she would have to wear those awful glasses for a l-o-n-g time.  I knew that once those specs came off the boys would be panting after her like nobody's business.

When my little sister was able to get contact lenses in high school, the party was over for me.  The removal of glasses and resulting physical transformation TRANSFIXED those in her presence and made her even more loveable.  The boys were crazy for her.  The girls were crazy for her, too.  Everybody gushed about how gorgeous she was without those damn glasses.

Sour grapes (moi) had to sigh and get over it.  LOL!  I was such an asshole for thinking this way!!!!! 

Well, you live and you learn in life, and in some ways it is kind of nice to play second fiddle.  The pressure is off.  We all have something to offer, and sometimes it is nice to just let someone else take the lead.   :)


Claire Kiefer said...

Those are some amazing examples . . . Dawson's Creek! BEN AND NOEL! hahaha.

Interesting thoughts on playing second fiddle . . . and giggling about the rise and fall of your sister's glasses. ;)

sporkgasm said...

Those pictures all cracked me up. Love this post.

I have never felt like I played second fiddle to anyone. I guess I have a superiority problem instead of an inferiority one. haha.

Kathy said...

those 80s pics cracked me up. to think that i was so IN LOVE with eric estrada when i was a kid.. *shudder*

i never really felt second fiddle to my older sister. she was the one everyone loved - teachers thought she was brilliant, my friends thought she was hot, my parents thought she was the perfect daughter etc. i guess all that didn't bother me because i knew behind closed doors, she had her own issues to deal with as we all did, so that in itself made me realize that nothing is what it seems.

SabinePsynopsis said...

I bet she always felt 2nd fiddle to you - older, more assured and better looking. And anyway... is Jack really 2nd fiddle to Sawyer? (Well, yeah, I guess so.) And Bill to Eric? Definitely! But then, I always loved Luke Perry - but maybe he's not supposed to be the 2nd one here?

Trissta {Living on the Chic} said...

Yeah, well, I'm more of like the fifth fiddle. I have four older sisters and a little brother. Guess that makes me the 6th fiddle, actually. When my brother came along, he stole all my thunder... he was the only boy, so he got all the attention and my older sisters? Yeah, they have all gone on to do great and marvelous things and now 3/4 are married and having families... obviously I'm a little behind. lol

Much Love,

Kana said...

I highly suggest you try being an only child next time - not being held to any sort of a higher standard did WONDERS (oh, the sarcasm) on me - but at least you believe that you are a precious and beautiful snowflake for far longer than the average bear.


Annabelle Archer said...

I don't have any sisters, and I am quite the Daddy's girl, so I guess I don't truly get the angst of Second Fiddleness first hand, but I do try to be aware of it within my own children and their dynamics.

Also, your pics have shown me that I apparently have a thing for those who play second fiddle.

Kristine said...

I love all your examples! BJ was always second to Bear! My older sister is an uber over achiever so I had to throw in the towel early on and accept my second fiddleness. I am ashamed to admit that I met a friend in university who was so gorgeous that she rendered everyone else completely invisible.Fragile ego neurotic that I am I actually considered not hanging out with her because it sucked so much. I am (secretly) happy to report that she has become rather portly over the past few years but am also (secretly) alarmed that she has been going to the gym a lot lately and seems to be taking the weight off. I have another friend who has a porn star body and I actually enjoy going to the beach with her (although that only happened once) because I knew no one was looking at me in my bathing at all.

Kitty Stampede said...

Wow, that must of felt good to get off your chest. I have certainly felt this way in a lot of friendships over the years. I was always too quiet to be the one that would be popular,etc...so I always tended to be second fiddle to groups of friends. But I am not the type to really enjoy attention anyways, so I guess it's all perspective.
I hate being center of attention (totally FREAKING about baby shower coming up...I hated being center of attention at wedding, and baby shower is no different, I hate it.- I got my sister to make sure people bring KIDS, so they are distracting...hahaha)

I always notice a lot of second fiddle in bands. Like the lead singer gets most of the attention. I always feel kind of bad for other members that might even be more talented musically, but they don't have quite the same presence. i often find however most lead singers obnoxious and their ego is a turn-off.

Kathryn said...

I think we all have our own special talents and while some are more noticeable than others, it doesn't make the less noticeable ones any less valuable.

I think as 2nd fiddle you can have more fun because the focus is always on the "star", not the sidekick and when they fall or make a mistake, it is much more noticeable. If you are the side kick no one expects exceptional things from you and if you do something fantastic, people are in awe, whereas with the star it is expected all the time.

Maegan Tintari said...

even though I already know this story... it totally made me laugh to read it, lolol... And all those leading men wouldn't be anything without their second fiddles :)