Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dating by Numbers

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A newly single friend and I were talking about dating options.  I mentioned that I had found success via the usual dating websites, and that they were worth a try.  My friend said she had been doing that sort of thing, but she was curious about trying something different...something called Table for Six.

With this service, singles register at their local branch, and then sit down with a "dating professional" (lol) to complete a personality profile. Each personality profile is analyzed and matched up with individuals that share compatible personality types, interests, values and goals, etc.

The Table for Six service has a dating menu of options to choose from:

1) The Dining Table For Six option groups three men and women at a restaurant for a group date. 

2) The Total Adventures option involves different activities for each season of the year, with the idea of bringing many singles together.  Activities include outdoor campfires, hiking, archery, cooking classes, boating, etc.

3) The Just For Two option is for those that prefer a one-on-one date. 

My friend was asking which of the three services I would choose if I had to date again.  Dating! UGH!  I am terrrrrrible at dating.  Just terrible.  Talk about nervous!  Talk about socially awkward!  POSTER CHILD!!!!  

Each dating option seems to have an advantage, but would one be exponentially more nervous as the number of participants involved increased?  Or would being thrown into a larger group ultimately lessen the pressure? Or would it increase the torture potential? I am not sure, but I think I do better most times in a one-on-one setting versus a group setting.

Maybe I am biased against the group date because I had one disastrous double date long ago.  A friend of mine had a really hot boyfriend.  Her hot boyfriend had a loser single friend.  So of course my friend thought of her loser single friend (MOI), and figured we should all go on a double date together.  I stupidly agreed to go on the date even though I had never met/seen the guy before.  D'oh!!!!!!!  

I knew I was in trouble when I showed up and my date looked remarkably similar to this:



Looks weren't the only problem with this double date.  We took a 3 to 1 vote on what to do, and the others wanted to go BOWLING.  I reluctantly agreed, and as I launched gutter ball after gutter ball, and the other three bowled nothing but spares and strikes, it was eventually revealed to me that all of three of them were on BOWLING LEAGUES (HELLO!??! Who is on a bowling league!??!?!?!? Kingpin anyone?!?!??!?!).  Of course this meant that they spent the evening critiquing my craptastic attempts at bowling. D'oh!!!!  What a stupid date!  Where was my screening process?!?!?!??!?!?!?

So anyway, if you were hitting the dating scene, would you prefer a one-on-one date, or a dinner party kind of thing, or a group date?

If you are interested in Table for Six, reviews and info can be found here and here


Dancing Branflake said...

Hahahahahahaha! What a classic stache!!!

Bowling? On a date? Nope. Never. Too revealing of my awkwardness.

I like group dates a lot. But not on a first date. Because then people watch you and that's just weird.

diane said...

Honestly? I wouldn't do the dating scene at all. If I was single, I'd go hang out at Lowe's for a while to catch a guy who actually does something around the house.

Kathy said...

i wouldn't do a group date... i'd probably go for the one on one.

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...
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Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...
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Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...
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Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

Love your storytelling style. Lol. I have never really done dating through websites and don't think I will ever try.

Kathryn said...

Group dating sounds creepy...with a one-on-one at least you get a better picture of what you might (or might not want to) be getting into.

Years ago I used to do internet dating and decided to limit any encounters to only 1 hour dinner can learn a lot about a fella in an hour if you watch closely. I always made other plans afterwards to get feedback from girlfriends. Even if he was really hot,it kept me further than I might want to go on a first date:)

If he treats the staff badly, it seemed to be a good indication that sooner or later, he would have the same contempt for me and a meanie at heart. If he flirted with the waitress too much, it was a good indicator that he was a man-whore usually more interested in stroking his ego than having a real relationship.

The only ones that got to a 2nd date were worth weeding out. There were not a lot of them, but putting them in situations with no alcohol involved, such as going to garage sales or matinee movie would weed out more.

If they made it a 3rd date, then it was time to introduce them to family. Relatives tend to be brutally honest and observant.

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

Oh dear what happened to my posts? Anyway I wanted to say he shouldn't look half bad if he removed the facial hair :p

Lara said...

Jesus dating sucks so hard... no matter what situation you throw yourself in. I've already resigned myself that I will never date again so I may as well learn to love everything D does that drives me insane! :)

I hate to be that person who says when you stop looking, you find what you're looking for but seriously, it worked for me. Just going out with friends and having fun, not looking over your friends' shoulders to check out who just walked into the bar... giving up and living your damn life... magical things happen.

DWei said...

You had success with a dating site? Congrats, those things have notoriously low success rates and/or are scams.

Personally I prefer 1 on 1 things in most social activities that I do. Let's me focus on that one person.

Little Rus said...

I don't think group date is a good thing... Was a fun post to read - thank you! x

SabinePsynopsis said...

Neither. I would get myself a net and hide at a street corner, and when a good-looking guy comes along I’d catch him and bundle im into the trunk of my car… Then, at home he’d have to pass some serious tests to see if he a) becomes my bf or b) gets released. Me, creepy? No way...

Lorena said...

Your friend is not your friend.... why would she set you up with something like this ?
When I set up my friends.. they got married :)
Actually I liked the guy so much I would hv liked him for me but I was already dating so I just hooked him up with one of my bests friends :)
and for the record... i loved dating !

KaH said...

I hate dating too. I was starting to get comfortable as the 3rd wheel when I met my current bf. Even sometimes when I get aggravated by the boyfriend, I think of having to put myself out there and think nah - I will just deal with it (easier than being single - ha (j/k sort of). So, if I had to choose, 1x1 would be best. I think if you are in a group setting someone always will try and dominate the conversation so you may just get too annoyed by that one person that you may over look the others.

Kitty Stampede said...

OH GOSH!!! I couldn't do group. I couldn't.