Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ugly Flowers

Talk about a color explosion.  A color abomination.

fiesta roses 7-San-Francisco-Flower-and-Garden-Show-March-24-2012
fiesta roses BD15_330x370
fiesta roses BD39_330x370
fiesta roses 12nv_rainbow

The only two people I can think of that might like these flowers are Jerry Garcia and Betsey Johnson.

These flowers are available for purchase at Fiesta Roses.

At Fiesta Roses, we’ve mastered the art of dyeing roses so well that we can ensure each petal is whatever color we want it to be. So naturally we specialize in the supremely cheerful rainbow roses. It’s all about putting together a striking color palette, using fresh, top-quality flowers, and presenting them to your loved one in a beautiful arrangement.

I'd rather get black roses. Or dead roses. OR NO ROSES.

Monday, September 24, 2012


26.02.09  Phew! Another morning in NW10. 

My endometiral biopsy results are in (a little early!), and they revealed no abnormal cells/cancer! Yay! YAY! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, at least the worst option is off of the table at this point, which is a YUGE relief.  

This is going to sound super psycho, but sometimes I chant to myself that I will never get cancer.  HA!  That is my hope, and it can't hurt to chant it every now and again.  But it is awfully nice to get official notification that I don't have cancer.  PHEW!!!!!!!

I have to make a follow-up appointment to figure out exactly why I had a period that lasted over four weeks.  The doctor mentioned that it might be best for me to get a Mirena IUD to help with the heavy bleeding, and that it would have a protective effect on the endometrium.  I am hoping my problem was some kind of fluke, but I will hear the doctor out, have another exam + ultrasound to check out the goods, and I will most likely do what she thinks is best.  That being said, I really prefer to be au natural, but I will definitely take her advice into consideration.

If any of you have experience with the Mirena IUD, I would love to hear your thoughts on it.
Thank you so much for your comments and emails.  You guys really are the best support system EVER, and you help me so much when I am stumbling and bumbling through life.  So thank you.  :)
Side note: Whenever I get good news from a doctor, I am so relieved, but it always gives me pause and makes me think of people that have received terrible news from a doctor.  Have you ever been in a doctor's office and seen somebody bawling?  One time I went in for a mammogram and I saw a woman sobbing as she clutched her husband. It was heartbreaking. My heart goes out to anyone facing scary health issues. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012


still from The Descent

Proceed with caution -- this post is all about PERIODS, as in menstrual cycles.

Joy of all possible joys, my latest period has lasted over FOUR FUCKING WEEKS. 

I absolutely loathe going to see any type of doctor, so instead of doing what I should have done a week ago, I scrambled all over the internet and polled friends and family to see if ANYONE had ever experienced something similar.

I was a little nervous to ask my Mom (she being the woman that can't say "breast" or "bra", let alone "hoo hoo") about her periods, but I finally wrote her a quick email and explained my situtation. I knew she had had a hysterectomy when I was a teenager, but I didn't know why.  This is what she wrote me:

Hysterectomy at age 38, in 1980. Fibroids. Periods were sometimes 2 weeks apart and sometimes lasted 10 days. Whenever I would fly (airplane) or go to different altitude seemed to start period, regardless of when I had last one. I had a lot of clots, also. They did not take my ovaries so did not have those problems that come with menopause then. Definitely get it checked out, icky though it is. They told me I needed one at about 35 but kept putting it off. Let me know if you need any more info. Love, mom

GULP! How horrendous is that?!?!?!? So after reading about my Mom's issues, I finally emailed my doctor. At first he thought I might just be experiencing PERIMENOPAUSAL SYMPTOMS -- which is a horrifying prospect in and of itself -- but he revised his assessment when he reviewed my family medical history which includes ovarian, uterine and breast cancer. He referred me to an OB/GYN, and I finally went to see her yesterday.

MORE JOY, my period was very, very heavy the day of my appointment with the OB/GYN. OMFG, HOW DISGUSTING IS THAT?!?!?!? Despite the fact that my mortification level was THROUGH THE FUCKING ROOF, the doctor didn't seem all that deterred and got busy checking out my insides.  Apparently it is difficult to get a good ultrasound reading if a woman is on her period -- the gore must get in the way -- but she tried.  She ended up taking a couple of biopsies (OUCH -- that is where they "snatch" a couple of chunks tissue samples from your insides).

The doctor told me the prolonged bleeding could be a fluke hormonal shift due to stress, or it could be something minor, or something semi-minor, or it might be semi-serious, or worse. GULP.  But the biopsy results should come back within a week. Fingers crossed that all will be ok. In the meantime, she put me on a hormonal med that should even out my whackadoo cycle. Hopefully, as I am sick to death of having my period. Then again, I am not jumping up and down at the thought that I might need a hysterectomy if things are bad.  But I am getting ahead of myself, and I just need to wait for those damn test results so that I know what needs to be done.

Enough about me!  Any similar stories out there???? Thank the lard above we can just talk about this shit now-a-days.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Not Exactly Design on a Dime

The design auctions at Wright make me drool. Here are my favorites from the upcoming Living Contemporary sale which takes place September 27, 2012 (you can hover over each image to see the designer name, plus lot number):

Mario Bellini, Le Bambole Chairs, 1972, Lot 232

Daum, Table Lamps, 1950, Lot 248

Curtis Jere, Mirror, 1976, Lot 184

Matt Leines, Untitled (Two Works), 2009, Lot 285

Andre Dubreuil, Ram Chair, 1986, Lot 109

California Craft, Book Stand, 1970, Lot 372

Michel Mangematin, Coffee Table, 1958, Lot 218=9

Fulvio Bianconi, Fasce Orizzontali Stoppered Bottle, Model 526.15, 1955, Lot 331

Alexander Loge, Stools, 2005, Lot 284

Dante Marioni, Vase, 1997, Lot 352

Philip and Kelvin Laverne, Chan coffee table, 1965, Lot 179

Cenedese, Candlesticks, 1975, Lot 306

Gunnar Aagaard Anderson, Lounge Chair, 1980, Lot 238

Warren Platner, Dining Set, 1966, Lot 119

Murano, Collection of twenty-one Fazzolettis, 1969, Lot 169

Ellen Lanyon, Untitled, 1965, Lot 218

Iris Adler, Untitled (Standing Telephone), 1970, Lot 198

Karl Springer, Bowl, 1980, Lot 137

Louis Vuitton, Train Case, 1945, Lot 145

Feliciano Bejar, Monumental Magiscope, 2001, Lot 264

Rene Drouet, Coffee Tables, 1940, Lot 265

Luciano Gaspari, Bowls, Pair, 1955, Lot 196

Pedro Friedeberg, Armchair with hands, 1990, Lot 261

Ron Arad, Rocking Chairs, 1981, Lot 108

Pepe Mendoza, Collection of Three Lanterns, 1960, Lot 181

Ed Paschke, Ignacio, 1975, Lot 115

Swarovski, Illuminated Mirror, 1970, Lot 390

Carlo Nason, Ceiling Lamp, Model LS 144, Lot 349

Wendell Castle, Crescent Rocker, 1984, Lot 223

To find out more info on these works and many more, click here.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Celebrity Satin

A couple of weeks ago I was watching Project Runway and cackling when Michael Kors proclaimed, "Nobody should wear tight satin!" I agree. In fact, I think there are generally MUCH BETTER FABRIC CHOICES AVAILABLE besides satin. Sometimes it looks so cheap and shiny, and it puckers and wrinkles in the most unfortunate places! And I hate how it looks around the belly area, particularly if the satin is tight. But that is just me.

Eva Longoria 53291_DailyCeleb473371 Sigourney Weaver Satin 61101_81160620-419x627

Erika Christensen Satin 92571_103365791-419x617

Amber Rose 85681_97529070-419x630 Nicole Kidman Satin 90211_spl189010_012-419x628

Red Hot 2

Angelina Jolie Red Carpet Satin Ivory Sexy V Neck Evening Gown Oscar Celebrity Dress beyonce_green satin

candice-cameron-041608 Christina Ricci 75992_88958667-419x701

Pink Satin Gown.

Erika Christensen 139472832-419x614 mel b satin edit4

Brooke Shields satin 11411_celebrity_paradise.com_TheElder_BrookeShields3_122_215lo Lauren Graham 82952_95834701-419x654

Elisabeth Moss Satin 62251_81595553-419x715 Elizabeth Hurley satin 87028d1198034057-elizabeth-hurley-tight-red-satin-dress-action-addiction-charity-event-1

56491503 One Shoulder Sweetheart Ruffle Satin Celebrity Dress@1

Elisabeth Moss Satin 78591_90985593-419x628 Naomi Watts 88261_98824663-419x654-1

Catsuit, Corset, Gloves & Ankle Boots... What do you think?

Madonna satin 113513575-419x591 Sandra-Bullock-satin -shows-off-effects-of-new-fitness-regime-displaying-toned-figure-in-plunging-suit-at-New-York-premier3

heidi klum green satin dress

Jessica Biel 70861_84987411-419x642 kate hudson satin _113507714-419x591

Blue Satin Gown & Red Hat.

Patricia Heaton Satin 55288d1179863002-patricia-heaton-tight-leggy-copper-satin-dress-patricia-heaton00017 katy-perry

Kimora Lee Simmons JC+Penney+Fabulosity+Launch+7.15+kimora+and+girls Rachel Griffiths 69041_84246767-419x640

Rose McGowan 79712_91981335-419x628 Salma Hayek Satin Sheath-Column-One-Shoulder-Floor-length-Satin-Oscar-Awards-Celebrity-Evening-Dress-mym396201104302348591


Full disclosure: when I was about seven years old I BEGGED AND BEGGED AND BEGGED my parents to get me satin sheets and a satin comforter for Christmas. I did this year after year, and my requests were ignored. Perhaps that was a good thing.