Thursday, January 10, 2013

London Calling

Have you ever been to London? I visited once years ago and LOVED the city. Even though these pictures don't capture the best qualities of the city, they sure make me laugh.













as seen here

Thank you Jess for sending me the link! :)


Trissta {Living on the Chic} said...

Hahahahahaha!! I haven't been to London, but I have been to Germany and feel like they're pretty similar. I loved it there and would go back (or to London or anywhere over there) in a HEARTBEAT!

Much Love,

reread said...

Ha ha ... I've not been to London to visit the Queen ... Going to Germany in May this year so maybe we'll stop over.

Lynn said...

I have been to London, but somehow I missed the bicycle seats covered in pigeon crap! Now I'll have to go back.

Felicia said...

I was contemplating a trip there this spring but just looked at ticket prices and they are outrageous! I am dying to go though.

sporkgasm said...

London is on my long list. The next two years are New York, then Greece.

I just watched a show on London and it made me think I need to get there soon. Also Ireland.

cerebral e said...

I took a year break from university and went to live in London and travel around Europe. I worked as a medical secretary (ironically, earning more than I would as a doctor in Australia when I graduated a couple of years later - the exchange rate was good to me). These photos are like the London I remember - I lived in inner East London (EC1/EC2) and sights like this would crack me up all the time. I loved all the fake variations on Kentucky Fried Chicken: FCKF and Whitechapel Fried Chicken (in the old KFC font) were my favourites.

Dancing Branflake said...

You need to go Instagram London. I'll go with you.

Kathryn said...

I thought I wanted to visit London someday, but after seeing these and that they have the same sort of crap I can see where I live, I don't feel deprived that I haven't actually been there as I have already seen some of the sites.

SabinePsynopsis said...

Aaah London! I think you need to go back and take photos - I bet yours would show the beauty, chaos and general wonderfulness of the city even better.

Lorena said...

I was there a few years back for a few days.
I actually loved it - more than expected, surprisingly people were SO NICE!

melifaif said...

Oh man oh man. :/ Sperm Ice Cream...really though? The poopy bike seats made me laugh...