Thursday, January 3, 2013

Poor Planning


Months ago, my hippy cousin informed me that she and her family would be vacationing in Seal Beach for a week during December.  She said she was going to host a dinner on December 26, and hoped any relatives that were interested could attend. I told her I planned to attend, and to send me the details.  Welllllllllllllll, zero details followed.  No info was provided then, nor was any info provided by December 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 OR 26.  NO DETAILS.  Nothing.  Zip.  Zero.  My sister and I were texting back and forth and couldn't believe the lack of organization.  Eager to forego the painful reunion/dinner with freaks, hippies and religious zealots, I figured I should try one last time to contact my cousin before aborting the mission. I texted her the following:

Hey! Merry Xmas! Could you let me know the address and what time we are supposed to meet?

Her response:

There is no sched...Get here as fast as u can. Longer we can see u the better. There is no parking at the beach house, but the address is XXXX Ocean Ave, Seal Beach. Meet us at the beach.



So I grouchily got ready, picked up the boyfriend, and we drove about an hour to Seal Beach.  We found the beach house.  We found parking.  Nobody was home.  I texted that we were at the house and where should we meet them?  No response.  So, the boyfriend and I waited.  Then we walked on the beach.  Then we walked on the pier.  We looked high and low and no relatives (a gang of 19 shouldn't be hard to miss) were in site.  It felt like we were being punked!  Ever short on patience, I announced that if we didn't hear from them in an hour we would BAIL.  60 minutes to the second, we hopped in my car and bailed.  1 minute later we got a text, "HEY!  Where are you guys!  Sorry -- we went out to lunch and didn't bring our phone!"


Needless to say, the boyfriend and I had fun without those fools.  If you get a chance, go to the beach during the winter!  It is gorgeous!  Glorious!  And very few people are there!  AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO WEAR A BATHING SUIT!  WHEE!

P.S.  My sister attended this get-together and said the entire affair was CHAOS. And she mentioned that the waitress at the restaurant was none too thrilled to serve a PARTY OF NINETEEN.  Knowing my family, they asked for separate checks.  Groan!

ANYWAY!!!!  Happy New Year to you all. :) 


Jen said...

STFU- THAT is some seriously annoying bullshit right there!! I can't believe you even went down there!!! You know I woulda bailed on all that from the get-go. EFF-that!! Happy 2013!!

Dancing Branflake said...

All I could think was, "Did you Instagram that ocean? Cause that would be awesome!"

What a lame waste of time other than that.

Tia said...

I would have lost my shit! I have zero patience for people not doing what they say, it's like my one uptight quality.
They would have gotten 10 minutes, maybe, and then probably a broken window.

kathy @ vodka and soda said...

wow, i would have left after 15mins of no one being home!! you stuck around for an hour!! i have zero patience for poor organization and lateness. when i organize dinners, i always tell those who are always late a fake time which is 1.5hrs earlier than when the party really is. they usually arrive just a few minutes after it actually starts!!!!

Maegan Tintari said...

omg that's kind of amazing. you got to enjoy the best parts and skip the worst. omg can you imagine what that hour would have been like at the restaurant?!?!? lol

lucky for you JESUS WAS ON YOUR SIDE ;) lol praise god

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

Good on you to bother at all. Happy new year!

Caroline said...

Omg I would have been pissed. Glad you had fun despite... And I do miss the Cali beach in the winter. Happy New Year to you!

jo said...

i am such an extreme virgo that surely this would have done me in.
my mom and brother, both of whom i adore, do not plan. my brother has flat out said that he just can't commit to a plan of any kind. i love to see my family, so on days that they MAY be able to get together, i keep my schedule wide open. there has to be a better way!

by the way, happy 2013!! :)

Claire Kiefer said...

This craaaaacks me up. How annoying for you! But also, it seems you may have dodged a bullet. Parties of 19 are generally always too loud for me. In fact, Milo and Jude alone were too loud for me today. I might take up wearing earmuffs throughout life to drown out people's senseless NOISE.

Amen to not having to wear a bathing suit! Although I am serious about being on a diet now. I know it's cliche to do it in the new year but I had to wait till the holidays were over. We ordered pizza on NYE (my last hurrah) and now I'm committed. I have to lose my gut!!

KaH said...

This situation gives me the worst anxiety. I would have freaked out... Glad you could make the most of it! Happy New Year!

sporkgasm said...

Just reading about this made me want to pop a Xanax. Who does shit like that? You knew people were coming and you left and left your phone? You didn't call ahead to tell the restaurant a large party was coming? You didn't forewarn everyone to bring cash so you could be on the same check? So many things wrong with this. So many. But I'm an anal retentive planner.

Glad you and the boyfriend got to wander and have a little fun on your own. I would've wanted to club my cousin like a baby seal. Too far?

Lorena said...

I stay away from people like that - i cannot STANDDDDDD people that are clueless, inconsiderate and totally carelesss. If I am going to DO something, I am doing it well.
I would have skipped it.
At least you got to enjoy the beach.

Trissta {Living on the Chic} said...

Aw, shit. Sounds like a good time. At least you had fun with the bf... don't let the rest stress you. If you get to spend time with them, it's not on you, but on them. That's what I've had to learn any more... No stress! Take what you can and then do what you're going to do regardless. :)

PS. I loathe those kinds of people. I would never ever ever do something so jack-ass-y in my life.

Much Love,

Kathryn said...

Rude bastards...there is at least one in every family; sometimes there is nothing but.

Family is overrated...I think next year I will plan a vacation away.

I can relate..sounds like my relatives, which is why I used to host and invite and don't give a rats behind who or who doesn't show up. Even so, you can only give the "You can put aside your differences for one day" (and shut up) speech, although it worked this Christmas after I said I would prefer to spend Christmas serving homeless people that might actually appreciate being served food and given (their) presents.

Lara said...

Family gatherings are the absolute worst and they manage to get more horrendous the older you get.
I guess I'm really just not a family person (only child, super small fam) but having to deal with David's family over the years has just about killed me.
Consider yourself lucky to get out of that shit storm.