Monday, February 4, 2013

Junko Mizuno

Junko Mizuno, Euphoria Ray

Junko Mizuno, Deranged 1

Junko Mizuno, Waiting 1

Junko Mizuno, Lady Botan

Junko Mizuno, Euphoria Cats

Junko Mizuno, Flora Delirium 2

Junko Mizuno, The Skating Rink Murderer

Junko Mizuno, Waiting 2

Junko MIzuno, Flora Delirium 3

Junko Mizuno, The Full Throttle Witch

Junko Mizuno, Euphoria Jungle Queen

Junko Mizuno, Flora Delirium 1

Junko Mizuno, Euphoria Smore

Junko Mizuno, Flora Delirium 5

Junko Mizuno, Waiting 3

Junko Mizuno is a Japanese manga artist.

Mizuno's drawing style, which mixes childish sweetness and cuteness with blood and terror, has been termed a Gothic kawaii or kawaii noir style. In addition to her comics, she designs T-shirts, calendars, postcards, and other collectibles. Some of Junko Mizuno's designs were used in the documentary series Japanorama, which aired on BBC.

Mizuno has participated in the Angoulême International Comics Festival.

Last Gasp and Viz Comics are the English-language publishers of her work.

Some of Mizuno's recent work was on display at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles, in an exhibit titled Heart Throb (with new work by Miss Van and Aiko Nakagawa), and at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California in an exhibit titled Tender Succubus (with work by Mizna Lens and Alayna Magnan).

Mizuno provides the art that accompanies the horoscopes in Shojo Beat magazine.

Images found here and here. Bio found here.


Caroline said...

Honestly? They scare the shit out of me...

Trissta {Living on the Chic} said...

Ok, I swear #6 and #9 have to be odes to menstrual cycles. The rest are pretty cool. I like the aesthetics of them, and the artist is definitely a little twisted. I can relate to that! ;)

Much Love,

Maegan Tintari said...

omg love. Like Ryden, I love the bright and soft colors and textures luring you in with cuteness when it's really dark.

Kana said...

I think we've all been there, #2...fortunately, I'm more familiar with #5...happy to say #6 rings no bells for me personally...but it does remind me of one of my old roommates! ;)

Jen said...

Yeah...NO. ♡

Lara said...

Oh I love this cutesy sick stuff... reminds me of Happy Tree Friends!

Islandia Lane said...

these are awesome! totally thought of ryden but the colors here are a bit softer in general. love.