Friday, March 15, 2013

hiepler, brunier

hiepler, brunier, dead sea 7

hiepler, brunier, kleifarvatn

hiepler, brunier, sand pattern 1

hiepler, brunier, dead sea 5

hiepler, brunier, dead sea 9

hiepler, brunier, snowy mountain

hiepler, brunier, cape town 1

hiepler, brunier, atlantis dunes

hiepler, brunier, blue silos

hiepler, bruiner, dead sea 10

hiepler, brunier, lanzarote 4

hiepler, brunier, scaffolding

hiepler, brunier, blind houses

hiepler, brunier, dead sea 6

hiepler, brunier, refinery row

hiepler, brunier, dead sea

hiepler, brunier, snow and a gate

hiepler, brunier, yum yum 2

hiepler, brunier, blind houses 3

hiepler, brunier, dead sea 4

hiepler, brunier, bushes

hiepler, brunier, the waiting 8

hiepler, brunier, the bus

hiepler, brunier, boats 'n wires

david hiepler, was born on the 1st of August in 1969 in lank-latum. he grew up in d├╝sseldorf and basel, switzerland. from 1992-1994 he studied photography at lette-verein, berlin. since 1996 he has been working with fritz brunier.

fritz brunier was born on the 20th of march in 1972 in krumbach. he grew up in bad w├Ârishofen. from 1992-1994 he studied photography at lette-verein, berlin. since 1996 he has been working with david hiepler.

hiepler, brunier, is working for numerous international clients, advertising and design agencies, for a lot of great magazines and some architects.

their uncommissioned work has been shown in many galleries and museums all over europe.

the work of hiepler, brunier, received more than twenty awards, e.g. at the adc in germany and in the usa, the one show in new york, the new york festivals, the lead awards in germany and the cannes lions.


Trissta said...

I have to say that I love this work. Seriously. LOVE it. They are a great mix and definitely have their own style. I spent a summer in Dusseldorf and grew to love the city there... I miss it and would go back in a heartbeat. The people there are marvelous.

Much Love,

Kathryn said...

I love these. They remind me of some of the pictures that you have taken and posted that turn something you see everyday into a work of art.

SabinePsynopsis said...

Love them :)

Marina said...

Looks interesting!

Elle Sees said...

Thanks for sharing this loveeeeee

Caroline said... love love...

Kitty Stampede said...

These are CRAZY GOOD. The POV is insane. I would totally PLASTER some of those on my wall. dammit, that reminds me I have mostly bare walls and it's starting to be depressing. I need to start going to antique stores or shopping online for some prints.